Aneros Wipes 25 Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes Review

10 out of 10

Aneros Wipes 25 Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes Review

By Nat and Tom

Have you ever just wanted to fall asleep following a play session? Have you ever got comfortably positioned against the pillows ready to drift off and then suddenly remembered the stack of dildos you just used that need to be cleaned? I have. More times than I’d like to admit. I have been too engaged with post orgasmic bliss on several occasions to want to get up immediately and spend fifteen minutes showering and soaping up dildos. This is where the Aneros Wipes (Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes) come in.


Aneros Wipes Review 25 Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes

I love these things, they are super convenient. I can now relax whilst removing any obvious sweat, lubricant or other fluid residue from myself and my sex toys. A deeper clean can take place later on if needed, but in the meantime, the obvious surface signs of a session have disappeared. I use the Aneros Wipes more than I thought I would, as I’ve found it saves that awkward unattractive waddle to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I now use them regardless of whether I’m going for an immediate shower afterwards or whether I’m staying in bed for another half an hour.


Aneros Wipes Review 25 Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes

The packaging for thee Aneros Wipes is rather classic. Traditional Aneros colours with graphics of their prostate massagers on the front. I thought that was a nice touch. Simple instructions for use are listed on the back along with the ingredients. I was pleased to discover that they are made from natural ingredients including aloe vera and avoid things such as parabens. I found that these wipes were totally fine for use with sensitive skin and they are also compatible with all sex toys.

Scent & Moisture

I wasn’t expecting the Aneros Wipes to have much of a scent. I was thinking along the lines of baby wipes or something, but they do seem to be lightly fragranced. I’m quite particular with scents, but this one is subtle and fresh so I like it. I can’t put my finger on anything that’s similar, but I do think it’s pleasant and clean. Also I wasn’t expecting these wipes to hold moisture for long, but they don’t seem to dry out as fast as I thought they would. I can quickly wipe myself up, get my breath back for a few minutes and then wipe any sex toys that have been used.

During Use

They work well for cleaning toys following use, regardless of material. I have found them to be particularly useful on textured items. It can be difficult to get into the seams and ridges of a toy when using just soap and water but wipes enable me to reach those crevices easily. Also I think they’re pretty useful to have on hand to clean vibrators that aren’t waterproof. I don’t just use these after the fact though, I have found them to come in handy for wiping down silicone toys as they remove the lint from them easily. I can find it a bit of a buzz kill sometimes to have to run to the bathroom for a rinse before I can use something, but now I can give it the quick once over and I’m good to go.


Aneros Wipes 25 Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes Review

In conclusion, I would definitely use these again. I would love to see a bigger packet though, as twenty-five doesn’t last all that long. Fifty would be better. I still prefer to clean my toys thoroughly in soap and water after use, but for anything that’s not waterproof or in cases where I need convenience, these wipes are fantastic. The Aneros Antibacterial Sex Toy and Body Wipes are a very simple product, but they come in useful more than I thought!


– Nat and Tom

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