System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

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System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review (60ml)

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube review by Joanne’s Reviews

I just love lube; it’s the icing on any sex cake I bake. Lubricants are fantastic for long sessions of masturbation or sex, and it is always nice to try a new one.


So, when Cara offered up some tasty flavoured lubes from System JO, I couldn’t resist offering my services. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try a butterscotch flavoured lube. Just the thought of it had me salivating and thinking of fun ways to put it to the test.

So, with my Stunt Cock warned off that when he got home, he was in for some 69 fun I got myself busy taking product pics and opening the packaging.

You get 2fl/oz or 60ml of lube that arrives in beautiful packaging that has a flip up lid. This bottle arrives sealed, so you know that it hasn’t been tampered with in any way.

The design and colours used in the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube packaging are beautiful, if the flavoured lube could match it, I was going to be in for a fantastic time. I love the use of the candy on the front of the bottle.

The reverse carries lots of product information, including a full ingredients list.

The lube contains: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Flavour, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose and Citric Acid.

It is safe to use with all types of condoms, but it has no spermicidal ingredients, so it has no contraceptive properties.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

The only problematic ingredient there is the Glycerin which is a sugar, and this can raise the risk of getting yeast infections, so if you have problems with these, it may be worth bearing in mind.

The pop-up lid makes it easy to dispense small amounts of lube. This is not a thick lube by any stretch of the imagination, and that left me feeling a little deflated.

I like my lubes to be thick, so they don’t drip all over the bedding, and it arrives where I want it. This lube does sit on your finger, but as it warms it quickly becomes runny.

That said, the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube spreads out very well, and a little goes a long way, you just need to get it where you want it quickly. It feels luxuriously soft when spread out, and of course, it is very slippery.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it does indeed smell like butterscotch, and it smells delightful. I then licked some of it and almost felt myself almost purring like a cat and grinning. It is sweet, but not sickly as some lubes can be.

It has just the right level of sweetness and flavour. You can readily identify the Butterscotch flavour; it is clear and well defined.

If I had to describe the taste to someone, I would say that it tastes like sugar free butterscotch sweets. It does have a very slight aftertaste which can be typical for flavoured lubes.

There are two other flavours in this range, and these are Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy. If these two taste and smell as good as the Butterscotch one then System JO have come up with three classics.

As a water-based lube, System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube is a very lovely lube. It isn’t the longest lasting water-based lube, but it is most certainly not the shortest that I have tried either.

It is a great lube that spreads out quickly and feels luxurious and soft in use. Couple that with the delightful aroma of Butterscotch and your mouth will be watering at the fun to come.

Let’s face it, you use a flavoured lube for one thing only usually, and that is oral sex. It is excellent for penetrative fun, but it is when having oral sex that you can really enjoy its blend and features.

A 69 is the perfect way to test it as you get the opinion of two people and so that was how I first tried it out, and it didn’t disappoint.

I relished the taste of the butterscotch while pleasuring my partner, the taste added to the excitement of the moment, and it was very pleasant indeed.

A little goes a long way, and while you can top-up with it if needed, I didn’t need to though.

As the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube dries out, it does get stickier but once rubbed in completely, you are not left feeling sticky afterwards, which is a common problem with other lubes. It is also easy to wash off using just warm water.

In use, I loved the flavour while performing oral sex and my partner also commented at how fun it was to enjoy the taste while performing oral sex on me.

It is ideal for foreplay where its flavour and smell can be genuinely appreciated, but I personally would opt for a longer lasting lube for penetrative sex.

System JO Candy Shop Lube is a great lube to have in your play bag, primarily to spice up some oral sex and foreplay.

After playing with it, I was left with my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I was pleased with this lube so, if you are looking for a flavoured lube that won’t overpower you, then this is the one.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

The taste and smell are delicious, and its performance is excellent too. System JO has come up with a winner, and this is one of the nicest flavoured lubes I have ever reviewed. It will be getting more use in the future, and that says a lot about it.

I would recommend the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube to anyone looking to spice up their oral sex activities. You can grab a bottle of it from Harmony Store.

Rating: 9/10

– Joanne’s Reviews


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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Joanne’s Reviews for this review of the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube .


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