Loving Joy Toy Cleaner Review

10 out of 10

Loving Joy Toy Cleaner Review

Loving Joy Toy Cleaner review by Belle Bisous

After speaking to some ladies at a recent sex toy party I was really shocked at how little the ladies know about the importance of cleaning sex toys after use. It is vitally important to clean your sex toys after every single usage. Bacteria on sex toys can lead to a number of nasty infections (including the re-infection of chlamydia) and a decent anti bacterial sex toy cleaner can prevent this.

I decided to post a review of the very affordable and effective Loving Joy Toy Cleaner (previously known as Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner) to illustrate how easy it is to keep your sex toys clean and safe to use without a hefty price tag.

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The Loving Joy Toy Cleaner comes in a very handy spray bottle and is made up of a clear liquid containing Water, Alcohol, Sodium, Laureth Sulfate and Trisclosan. To use the cleaner you simply spray it onto your toy, leave for 2 minutes and rinse off with warm water. The instructions are clearly stated on the label at the front of the bottle.

Loving Joy Toy Cleaner Review | Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner

Photo by Cara Sutra. Product shown is the Lovehoney Silicone G-Spot Suction Cup Dildo

Because I used to hold a lot of home sex toy parties I decided to try this cleaner on some items from my party kit. Its is handled quite a lot and can become quite grubby. I normally use soap and water to wash the toys but wanted to try an anti-bacterial product just to make sure that they were 100% clean and germ free.

One of the items I tried the Loving Joy Toy Cleaner on was a Jessica Rabbit Ultimate XXTRAG which is a jelly sex toy. Another vibrator I used was an Odeco Nambi 7 Speed G Rabbit which is a silicone product as I wanted to see how well it worked on the differing materials.

The jelly rabbit vibrator cleaned up easily enough. There was no unpleasant smell with the product, in fact no smell at all and the toy was rinsed off with warm water after the instructed two minutes. This product dries best naturally so I left it to dry and was suitably impressed. The Loving Joy Toy Cleaner does what it says on the tin, everything is nice, clean and germ free. With toys that dry better naturally, remember not to put them away wet as this could cause germs to breed and mildew to grow.

The silicone toy that I used was the lovely and colourful Odeco Nambi 7 Speed Rabbit. I followed the instructions as per the jelly sex toys and the Loving Joy Toy Cleaner was also fine with this product. I dried the 7 Speed Rabbit with a lint free towel and it looked as good as new.

Photos above by Cara Sutra

Overall, I like the Loving Joy Toy Cleaner. My sex toys were cleaned with the minimum of fuss, there has been no nasty side effects from using the cleaner and there are no nasty chemical smells. It has a very fine spray so you don’t use a lot of the product and therefore it will last quite a long time – depending on usage obviously!

Because it’s less than a fiver it’s affordable to buy. In addition, the germ killing properties in the spray reassure me my toys are properly clean and safe to use.

– Belle Bisous

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