LELO Personal Moisturiser Review | LELO Lube Review

10 out of 10

LELO Personal Moisturiser Review | LELO Lube Review

Although I have received several sachets of LELO Lube with my LELO sex toys over the years I’ve never dedicated a review completely to the LELO Personal Moisturiser. It’s clear now that I was holding out for a Proper Big Bottle of my own. Along with a few more LELO sex toys to review recently I also received a 150ml bottle of LELO Personal Moisturiser / LELO Lube.


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LELO Personal Moisturiser Review | LELO Lube Review

The LELO Lube in this 150ml bottle looks stylish enough, as to be expected from this award winning adult product company. Several times winner of best packaging and design awards, LELO have done it again with this dark coloured bottle emblazoned with the LELO logo and it’s safe for storage, transit and delivery in a polythene wrapped glossy card box.

The pump dispenser top has a lid which is unlike any I’ve seen on other bottled liquid products. It’s an upright ring, with a hole up through the bottom of it, which has two purposes. Firstly when you place this upright ring cap on the dispenser top, the bottom of it in contact with the bottle’s ‘shoulders’ mean that there’s no risk of the pump action being accidentally activated. The cap is flush and on securely. Secondly, it makes the bottle have a very stylish visual appeal, almost like a halo top when the bottle is sat by the bed or on a shelf.

The front of the bottle merely states LELO Personal Moisturiser, so there’s no mention of sex or sex toys for those who like to keep things a lot more discreet (and perhaps, a bit more elegant).

LELO Personal Moisturiser Review / LELO Lube Review

The LELO Lube is water based, so it’s the perfect lube for every sexual encounter. I would opt for something longer lasting when it comes to erotic or sensual massage though, as water based lubes will evaporate over time, through the heat from skin to skin contact and friction. It it gets on sheets or clothing though it won’t stain, and it’s easily washed off both fabric and the body. There’s no greasy or sticky residue, and it’s incredibly long lasting when using it for sex, with sex toys or for masturbation.

I can’t think of anything I dislike about this LELO Personal Moisturiser. It doesn’t even have that tang that other water based lubes can sometimes have, even when they’re not meant to be used for oral sex. So even things that I could say about a usual water based lube where I wouldn’t have anything else negative to say, I can’t say about this one(does that even make sense? Never mind).

LELO Personal Moisturiser Review / LELO Lube review

You get a good squirt of LELO Lube with just one depression of the top, and the lube is clear and easily coats fingers, sexual areas or a sex toy without being too dribbly. You can pick it up with one hand and dispense the lube, so if your other hand is, um, busy – no problem. Just make sure you put it down within easy reach!


Water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium edta, guarana extract, ginseng extract, avena sativa extract, polysorbate-20, aspartame, polyquaternium-5, PEG-45 M, citric acid.

There’s no glycerine, fragrance or parabens!


This stylish and luxurious personal lubricant from LELO combines elegant packaging, a bottle made to be seen and a lubricant made to be used, and often. It’s also a great price for what you get and could even be presented to a partner as a gift on a special occasion – perhaps with a LELO MIA 2 or a LELO candle.

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  1. I love the bottle’s design! It looks more practical than any other I’ve seen. Kinda bugs me that they call it “moisturizer”, tough – as if lube was a dirty thing…

    • Thanks for your comment. I expect the name is more for consumers who don’t wish to display a bottle with any sexual reference.

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