Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube Review

9 out of 10

Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube Review

Finally, a product to put an end to that age-old dilemma: sex or cake? With the arrival of the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube, I hoped I could have my cake and eat dick… I mean, it.

This congratulatory cake-flavoured lube was sent to me along with a few other sexy review items, and you can click to catch up with all my Lovehoney product reviews. Happy birthday to Lovehoney – 20 years old this year!

Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube Review


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How Is It Packaged?


My Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube arrived with a couple of other review products (see video above – read the reviews here) and everything was securely & discreetly packaged for the post.

The lubricant bottle itself has a simple, pleasant design, featuring a pink-with-sprinkles front while the sides offer some information about the sex lubricant. Some spiel about the lube, how to use, ingredients list and Lovehoney company information.

What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients of the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube are: aqua, sorbitol, hydroxyethylcellulose, potassium sorbate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, aroma (flavour), diazolidinyl urea, citric acid, sucralose.

Happily, this cake flavoured sex lubricant is suitable for vegans.

Vaginal Use

The label states that this flavoured lubricant is for external use only; in my opinion this could be due to ingredients in the formulation which are not compatible with every vagina.

Some vaginas are particularly sensitive to sugars (although I can only see the usual ‘sugar free’ replacements in the list), and I’m not sure how citric acid affects the pH balance of the vagina.

I would advise sticking to the recommendation for external use only, or if you’d really like to use it vaginally, test it yourself and wait for results before using during pleasure-focused masturbation or coupled up foreplay and sex sessions.

How Do You Dispense It?

The pop-off lid revealing the pump dispenser bottle top beneath is hygienically sealed by a removable plastic strip when you first reach for the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube. It’s easy to peel away, remove & dispose of this hygiene seal, then you pop the lid off and can dispense as much cake flavoured lubricant as you desire.

How Does It Taste?

The Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube tastes just like birthday cake – minus the candles! 🎂

When it comes to flavoured sex lubricants, there’s only so much you can realistically expect from what is essentially a slippery liquid in a bottle. Although the scent and first flavour of this lube is extremely similar to the first olfactory hit from actual birthday cake, it really is just a light flavour blended with scent in this sugar free liquid which aids glide during sex. It’s more like a flavoured drizzle for whatever parts of the body you (literally) fancy, rather than an answer to your ‘sugar-free birthday cake in a bottle’ prayers. It doesn’t taste gloopy, or sticky, or offensive in taste or feel to the tongue.

I won’t be necking shots of it any time soon, but as well as foreplay and sexual purposes I can see this cake flavoured lube being an excellent topper for a summery ice-cream sundae!

I’m very impressed at just how much this lubricant smells (and for the first few seconds, seems to taste) like birthday cake topped with icing and sugar sprinkles. The only thing missing is that you don’t get to sink your teeth into soft, sweet fondant, and you’ll have to provide your own moist sponge and creamy filling.

Is This Flavoured Lube Any Good For Sex?

Whether you’ll enjoy using the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube for sex really comes down to what sort of sex you’re referring to, and how much you enjoy using flavoured lubes. For example, for PiV sex (penis in vagina) we don’t bother with flavoured lubes; we prefer a top-quality, 100% vagina-friendly type such as Sliquid or YES Lubricants.

That said, sex is rarely a set schedule of events. One activity often leads directly into another, with style/position changes happening naturally in the flow of desires. It’s a good idea to keep this Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube within reach in case you suddenly fancy some luscious licking action with your partner.

Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube ReviewFor example, you might decide to include this cake flavoured lubricant as a pre-sex warm up, drizzling a small amount over erotic areas of their naked body and challenging them to stay still and just enjoy as you teasingly lick it off. A cake flavoured oral sex session – whether a blowjob or vulva-oriented – might follow, whether as the star of the show or leading to PiV sex if that’s what you’re into. (We are definitely into.)

The lubricant isn’t gloopy, thick or sticky like old-style flavoured sex lubes, as I mentioned earlier. This means it doesn’t ‘clag up’ during use and we found it didn’t need any reapplication during our playtimes. If you’re still unsure about the feel of flavoured lubricant on your skin, you could always persuade your partner to share a sensual shower after the foreplay or sex session, so you can enjoy ‘getting fresh’ together.

I must also add at this juncture that I enjoyed using flavoured lubes regularly in the past during sex with women. The go-to always seemed to be cherry flavoured lube, but the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube would be a fantastic addition or replacement. There’s something so joyful about hooking up with a girlfriend for an afternoon cake session.

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Video: Displaying the ‘dispense & glide’ properties of the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube between my fingers

In Summary

I’m very impressed with the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube. It’s presented well, easy to dispense, smells/tastes like birthday cake and works well as a sexual lubricant too. If you’d like to shake up your sex routine and add something fun and new to the mix, why not try some cake flavoured lubricant?

Hint: It doesn’t actually have to be your birthday. 😉

Buy Yours

Priced at just £7.99/$9.99, the Lovehoney Birthday Cake Flavoured Lube is an absolute bargain. You get 100ml of effective, tasty sex lube in an easy to dispense bottle. Add to your next Lovehoney order -and while you’re there, check out some of the other fabulous flavours on offer!

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Thanks so much to and for sending me this sex lube free of charge, in exchange for my fair & honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. 


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