Review: Men’s Titus Leather Brief Zip Pouch Jock Pants XL (34/36)

8 out of 10

Titus Leather Jock Pants Review

Titus leather jock strap pants XL review

Leather pants aren’t usually to be found on my partner’s clothes wishlist, however I quite fancied seeing him in some unusual (for him) underwear. Take my love of leather and my love of his ass and there was no question that these Titus Leather Jock Pants would certainly provide some thrills in the trouser department.

Made from genuine leather (as in, the authentic real material not just leather than cannot lie) the scent from these pants when you take them out of the cellophane pack is decadent and alluring. To me, anyway. I love the smell of leather. Did I say that already? Sorry.

There’s an elasticated portion of the waist band on these pants, which is wide enough to be comfortable and allows some give in the waist fitting. This helps the pants look like a tailored fit no matter your actual waist size, given that you choose the correct size in the first place, of course. As my partner is a 34 waist we were sent the XL size, which I do feel is rather harsh. 34 inch waist on a man isn’t exactly massive, so I’d hate to think what the small size is like. And if you’re over a 36 inch waist then just forget these. It all seems a bit sizist, to be honest.

The back of the pants are open, with a strap over each buttock. This design reminds me of strap on harnesses. In fact this could almost be a strap on if you replaced the front leather panel with an O ring and connecting straps.

As it is, there’s a shaped ‘jock’ section at the front to store his crown jewels in. There’s a chunky, black coloured zip and a popper fasten at the top.

I think the photographs tell the rest of the story on these pants.

They’re well made, comfortable to wear and look hot as hell on a man. It’s like they’re calling me to spank his ass. Not that I’m allowed. -sulks-

In summary we do love these pants. They’re definitely not ‘everyday’ wear for him but he will wear them in the bedroom for me. I think I find them sexier than he feels in them, and I’m not allowed to put his ass on the internet (sorry!).

If you’re after some well made, sexy, ass revealing briefs which are comfortable and genuine leather, you can’t go wrong with these. They’re not the cheapest but they are made from leather, allow for comfort with a wide elasticated strap and have a durable, safe feeling zip.

Buy the Titus Leather Brief Zip Pouch Jock Pants here at Clonezone UK for £59.99.

– Cara Sutra

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