Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys

Loving Joy sex toys have clearly invested a lot of time, research and funds into their brand over the last few years. Building on those early days where profit relied majorly on the sale of traditional rabbit vibrators, Loving Joy have been forging a brand which offers customers a much greater choice when it comes to intimate pleasure products. Not only a fantastic range of items, but sex toys which are effective, reliable, and surprisingly affordable too.

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys

Ten years ago, Loving Joy felt like it was still in its infancy, as far as brand development goes. The range was majorly pink rubbery rabbit vibrators, those translucent styles with big plastic handles that take a handful of batteries. There was a water-based lubricant, Slide Lube (still going strong today) and other toys such as bullet vibrators and butt plugs were added to Loving Joy’s catalogue.

Cut to 2019 and Loving Joy not only has its own website with a dazzling array of funky looking sex toys, but the designs include styles unique to the Loving Joy brand. Packaging is simple, professional and attractive. The materials used to manufacture Loving Joy sex toys has, wherever possible, moved away from the use of porous and often toxic types, and body-safe options are the preference.

Jessica Rabbits & Basics

Rabbit vibrators formed the basis of the Loving Joy brand; traditional rabbits with recognisable features at low prices.

Loving Joy Jessica Rabbits Vibrators

Known as Jessica Rabbits, the Loving Joy rabbit vibrators are priced from £19.99 for the original, up to £34.99 for rabbits with extra features -such as the Ultimate Extra, Ultimate Plus and Ultimate G.

Other basics of the Loving Joy brand include sex essentials such as Slide water-based lubricant and the Loving Joy Toy Cleaner, as well as a choice of two differing capacity anal douches.

Recognisable Sex Toy Styles

As well as the founding line of Jessica Rabbit vibrators, Loving Joy soon started offering other sex toy styles for customers to enjoy. Different types of vibrators, an assortment of dildos, love eggs & jiggle balls, anal toys, cock rings and penis masturbators.

This ‘main set’ of Loving Joy sex toys is not only diverse, with products to appeal to everyone, they’re also brilliantly affordable. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to enjoy an exciting new sex toy.

Here are my top choices from each of the main sex toy categories:

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex ToysVibrator: Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator (available in black or pink –read my review)

Dildo: Spectrum Ribbed Glass Dildo 

Love Egg: Loving Joy 10 Function Rechargeable Remote Controlled Egg (the Pleasure Panel review)

Anal Toy: Precious Metals Ribbed Silver Anal Probe (10/10 from the Pleasure Panel)

Cock Ring: Bound to Please Metal Cock and Ball Ring 45mm (10/10 from the Pleasure Panel)

Stroker: Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Penis Masturbator

High End Sex Toys

For those with a little more to invest in their self-love sessions, Loving Joy have created luxurious, top-spec sex toys which combine body-safe materials, a superior comfort finish and the latest in sexual pleasure technology.

Loving Joy DUA

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex ToysA 2-in-1 sex toy? Certainly, with the Loving Joy DUA. This innovative vibrator offers you the choice between a rabbit vibrator and a wand vibrator, simply by switching the interchangeable attachments.

The DUA is made from body-safe, smooth silicone, and it’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries. It’s also waterproof (while one of the attachments is secured into position).

This toy is so clever, and so easy to use – read my Loving Joy DUA review as well as one from the Pleasure Panel team here.

Loving Joy VERSA

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex ToysAnother high-end offering which provides multiple enjoyment options is the Loving Joy VERSA. At first glance, it’s a fairly flat, silicone vibrator. But VERSA has some exciting functions; there’s a powerful bullet in either end of the vibrator, while the central area is completely flexible, allowing you to bend it into different positions.

This means the VERSA can be used as a classic, vaginally penetrative vibrator, or enjoyed externally/for clitoral stim, or the tip angled for G-spot stim, or it can be bent into a C-shape to create a couple’s sex toy for enjoyment during PiV sex. VERSA is also waterproof meaning that as well as being hassle-free to clean between uses, you can enjoy using it solo or with a partner in the bath or shower.

Click to read the Pleasure Panel’s Loving Joy VERSA review.

Loving Joy VITA

Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Wand Vibrator ReviewMy favourite luxurious offering from the LJ range has to be… wait for it… yep, a wand vibrator. The Loving Joy VITA received such a resoundingly positive review from the Pleasure Panel that I really rather wished I’d kept it for myself! The LJ team took pity on me and kindly sent me one of my own to try out and enjoy.

Take a look at my Loving Joy VITA Wand Vibrator review to enjoy my in-depth & enthusiastic report.

The Loving Joy VITA is staggeringly powerful in its own right, never mind considering the fact that it’s a rechargeable wand vibrator, rather than a mains powered/plug-in style. As well as being powerful (& powerful enough even for this power queen to easily get off from it), VITA is easy to operate and waterproof, too. Absolutely brilliant piece of kit – strongly recommended.


A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys - REV1000

Penis-owners aren’t neglected in this luxury toy list. Loving Joy’s REV1000 is a unique penis masturbator which ramps up their pleasure with rechargeable powered rotation from the enveloping, stimulating chamber.

You can find out more about this fascinating stroker in my REV1000 sex toy spotlight feature.

Metal & Glass Options

Fancy something a little different to silicone? Metal and glass are becoming increasingly easier to find in the world of sex toys, and there are plenty of positives about trying one of these rigid material products.

Metal and glass sex toys are safe to use, they’re non-porous and you can use any type of sex lubricant with them. Obviously, they can be heavier in weight than their silicone/flexible material counterparts, so I take care to use them on the bed or someplace I don’t have to worry about dropping them from a height/on to my toes. These glass and metal sex toys can be warmed before use in warm water, or cooled in cold water/the fridge for thrilling chills.

Read my related post: Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

Loving Joy Precious Metals Range 

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys

The Loving Joy Precious Metals collection comprises a variety of anal toys in silver and gold colours, made of an aluminium alloy. These anal plugs and probes are offered in various sizes, and you have a choice between smooth or ribbed for the stimulation of your choice.

Loving Joy Precious Metals butt plugs are finished with a beautiful sparkling gem in the flared base.

Loving Joy Spectrum Glass Dildos Range

Loving Joy Spectrum Glass DildosComparatively new to the LJ family is the Loving Joy Spectrum Glass Dildos collection, which begins with three styles that are currently being reviewed by the Pleasure Panel team.

The three Spectrum glass dildos are Nubby (clear with blue dots), Ribbed (pink) and Ribbed G-Spot (purple). Feedback so far has been enormously positive and I’m looking forward to enjoying these dildos myself at some point in the future.


Bondage Gear

As well as sex toys, Loving Joy have a great range of bondage equipment. This BDSM-related gear is categorised under a few sub-ranges, making them easier to shop for and collect.

Bound To Please


The recognisable bondage gear from Loving Joy is made under the Bound To Please label. The collection includes cuffs, bondage rope, clips and clamps, as well as various mouth gags, crops, paddles and more.

Bound: Nubuck & Noir

If you’re looking to invest in a luxurious line of bondage gear, you really need to check out the Loving Joy BOUND collection. These genuine leather bondage items come in a choice of brown nubuck leather or the traditional black, ‘Noir’ range.

Impound Chastity

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex ToysIn general, chastity devices used to be costly – until Loving Joy came along and created the Impound chastity collection at surprisingly affordable prices. The Impound chastity cages are made from a smooth, polished metal alloy, and there’s a range of designs to tickle your (or your keyholder’s) fancy.

At between £39 to £45 each, the Impound chastity devices are exceptionally good value.

Furry Fantasy

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex ToysFinally, I must mention Loving Joy’s fun furry range of toys. Furry Fantasy is a collection of butt plugs with a difference – they have a furry tail attached! These tail plugs are perfect for furry fetishists who like to role-play as puppies, bunnies, foxes etc, as well as kinksters like me who simply like the look and swish while wearing a sexy tail plug.

There’s even a rainbow tail plug so you can truly nail your kinky colours to the mast.


Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys

I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of the Loving Joy brand, and that you now have some great ideas for your next purchase!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Loving Joy design and create for their pleasure-seeking customers next –keep an eye on the Loving Joy sex toy reviews area for all the latest feedback on these fascinating sex toys and bedroom accessories.


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