UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger Review

10 out of 10

UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger Review

When I visited Uber Kinky a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be given a boxful of goodies to take away with me to test and review. One of these items is the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger, which I’m reviewing here today.

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I’ve been doing well for fetish gear lately what with the Rimba bondage range, Kinkcraft floggers & bondage as well as finally popping my Liberator sex & bondage furniture cherry.

First Impressions

The gleaming handle of the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger means that it always catches my eye as it hangs on the storage hooks near my bed (yes, I have bedroom fet gear hooks now – yay), and of course the red and black tails have a personal meaning. They’re the shared colours of both the Cara Sutra and the UberKinky brand. Obviously the best colours. 😉

The UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger is priced at a penny under £40 so it’s not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive flogger out there. In fact I have seen other BDSM floggers with such high quality materials priced between the £60-£80 mark, so in my opinion this flogger is an absolute bargain for what you get. Chunky metal handle with rounded end for comfort, a hanging loop which matches the tails, and black leather face/red suede reverse tails with a bias cut to the ends for extra bite.


Size-wise, the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger is at the larger end of the scale where floggers are concerned. I tend to see floggers in three sizes: small (handbag cuties), medium (in kits or ‘bedroom bondage’ categorised’) and large (long tails for dramatic swing and as heavy a fall as you like). I measure the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger as approximately 28 inches in overall length, including a handle of 7.5 inches and 24 tails measuring 21 inches in length. The circumference of the handle is 3.2 inches and the hanging/wrist loop measures approx 6.5 inches in length.

Weight & Heft

With a large rounded metal handle I was expecting the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger to be heavier but it’s actually a reasonable weight for even me (with various damaged shoulder areas) to wield in comfort. The flat tails fall quickly with a stinging bite if you put some real force behind the lash, but for a stark and sensual contrast the lightest touch of the bias cut tail ends feels tantalising and teasing. Alternating between heavier lash strokes and the teasing tickles of the ends over reddened whipped butt-flesh is both fun for me and startlingly erotic for the unfortunate victim lucky consenting sub. 🙂

The Finish

The manufacture of the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger feels robust and like the tails won’t detach from the handle even with the heavier use that I’m into. Each tail is inserted/fixed up the sides of where the black braiding joins the handle, not into some central position where on cheaper floggers the tails eventually pull out from. I feel I can put my faith in this flogger to last when whip comes to scream; that it won’t fall apart on me when the flogging gets tough.

During Use

UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger reviewThe UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger isn’t just a delight for the visual and buttock-based senses either. The metal feels cool in the palm, and the wrist loop means there’s no danger of it flying across the room unintentionally in the heat/sweat/lube of the moment.

Plus the scent… oh, the scent of this. Over in mainstream sex toys land scented vibrators are just being launched (see my reviews coming soon) but for those into BDSM, we’ve made the most of the erotic side of the sense of smell for many years. The leather of this flogger’s tails is the type which you can definitely smell, so for traditional D/s and leather lovers this will be an olfactory delight.

Flailing tails of deep black with bright slashes of red gives some cruel and bloody connotations for the sadists and masochists out there, all ruled by the stern glint of the metal handle.


In my opinion the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger will thrill anyone looking for a sensual, erotic adventure. Whether you’re after a teasing exploration of the light touches of leather tails over aroused skin as part of kinky foreplay, or you’re looking for a punishing but beautiful flogger to add to your ‘dungeon’ collection, this flogger provides it all.

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