Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug Review

7 out of 10

Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug Review

I received the Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. When I was offered the choice from the Perfect Fit range, I thought this looked like a very interesting device. I hadn’t seen another sex toy like this, especially one made for the mainstream public to use as opposed to fetish in particular. Likely these sex toys have a large gay following thanks to the attention paid to how anal sex can be given a new lease of life, and for other men in particular.

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I like to challenge stereotypes though and most sex toys can be adapted for whatever sexuality you are, if you try hard enough. As it happens, I have a butt and he has a penis, so all’s well that ends well. As it were.


Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug ReviewPresented in a clamshell plastic packet, my Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug was completely visible through the front and back. I have the black one but it’s also available in white. Well, the opaque, crystal look white that these stretchy sex toys come in. The delivery from Perfect Fit was prompt and professional, very discreet.


It’s made of Sil A Skin, which from my research is a PVC based material which is anti-bacterial and non-toxis, although it is semi porous. You’re advised to use a condom with porous or semi-porous sex toys, to remove the possibility of any bacteria remaining within the material after use, even after a thorough clean with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. The toy does turn entirely inside out, which helps with the cleaning process.

Unfortunately it’s that type of material which attracts dust and fluff so right now it is stored within the original clamshell packet, which isn’t ideal either, as after they’ve been used the lack of air can cause these products to smell a little off. My only other option is to keep it in the drawer or cupboard and have to wash it again before each use.

Anyway, let’s take a look at it in action.


The Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug is at least 3 sex toys in one. It’s a butt plug (obviously), a male masturbator and a penis extension. The shaft is smooth on the outside – well, as smooth as Sil A Skin can feel, anyway. There is a lot of friction until you add some lubricant, so please use lube with this product each and every time.

I won’t lie, I was pretty scared when I first saw this product. – I didn’t need to measure it to know that it’s large and in charge. However, I needed to take this because a) if he used it I wouldn’t have a penis to hump it with, b) he would never be able to fit it in, and c) I needed to review this product for Perfect Fit and Planet Earth (the company, not the general good of all humankind).

Thank goodness I have a drawer full of lubes!


Unstretched, the Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug measures just over 7 inches in length, with a maximum circumference (at the bulge) of 7 inches. Remember, this is unstretched. And he needed to get his penis in there still. And get the whole lot into me. Eek.

The base has a very generous flare going on, which measures a max of 4.75 inches across the base. The actual entry hole is only 0.5 inches when unstretched but this stretches amazingly to fit any size penis. You can turn the product inside out after use, when cleaning, so that should tell you how stretchy it is.

Textured Canal

Inside the entry hole the internal ridges begin. These line the inner chamber, which acts as a masturbation sleeve during use. He could, of course, use this product as a masturbator on its own too, besides humping it as a butt plug inside a partner. The ridges don’t feel as prominent as, say, those in a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve, but he commented that they definitely added to the pleasure gained by thrusting, especially with the necessary addition of water based lube.

During Use

We’ve used the Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug a couple of times and I still haven’t managed to take the whole lot. Once he’s inside the sleeve it’s just huge. We tried to insert the Hump Gear butt plug by itself, first of all, thinking he could then enter the sleeve once it was positioned inside, but this proved more difficult than when he was wearing it first.

Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug ReviewWith lashings of lubricant and a lot of patience (ok, and a couple of glasses of wine) I managed to take the first few inches of the Hump Gear butt plug, but there was no way I was swallowing up that bulge.

7 inches around without his penis in, and the measurements with Stunt Penis inside it (the Lovehoney Realistic 6 Inch Dildo with Suction Cup) it measures a maximum of 8.5 inches around the bulge at the base of the shaft.

The smallest circumference is near the tip with Stunt Penis inside, measuring 4.25 inches.


Have you been looking for an anal challenge? You just found it. The Perfect Fit Hump Gear Humpable Butt Plug is definitely not for the faint-hearted or the small-butted.

In summary, this is a wonderful idea and I know a lot of men (and women) out there are going to adore the humpable butt plug from the Perfect Fit range. For me, it’s on the back burner, excuse the pun. I need a good warm up (and stretch out) session first to even get a few inches inside; but he absolutely loves the idea, the feel, the kinky aspects and, to be honest, the fact it hurts me a little bit. Sadist.

Top tip: Set a safeword before you start!

Future Versions?

I would like to see a smaller (ie. thinner and without a bulge) version for us petite-butted people, as well as a super stretchy material for it which isn’t porous at all (if that’s possible). I don’t have any great ideas for storage but this also needs looking into, if you were to buy this toy as a long term play investment.

The Perfect Fit Hump Gear humpable butt plug is priced at approximately $50 / £30 from online sex toy retailers.

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