Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

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Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

By Kurosakikun

Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager review: For quite a while now I’ve been on a quest of sorts, a quest of discovery into the infamous p-spot which all of us men have but not many explore!  During this quest I have tried vibrators, butt plugs, steel curves etc but not specifically a prostate massager!  Miss Cara was kind enough to supply me with one for review which is greatly appreciated.

Rocks Off Review Rocks Off Review

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The Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager comes in a nice package which would not look out of place with a bottle of aftershave inside it rather than a sex toy.  All in black with an embossed ‘maze’ on the box it is very masculine and rather understated.  I’m sure we can all appreciate good packaging; it instantly puts you in the right frame of mind that the toy itself will also be of good quality.

Inside the packaging you get a pamphlet which showcases all of the Rocks Off range for your perusal and includes a code for a 6 month Warranty, bonus!  Strangely enough I couldn’t find the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager in the booklet but that is by the by.  Also inside the packaging is a very handy card insert which has all the information you could wish for on Vibrator Care, Battery Care and some Warnings!

Powering Up

Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager ReviewOnce you pop the toy out of its perfectly shaped plastic housing, you will need to pop open the cap with the button on it and remove the card seal so that the included battery can connect to the contacts.  Yes, you read that correctly, Rocks Off include a battery for you so there is no messing about stealing them from the TV remote.

It is a sensible AAA as well which is another relief as I have stopped using some bullets completely after not being able to get a size C battery easily!  Once the isolator has been removed, align the tabs on the cap and put back into position to be ready for the off!

Material & Speeds

The massager is primarily made of ABS for the insertable part and flexible silicone for the flange which stops the massager disappearing and a trip to the A&E.  The ABS is shiny, smooth and very rigid, perfect for the toy making it is easy to clean, which is a must for anal toys.  Measuring about 3 inches of rather slim insertable length, the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager is perfect for the rookie who wants to experiment, which is reaffirmed on the blurb on the rear of the packaging.  It is angled towards the tip which is intended to rest on the prostate and rumble away intensely, I’m excited just looking at it.

Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Anyhow, onto how I got on using the massager.  As soon as I got the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager out I was a bit sceptical due to its size, but I sorted the battery out and set the first vibration away with one push of the button.  Good vibrations on the lowest setting!

The Quest has 3 speeds and 7 patterns at the click of the button.  The highest speed is quite impressive and most of the vibration is localised in the tip – brilliant!  I’m not really one for patterns but the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager does have some interesting patterns which can be quite intense, not just the good old slow-fast-slow-slow-fast most toys have on repeat.  So far so good!

How It Feels

Onto using the toy: I started off with a solo session completely concentrating on using this toy alone with little external stimulation.  So applying a healthy dollop of anal lube the massager slipped in no problem at all and seemed to instantly rest directly on the prostate, the pleasure spike in the stomach confirmed this. Interestingly, normally I lose my erection with anal play but my erection stayed much longer, suggesting good things were happening.

Leaving the lowest speed on for a while then deciding to speed things up I went for the button and found that it is more easily found and pressed than I thought it would be, even with some freedom seeking lube on it.  Up the speeds I went and the massager sat feeling brilliant, I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations until all my hopes were dashed by the toy itself.  Unfortunately, the build quality of the cap and battery connectors is not brilliant, once I started getting into the feelings and moved the toy with one finger to apply more pressure to the prostate, the toy cut out momentarily.

Usage Issues

Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager ReviewRemoving the massager for further inspection, I took apart and put back together as tightly as possible (which isn’t hard as it can only go on one way) and put back onto the lowest speed.  Applying some small pressure downward above the button causes the motor to shut off completely, which I can only assume is because the connectors are coming apart slightly, breaking the circuit.  This doesn’t build great confidence in a 100% waterproof toy!

Undeterred I tried the massager again and this time added external stimulus.  Used as an orgasm aid for masturbation the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager gives a much more heightened and intense orgasm, being slim the anal contractions are harder around the toy and I genuinely enjoyed it more than the last vibrating butt plug I used.  I have put this down to the direct contact with the prostate.

To test the massager fully I inserted it, turned it on and got about some chores I had been left to see what would come of the experiment.  Unfortunately even with underwear on the massager does not want to stay in fully, probably due to its slim stature and the vibrations it will try to pop out constantly, which all in all is such a distraction it cannot be worn whilst moving around a lot.  During sex the massager does the same, unless you are lying down on your back the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager will slide out with every vigorous thrust you make, which is a shame as the orgasm the Quest creates is impressive.

Clean up, as expected, was easy, wash thoroughly then apply sex toy cleaner, the Quest will look good as new once dry.  Shiny again and ready to rumble.


Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager ReviewEven after the disappointment of the toy cutting out and popping out, I actually do rate the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager, it’s small and slight making it perfect to whip out and insert for some alone time.  It is also quite quiet, even more so when it is inside you, which will not alert anyone else in your household that you are either in the throes of pleasure or making a lot of smoothies.

The price tag online is £24.99 which I would happily pay if they sorted out the connection problem.  Anyone wanting to sample the delights of prostate play but doesn’t want to be intimidated by a sizely toy would not go wrong by purchasing a Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager and taking it from there.  I now will be looking to increase the size of my next prostate toy; hopefully it has the same quality vibrations the Quest has.

Had the potential to be 9/10 but due to the bad connections I can only give the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager a solid 6/10.

– Kurosakikun

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Thanks to Kurosakikun for this review of the Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager.

Rocks Off Review Rocks Off Review

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