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7 out of 10
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I received two of the inflatable sex pillows direct from Pillows Foreplay for the purposes of a fair and honest review. I don’t have much in the way of sex furniture or any wedges and the like, we usually use a pillow or just have sex. Without any furniture (other than the bed). Sometimes without any sex toys! Gasp.

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One of the boxes I received had an inflatable pillow with a separate black satin feel cover, the other had the pillow with a fuchsia pink satin feel cover. Both came in a branded box with a little instruction leaflet inside.

They weren’t labelled for men and women as far as I can make out from the boxes or the leaflets within, but as they had different colour pillow slips I thought I’d check them out for differences. Sure enough the toy holder canal on the pillow that came with the black sleeve is deeper. This means you can insert a masturbator such as a Fleshlight all the way into this cavity, using the pump bulb to inflate the canal area around it so the toy is gripped firmly.

The toy canal on the pillow with the pink slip wasn’t as deep, and is apparently meant for vibrators and dildos which only need a small bottom section gripped by inflating the canal with the pump, while the rest of the toy protrudes to be enjoyed by the woman.

I had at first thought that the pillows were all inflated by using the pump valve but I was mistaken. There are two tubes you blow into to inflate the main pillow area. This does take a bit of lung power and it was a good job I had a pillow to lay on for a rest afterwards. Getting old, no doubt.

You inflate the pillows only once the pillow slips are on; it would be silly to first inflate the pillow then try to grapple with putting the sheath over it. There’s an elasticated loop near the bottom opening which you can thread the pump tube through, this means you don’t lose it and it’s out of the way when you’re using the main pillow surface.

The bottom of the pillow slip zips shut keeping the pillow inside safely. There are four holes which you can thread the inflating tubes through – it was unclear how exactly this is meant to be done but I fashioned a way which seemed suitable. I think only two holes are required for this really – having four holes for two tubes was a little confusing.

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Once the pillows are sheathed, inflated and good to go, you have a surprisingly durable item of sex furniture to use. For me, the girly pillow was fun to use during masturbation (even if I was tempted to use various cut out faces at the top to see if my masturbation session was enhanced or totally ruined). Having a central raised portion within which a toy is securely gripped gives you the sensation of having sex. I can sit astride the inflated pillow and you get what I imagine to be close to a sybian experience – depending on the vibration strength of the toy you insert, of course.

He reports that he felt a little silly thrusting into his Fleshlight and other masturbators when it’s inside the pillow but that might have been because I was watching him so intently. Your mileage may vary; perhaps a man masturbating alone would thoroughly enjoy this addition whether they’re single or in a relationship.

The pillows are rather larger than I expected once inflated. By my measurements, the longer edge measures 38 inches without the cover on, 40 inches with the cover on. The short edge measures 17 inches without the cover on, 19.5 inches with the cover on. They stand at 12 inches high when fully inflated, with a circumference around the middle of approximately 37 inches.

As the pillow slips are fabric they do tend to pick up sex fluids, whether from you or any lube used during sex and masturbation. There’s no information about whether they are machine washable on the website or accompanying material but I’ve washed mine at a low temperature in the machine, pinned in a cotton pillowcase (dark colour) and washed with dark towels only and they’re fine after hanging to dry.

In summary these sex pillows are much more durable than expected. I can put my full weight on them – so can he – and they have lasted brilliantly even with (ahem) energetic and vigorous use. The initial set up is fairly easy and the pillows are large enough to be a useful item of sex equipment. We have left ours inflated by the side of the bed as I don’t fancy having to huff and puff to blow them up each time. I’d use them less if I deflated them and put them under the bed.

I also love that you can deflate them just the right amount to provide a good bolster cushion behind you during sex, underneath you during doggy or raising your hips to give deeper penetration during missionary.

The pillows don’t have the give of traditional stuffed pillows, fabric cushions or the foam style sex wedges. If you poke one area in, another part will take the air and stick out. Once we got over the initial feeling that we were fucking on lilos, we enjoyed ourselves. This feeling may have been even worse if we had a waterbed. That aspect may require further research.

The monogrammed area of the pillow slips gives a professional feel and the satin material is luxurious and gleams decadently.

Overall we do like these pillows but they’re not something that we would have perhaps bought to enhance our sex life. They feel more like a bonus feature than an absolute necessity.

If you’d like to give them a try for yourself, you can buy the Pillows Foreplay products here, priced at £89.99.

(Sorry, I can only find the For Girls one; a new website is coming soon it says. I will add the men’s pillow link once I obtain it.)

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  1. Will the pillows hold any toy of the same style (for example, any dildo/vibrator for the pink one and any masturbator – i.e. Fleshlight but also Tenga, etc. – for the black one)?

  2. Yes that is the case,
    We are in the process of putting the whole website up, you will soon see the Male toy in action as well as the Girl toy and there are double Pillows to facilitate two person action M/M, F/F F/M.

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