Lovehoney Desire Orgasm Balm Review

10 out of 10

Lovehoney Desire Orgasm Balm Review

I was lucky enough to receive this Lovehoney Desire Orgasm Balm as part of a thoughtful care package from Lovehoney, as part of Sexual Wellness Week 2019. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this fascinating product, as well as the plentiful photographs.

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I confess that I completely misjudged the Lovehoney Desire Orgasm Balm from the outset. Orgasm-enhancing gels, creams and balms can be found at most sex toy retailers, and in my experience the majority of them are just a cheap addition to a larger range and have provided zero to limited effectiveness during use. I’ve been majorly impressed by the Lovehoney Desire sex toy collection, and I wasn’t looking forward to being disappointed by this orgasm balm tagged on to the range.

…turns out that this time, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not sure which of the (awesome-sounding, recognisable and natural) ingredients does the trick for me, or if it’s simply that this combination is the ultimate winner. It contains things you’ll know, like soybean, shea butter, menthol… as well as coconut, peppermint, avocado hemp seed, apricot and jojoba seed oils. All in this little 30g pot.

You only need a little bit, and the balm warms up to deposit enough on your fingers for use. It’s like a menthol & lemon-scented thick lip balm, except it’s not oily or gel-like at all. It’s an opaque balm which doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue.

When I saw the price of this little pot at the Lovehoney website I balked… how can 30g of anything be worth £20?
After using it? OK, this magical stuff is worth more than £20.

1) I only used a tiny amount; this is going to last me ages.
2) You got me… that was a fan-fucking-tastic orgasm.

It just goes to show you (me) that you (I) should never trust your (my) preconceptions about a product. I would never have bought this orgasm balm, writing it off as a gimmick; now I’m using it before every masturbation session to enhance the intensity of play and my resulting orgasms.

When I apply it to my clit it feels like that silently-squealing horny feeling when I really need to orgasm… hot and cold all at once, with no discomfort, just intense, tingling pleasure. It is also effective applied to whichever other erogenous zone you fancy –nipples, labia etc. Strongly recommend!

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Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending this product free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

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