Durex Mutual Climax Condoms Review (10 pack)

7 out of 10

Thanks so much to regular Cara Sutra reviewer McBitchyTits / big kinky bbw for reviewing these condoms from Durex. These were originally provided as part of my Earth Hour survival kit. You can find other Durex condom and sex toys reviews here, or all of my condoms reviews page here.

You can buy the 10 pack of Durex Mutual Climax Condoms from Amazon for £9.99 and find out more about them at the Durex website here.

– Cara Sutra

Durex Mutual Climax Condoms

durex_earth_hour-14Firstly can I thank @TheCaraSutra for giving us the opportunity to review these condoms. We use condoms regularly and find they restrict orgasms for my partner without the use of a vibrating cock ring so often they just come off and the job gets finished another way so I was a little excited about trying these.

We decided not to read the packaging or anything before trying these as we might concentrate on those aspects we just wanted to feel. At first glance the packaging is a standard box with stunning pearlised/iridescent green as the main colour. Packaging was easy enough to open and it was a ten pack so plenty of back up, the usual foil packets and they were in strips of two so again easy to use in the heat of the moment although myself I prefer single foils not strips but this is just personal preference.

Putting the condom on my partner was easy enough seemed like more lube on the condom than I’m used to but I liked this is made the condom glide on easier.  My partner was aware of the ribs and dots but too mild a feeling to do much feeling wise, also I couldn’t feel them at all so I tried on a large toy and still couldn’t feel them I suppose it felt different but again not enough to cause a pleasurable reaction.  I did feel these were better than bog standard condoms the latex had a lovely light thin texture.

If I had to give marks out of ten these would be a seven as they do seem superior quality but didn’t live up to the mutual climax.

– mcbitchytits

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