Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount Review

9 out of 10

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount Review

My Liberator sex furniture cherry has been popped with this Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount. Probably not a sentence you were expecting to read today, but read on and all will become clear.

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Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount ReviewThe intended use of the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount might not be immediately obvious. As it happens, I do tend to veer towards the unusual. I wasn’t even sure what the BonBon really was, in great detail. First, I heard ‘Liberator’. Secondly I realised I didn’t have any Liberator pieces in my collection. Plus, the woman in the product pic seemed to be really enjoying herself. Feeling lucky, I was happy to give it a go.

Smooth Liberator

Like I say, this was my first outing with a Liberator sex accessory product. The name seems synonymous with great quality sex furniture pieces, even if they’re the types you have to save up for and invest in rather than splash your spare change on. Expensive, basically. A high price tag should mean quality and a reliable product which will last (although not always) so I was curious to see how my first Liberator experience would go and how the piece measures up.

What Is It?

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount ReviewThe Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount is a cushion type saddle, into which you can slot a vibrating or non vibrating sex toy to ride hands free and to unimaginable levels of orgasmic bliss. That was the hope and dream. In this way it is slightly similar to these inflatable sex cushions, which have slots to place sex toys into.

The Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount looks a lot sleeker to my eye, though, and it’s smaller besides. No, it doesn’t deflate for flat or roll up storage under the bed, but it’s small and discreet enough to store in the corner of the room or on top of the wardrobe without attracting comment. Like anyone had right to comment on whatever you had in your bedroom if they’re wandering through it anyway.

Initial Concerns

Once I’d read up on how the the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount is used, I had two main worries.

– Would the opening be strong enough to hold a sex toy? And strong enough to carry on holding it in place during the rigorous rocking my hands-free masturbation would deliver?

– Thinking about how messy masturbation and orgasms can be, what with vagoo juice and lube and everything. Can the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount cover be cleaned properly? Oh please don’t let it just be ‘wipe clean’ for the love of everything that is slippy sloppy and sploshy.

Thankfully, those worries were completely unfounded. I can pick up the entire cushion holding just a sex toy pushed in the slot. Yeah it slips a bit but it shows how strong the grip is that the cushion can be lifted just via the toy in it at all.

Secondly, the cover zips off and is machine washable – phew! I washed it at 30 degrees and it’s fine.

During Use

I had amazing fun using the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount and it’s right by the bed so I can grab it and use it for solo rides to climax whenever I want. It’s big enough to be comfortable and useful during use but small enough to sit in the corner of your room or next to the bed without drawing too much attention to itself. As I’ve said, I doubt it would fit underneath anyone’s bed due to the height of it, but it can be stood ‘on end’ in a corner, or placed on top of a wardrobe or in your wardrobe on the floor.

As a masturbation accessory I love the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount. I’d always been a bit cynical about how these Liberator sex accessories can really help with sex – I mean, wouldn’t a pillow or cushion from the sofa do the same job? Ok they’re a bit squishy, but good enough – right? Well, no. This ‘sex toy saddle’ is made specifically to grip a dildo or vibrator – while being the right height and shape to sit on and ride.

Can You Use A Doxy With The Liberator BonBon?

 It should also be noted that I tried to stuff the Doxy Wand Vibrator into the hole to use but then there was no room to sit on the cushion and enjoy hands free Doxy goodness. It’s just not made for external or wand vibrators in my opinion. I also tried a Fleshlight, to see if the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount would work in this way for men to thrust into, but similar problem – not enough room then on the overall cushion for it to be used like this. Liberator do make cushions to hold Fleshlight masturbators however.

The Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount could be used by a man who wanted it to grip anal probes or vibrating prostate massagers. It’s definitely an accessory for penetrative sex toys rather than external stim types.

Best With Dildos Or Classic Vibes

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount ReviewVaginal penetrative sex toys worked the best with the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount for me, I found that with dual stim (rabbit) vibrators I wanted to angle and move the vibe too much during use.

Using a dildo or vaginal vibrator I could enjoy the satisfaction of being filled internally, riding the shaft of the toy as I wished, and added in clitoral stimulation via a bullet vibrator or one of the Doxy Wands exactly when and how I liked. As with everything sexual and masturbation the best way to use the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount will be a personal thing, and it’s extremely fun discovering what exactly works for you.

It must be noted that some women have given feedback on Liberator that if you’re short (well, shorter than me) then the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount might be a tad too high for perfect comfort. I’m 5’7 and found it the right height for me.


I measure the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount at 15 inches lengthways across the bottom, 12.5 inches width and just under 9 inches in overall height.

Removable Washable Cover

There’s the main outer suede feel cover, and underneath this there is another zip off lining which I assume protects the inner core. It’s black and like the inner lining on suitcases. This is made to fit the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount perfectly like the outer softer feel cover. It also has the extra pocket of lining material which is smooshed into the toy holder hole during use. Underneath this secondary liner cover is the white foam basis of the product, covered by a smooth plastic covered foam layer which I assume is another barrier to prevent moisture from penetrating the main foam pieces.

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount ReviewAfter washing the cover in the machine some people have also found it a little difficult to put back on the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount.

However, I didn’t have any problems. I can strip the cushion down to it’s bare foam base and put the two covers back on again in under five minutes.

Also: if it wasn’t a tight fit then the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount wouldn’t look so fab once the cover’s in place.


As my entry product into the world of Liberator sex accessories I’ve been proved wrong in my initial cynicism. I’m pleasantly surprised with how much masturbation joy this ‘sex saddle’ has given me. In my opinion it’s not overly expensive for what you’re getting, with the current price £89.99. If you’re serious about your sex toys and pleasure through masturbation, you really should consider getting one.

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  1. Was looking forward to this review. Always thought the Liberator cushions looked good, just wasn’t sure they were worth the price tag that some of them come with. x

  2. Can you provide a photo of the fleshlight inside and how bulky it appears. Do you think it could be used for a woman to grind on? Do you believe you can remove some of the foam to accommodate? Lastly, if not the BonBon would you suggest something other than the men’s version for the this type of act? Thanks!

    • Hello
      I can’t provide any further photos. This review is from 2015.
      You can’t remove any foam from this item, it’s a set piece of foam inside the cover.
      I’m not sure what other item you could use, but Liberator do have a large range of sex furniture for you to browse.

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