Liberator Tallulah Case Review: The Lockable Sex Toy Storage Bag

10 out of 10

Liberator Tallulah Case Review: The Lockable Sex Toy Storage Bag

How delicious is this Liberator Tallulah Case? When I saw this lockable sex toy storage bag on the shelves of the Liberator stand at Erofame last month, I knew I needed it in my life.

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It’s through the sheer generosity of the Liberator team that they saw my dire need and plight and agreed to let me steal it away from them – free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. So now I am the extremely happy owner of a plush lockable sex toy storage bag (or storage bag for anything which will fit in it, really) and I’m ready to tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful accessory.

First, the Liberator Tallulah Case is made of a suede feel front material which has a smooth cool backing which makes the inner. The contrasting black areas surrounding the zip are made with a leather-feel material, while the golden colour of the zip with included padlock and key (along with stitched Liberator logo) give this bag an unmistakable and completely lust-worthy luxury feel.

The bottom of the Liberator Tallulah Case is shaped so it’s wider than the top, giving the bag the feel of a large washbag – or even a clutch. The seams are well made, durable – and the inner area of the bag is large and spacious enough that a rabbit vibrator on its own in there almost looks lost. Just imagine how many sex toys (in storage pouches I grant you) you can fit in this storage beauty!

The double zip flows easily along the length of the top and the two zip pulls are made so that the padlock threads them together and can be locked with the included key. This keeps all your most secret possessions safe from prying eyes – just remember to turn those travel locks on if your vibrator has them. 😉

The key for the Liberator Tallulah Case doesn’t come attached to anything (it was between folded tape for me so it wouldn’t get lost) so you’ll need to attach it to your usual keyring – or put it some place very, very safe – and memorable.

In summary, I am thrilled with my Liberator Tallulah Case. You can see from the photos just how much it can hold. The capacity is amazing. No internal pockets to this bag but I find them useless for me anyway, nothing fits in them or they get clogged with used batteries.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by Cara Sutra. This review contains affiliate links.

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