The Humbler CBT Device Review

6 out of 10

The Humbler CBT Device Review

I’ve always loved the look of humblers. Always loved the feel, as well. The feel that a man gets from the Humbler CBT device, I mean, obviously. The fact that their balls are pulled through these two pieces of wood, clamped around where the testicles join to the body, rendering them unable to stand. Trapped testicles and a trapped on all fours man. For a Domme, this cock and ball torture item is pretty much the perfect kinky accessory.

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When I spied the Humbler CBT device at UberKinky I was surprised. I’d had no idea one of my favourite ‘kinky stuffs’ shops sold a device I’d been after for a long time. It’s not often I do the whole ‘subtle as a cartoon anvil’ hints to companies thing, but one (hopefully) amusing tweet to UberKinky later, an email arrived to let me know that the humbler was on its way to me, for the purposes of this fair, unbiased and honest review.

First Impressions

The Humbler CBT device arrived in great time, wrapped safely and discreetly with lots of bubble wrap and contained in a sealed bag within the main outer wrapper. There’s no faff or ponce with the packaging to the humbler itself, it comes in a see through polythene bag which has one of those ‘pinch to close’ tops – like the way sandwich bags seal up. There’s a small product ID sticker. Taking it from the bag you can see that the humbler is fairly simple to figure out and I couldn’t find any rough edges to the two pieces of wood.

The two pieces come apart by unscrewing the bolts, one to each side. I did need to use a screwdriver to get this started, as when I tried to undo them by simply turning the plastic tighteners on the other side, the whole screw moved. Once I’d loosened them up a bit with a screwdriver it was fairly simple to undo the contraption, separating the two pieces and being left with the two bolts and two plastic turning washers which would be reinserted and tightened once around a suitably willing man.


The Humbler CBT device has two pieces of wood which measure 15.5 inches in length, with a depth of 0.5 inches and maximum width of 1.75 inches.

How The Humbler CBT Device Works

This is a (free to use/modify) image from the web showing a different type of humbler, to give you an idea of how they fit on an actual person. I couldn’t replicate this effectively even with a realistic dildo, so I apologise for the semi-graphic pic. I have tried to make it a little more palatable for sensitive types!

The Humbler CBT Device Review

During Use

Once the two sections of the Humbler CBT device are apart and I had my man on all fours, it was a simple task to see how it fits. If you’re not sure how these devices are meant to go, then a simple Google for cock and ball torture humblers will give you the right idea.

From behind I needed to pull his balls back and hold them beyond the two slats of wood, which are shaped so they rest against where the buttocks meet the tops of his thighs. His testicles stayed trapped yet not squashed on one side of the wooden humbler, which his ball sac skin through the middle bit and penis remaining on his front side.

The way humblers work is that once the two pieces of wood are fastened back together, he can’t stand upright without discomfort (putting it mildly), therefore he is forced to adopt an on-all-fours, or humble, position.

Securing & Removal

My difficulty with the Humbler CBT device came not with the design, manufacture or the ethos of it, but when it comes to fastening it back up again. Getting the two sections of wood apart isn’t too bad, as even if you do need to use a screwdriver to get the screws to come out (even with the plastic turn-washers off) you can manipulate it as needs be on a desktop or wherever you are.

However when it’s on the guy and you need to take it off again afterwards… well let’s just say you need to be prepared to get very up close and personal to his backside bits and pieces to remove the humbler. This was my experience, anyway. I still needed to use the screwdriver to get the screws out (they simply won’t shake loose/free or be pulled out even with the plastic pieces completely off) so I had to be extra careful not to cause him any proper damage.

While the Humbler CBT device is on it’s such a fun item – I love it – but it’s such a shame it was let down so much by difficulties through fitting and removal.


While this lacquered black wooden cock and ball torture humbler is undoubtedly a beautiful fetish item and undeniably hot to both own, look at and use, I am put off using it again simply because I don’t want to get into difficulties taking it off him.

The humbler needs a serious change to the way the screws go through the holes; instead of just being placed through untreated drilled holes in the wood perhaps guiding internal metal areas or some kind of smoother surface would be the way forwards. This way, loosening the plastic turn-washers would mean that you could simply unscrew the screws with your fingers, or pull them out quickly and easily, without any need to get a (potentially dangerous) screwdriver out of the toolbox.


Only 6/10 for the Humbler CBT device – which absolutely breaks my heart as it’s the first humbler I’ve owned for myself and it could have been a 9 or 10 with just a small adjustment to the fixing mechanism. In fact looking at the product page now I see that others have had the same issues (HW review 24 March 2014).

Not totally back to the drawing board, but improvements required at least. Thanks anyway, UberKinky!

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  1. I’ve seen these on the internet of course, but never really wanted one. Seems such a limited idea. What if I get cramp and need to straighten up… not fun! Plus I’m not sure my balls are ‘long’ enough either… thanks for the honest review though. Nice to see a proper review that doesn’t suck up to the freebie giver.

  2. It’s not that hard to put it on in the front, then turn it a little, and bring it through to the back. Same with getting it back off. That might make things a little easier. Just go slowly, and once it’s up front you should have a far easier time.

  3. I have worn these many times. They do work well. Try being led around with a collar and leash while this is on. The worst time I had with this is when she had me climb into bed and sleep with this on. It makes for a long sleepless night.

  4. My mistress has made this a great way to have her garden cart towed, by me as the humbler connects with her cart with a few pieces of rope,and I’m fitted with the humbler,I tow her cart which has been made to take everything that she will need,and with her whip,she demands that I will do anything for her

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