Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set Review

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Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set Review

The latest addition to my sexy lingerie collection is this gorgeous 3-piece set from the new Wild Blooms lingerie range at Lovehoney. There’s also a body and a basque set in the range, but it was the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set which seduced me into selecting it for review.

Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set Review



The Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set arrived in the usual discreet outer packaging for the postal service/delivery, while the bra set itself was contained in a transparent plastic wrap. The packaging is easy to recycle/dispose of rather than being needlessly bulky, or otherwise not environmentally friendly or simply pushing up the end costs for the customer.

First Impressions

Removing the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set from the easy-open bag I could see the pretty Lovehoney tag on the bra piece, which provides the product name/code as well as company details.

The set has 5 pieces altogether; the bra, a g-string, a midriff piece with attached suspender clasps and two thigh straps which come attached to the suspender straps but which are removable should you so wish.

You don’t often see black lingerie with such highlights of colour; I was interested to see what the eventual effect would be once I tried it all on. And if it all fit me well & comfortably, of course. The way lingerie feels and fits is just as important to me as how it looks.

Size & Care Details

I have the UK size 10/12 of the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set –it also comes in sizes Small up to 4X, which is the equivalent of UK sizes 6 through 24. For size 1X onwards see the plus size version on the main Wild Blooms lingerie page. There are also different variants of the same Wild Blooms design lingerie so it’s worth having a look to see what you fancy.

Each item in the Wild Blooms Bra Set is handwash only, and line dry. It’s made mainly from polyester, with some elastane to help it stretch to fit your particular curves. The gusset of the thong – and I’m so pleased it has one – is made from 100% cotton.


I love that the set is so easy to put on. Completely straight forward and hassle free, despite looking brilliantly strappy and detailed. The bra simply fastens with traditional hook/eye fastens, my arms through the sides and the result is a well-fitting halterneck style bra.

Similarly the G-string is traditional fit style, with full gusset (so happy it’s not crotchless!) and side strappy parts for a refreshingly different allure. The crossover straps above my bum make it all the prettier without being any more difficult to put on than your everyday white cotton standard from M&S.

Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set ReviewThe bra and g-string are obviously the basics for this set, while the midriff section can be worn or left aside as you prefer. This middle piece is made of the same teasingly semi-transparent mesh as the panels of the bra and g-string, meaning it offers a chance to disguise any tummy marks or ripples you’re not completely happy about baring.

This middle piece fastens at the back with similar hook & eye fastens to the bra, then you can position it as best suits/fits you. There are non-removable suspender straps/clasps to the sides, which also have removable thigh bands to be worn above stockings.

All in all: easy to figure out, easy to put on.

How It Feels/Looks

The overall effect when I donned all the pieces of the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set was extremely satisfying. I’m a big lover of black -black clothes, black jewellery, black shoes, black bondage gear, the blackness of my soul – but it’s a rare occurrence to find sexy black lingerie which also offers such vivid flashes of colour. In this set I can feel gorgeously girly with feminine florals, while remaining staunchly loyal to the dark side.

The semi-transparency of the mesh is teasingly seductive while giving just enough cover to disguise marks and boost my confidence. My nipples are visible through the mesh of the bra cups which is fantastic to thrill my partner (and myself, to be entirely honest) -but of course I have a great selection of nipple pasties for online photographic censorship! #sorrynotsorry

One hugely and pleasantly surprising factor about the bra is that it’s not only underwired, but it seems tailor-made for my boobs. I’m not quite sure how Lovehoney have done it, but they’ve worked some complex magic here and provided me with an underwired, hook/eye fasten-back bra which is simply sized ‘medium’ yet fits my awkwardly sized boobs. I can be anywhere between a 32D and 34E, with all the double cups in the middle, so comfortably fitting into a wired bra simply labelled small, medium, large has been beyond the realms of possibility in the past.

As I expected with my diva hips, the side straps of the g-string are a little difficult to feel confident with. When you’ve got ample ‘thrust handles’, these types of skinny straps mean that fleshy parts can bulge in between or over the top. It depends how much you care, to be honest, which is relevant to a lot of feels about lingerie wearing. The g-string is very comfortable –that cotton gusset plays a big part in that- but I think I’m used to wearing wider lace straps at the sides to avoid that fleshy-hip bulge I can get with spaghetti side straps.

Because the sizing is spot on, it’s nowhere near as bulgy (and therefore unattractive to my eyes when I see myself in the mirror) as other strappy knickers I’ve tried. Often the ‘pants’ part of a set is where the least money has been spent, almost like an absent-minded addition once the main part is done (the bra top or corset or whatever it is), meaning the thongs you often get in sets are DIRE. To say the least. They can be tiny, cutting, chafing, barely there, inflexible, resembling nothing more than an eye patch for a pirate mouse… you get the picture.

The g-string in the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set is well sized and because thought and care has gone into the crafting of it, I feel comfortable and confident wearing it and therefore don’t mind a bit of extra hip on display. All the more for delighted fingers to roam over and grab hold of.

The midriff section I’m surprisingly not so sold on. I know in the stock pics it’s higher up on the model, but when I try to wear it like that, it’s gappy and hangs a bit loose. I think it looks ‘nice’ when it’s lower, and in this way the suspender straps/clasps actually reach any stockings I’m wearing, but it does cover the top of the thong straps. And from the rear this is a bit of a shame as the strappy detailing above my bum is so pretty. I thought I’d absolutely fall in love with the middle piece as I can be overly aware of my stretch marks and ‘mummy tummy’. If there was a degree available for ‘sucking in’ in pics I’d ace it. But I actually feel more confident about this set when I’m simply wearing the bra and thong.

It’s a nice additional extra but I can’t see myself choosing to wear it with the rest of the set in future. The bra and g-string, however, is comfortable enough to wear under everyday clothing and beautifully seductive enough to both keep me smiling all day and my partner smiling all night.

Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set ReviewIt’s such a shame the suspender straps aren’t removable from the midriff section, I feel this would make this part easier to wear. I don’t always want to wear stockings. I also tried the thigh straps – and tried the middle piece with stockings without those straps – and I much prefer not wearing the thigh straps. I have to work exceptionally hard on my legs to keep them in some way toned, and even then they’re quite wobbly. I feel the thigh straps just emphasises the wobble and gives me curves where I don’t want them, so I prefer to leave them out of the set.

Luckily the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set is versatile enough so you can mix/match to fit your preferences. You know your own body and what you feel confident about and what works for you, and this set can be worn in a style to satisfy your (& their, if they’re lucky) desires.


The Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set is a pretty lingerie set which has deeper allure than you may at first realise. With 5 pieces in total, there’s quite a few ways in which you can wear the set. On its own, as a self or partner seduction outfit, or bra & g-string worn underneath your day wear to put a confident spring in your step and a smile on your face. Wear with the middle section, with stockings, or without. Add in the thigh straps, or remove. Enjoy removing the items one by one in intimate moments, enjoying a little pleasurable self-exploration –or invite a lover to reveal more of your body with every facet removed.

As well as simply looking beautiful, the set fits well and comfortably. I may have mentioned how much I love the fact that the thong isn’t crotchless – I feel much more comfy and therefore confident when my intimate parts aren’t constantly free and breezy while I’m meant to be wearing an outfit. I’m more of a ‘pull to the side’ gal, anyway*. While I was a little nervous about the strappy detailing of the g-string, given that I’m amply curvy, the piece is true to size and therefore the straps sit on my body nicely without digging in –and without unwanted ‘bulge’.

As for the bra, I’m still in a state of shock about trying an underwired bra which doesn’t have a band/cup size given but which still fits me brilliantly. I adore the halterneck style as well, I think it really suits my body. Much better than standard shoulder straps, to be honest. It’s really easy to put on and take off as well which is a bonus.

Jury’s still out on the middle section, but it’s always nice to have options!

In summary, the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set is a pretty set which is made well, is easy to put on and comfortable during wear. Versatile, with universal appeal due to the huge general allure of semi-transparent black lingerie with some pretty and colourful floral detailing for added excitement.

Where To Buy Your Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set

Seduced by the Lovehoney Wild Blooms Black Embroidered Bra Set? It’s available in a range of sizes (UK 6-24) and is usually priced at £44.99. You can find this set here at Lovehoney, or click through the big green buttons to discover the full Lovehoney Wild Blooms Lingerie range:


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