LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review

10 out of 10

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review

LELO have announced three new prostate massage toys to their luxury sex toys range. The three new LELO prostate massagers are LELO Loki, LELO Bruno and LELO Hugo. I was sent the LELO Loki and Bruno free of charge in exchange for fair and honest reviews, and I will be reviewing the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager in this review.


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LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra


Aside from the LELO Bruno prostate massager I also received the charging lead (USB), instruction leaflet and a sachet of LELO Personal Moisturiser (water based lube).

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

By my measurements, the insertable length of the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager is a little over 3 inches, say 3.25 inches. The maximum circumference of the insertable shaft is 4 inches. The base is 4.25 inches in length with a maximum width of 1.1 inches where it rests on the perineum, and 1.5 inches width across the gold coloured LELO embossed plated area on the base.

The LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager feels luxurious and sumptuous even in my hands. The silicone is velvety soft and although there is a very faint line down the centre of both sides of the shaft I can’t feel any seam when I run my fingers over it. I have also noticed that the silicone isn’t the type to easily pick up lint and fluff, which is brilliant as I am so sick of fluffy silicone sex toys next to the bed, even when they’ve been washed and dried, which then need another rinse before you can use them. The LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager remains clean, soft and fluff-free so it’s good to go whenever you are.

The Vibrations

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

There’s 6 vibrating options offered by the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager which are activated by pressing the (()) concave button on the base (opposite site to the perineum stim area) and you keep pressing to cycle through the options. To turn off, just press and hold.

When you turn the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager on again, it will begin from the first option no matter which option you turn it off from.

  • Powerful constant vibration
  • Constant low vibration
  • Oscillation
  • Pulse
  • Longer length pulse
  • Varying vibration pattern


LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

As this is an anal sex toy I don’t just advise using some sexual lubricant with it, it’s a must. The anal area doesn’t make natural lubrication like the vagina and you don’t want to ram this thing in dry. Ouch. The sachet of lube LELO provides with each prostate massager will give you a good head start with frictionless, easy-glide insertion – you can click to read my LELO Personal Moisturiser review.

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

LELO know what they’re doing when it comes to sculpting sex toy designs which not only look spectacular but also feel amazing. Ergonomic isn’t just the industry buzzword for sex toys, with LELO it’s actually appropriate. The LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager is testament to that fact as the insertable shaft connects seamlessly to the base with a narrow  – but incredibly durable – neck, widening to an almost oval shaped shaft finishing with a gently pointed tip.

The shaft doesn’t point straight upwards as with a traditional butt plug. As the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager is designed for prostate massage (the prostate being located several inches inside the man’s anal area on the wall closest to the penis) the shaft curves inwards. As well as this deliberate curve inwards of the shaft in general, the oval bulge of the tip is more prominent on the side which will be facing the prostate, ensuring that maximum stimulation of this sensitive area is achieved.

Bonus Features

As well as the honest-to-goodness-actually-ergonomic design, the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager offers some other bonus features for the lucky owner.

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

  • The LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager a rechargeable sex toy, so no need to stock up on batteries or experience the dreaded battery death in the middle of a session. Just use the included USB lead, inserting the jackpin end into the lift-flap port on the base in order to charge it up. An LED blinks to let you know it’s charging.
  • It’s made with a body safe, smooth, non-porous and fluff resistant material: LELO’s silicone. This material feels sumptuous, warms quickly in your hand even before insertion, responds well with water based lubricant (don’t use silicone lube, the material may react badly) and is easy to keep hygienically clean between uses.
  • It’s waterproof. This means that not only is it hassle-free to clean after use (especially reassuring with an anal sex toy), you can also enjoy using it in the bath or shower if you fancy kinking up your bathroom sessions.
  • It’s powerful. I know this is a man’s prostate massager but I can orgasm from the vibrations through the shaft when I place it next to my clitoris – even through my clothes. That’s how powerful, in case you were wondering. And I don’t have an easy-to-please clit (ask anyone).
  • There’s two motors for stimulation which travels well through the whole sex toy. There’s one near the tip of the shaft and another in the section which stimulates the perineum/behind the testicles.
  • It’s quiet, despite the power. I mean on the highest constant vibration setting you’d have to keep it under the duvet if you have thin walls and nosy housemates, but on the low constant vibration I can barely make out that it’s on at arm’s length.
  • It stays in place inside his arse, hands-free. Once it’s inside, the shape keeps it there until he’s ready to remove it.
  • LELO offer a one year warranty and a 10 year guarantee for your added reassurance before and after purchase.

How It Feels

LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager Review by Cara Sutra

We’ve got up close and personal with the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager a few times since receiving it. It’s a joy to use. The form, the power, the operation – LELO have made it easy for men to discover intense pleasure from prostate massage whether they’re new to it or experienced in P-spot joy.

My partner was a bit wary before the first time because he can’t handle very wide shafts on anal sex toys. Although the maximum circumference of the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager is 4 inches – not the smallest by any means – with the addition of water based lubricant and some *ahem* extra stimulation from yours truly it slipped inside with little effort.

As a side note, we experimented a little more on other occasions. We found that as can intensify foreplay by turning on the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager before insertion and using the vibrations to stimulate his shaft, balls and perineum to get him incredibly aroused before inserting the toy. As I’ve mentioned above, the vibration is so powerful on the top level (mode 1) that it can even give me a clitoral orgasm through my clothes.

The high constant vibration was quite overwhelming for him to begin on, so the concave button on the base was located and we tried out the other modes. A slight change we would have made is to start the vibration modes with the lower power output and moving to the high constant on mode 2 or later. It’s only a tiny niggle though and will be a moot point if you adore high power vibrations from the start of your session.

The pulse and varying vibration patterns were a delightful tease for him, whether simply enjoying them on their own or in combination with manual masturbation of his penis, oral sex or penetrative sex – although using it during penetrative piv sex with me proved to be very distracting!


Although you can purchase LELO Hugo which is pretty much the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager with the addition of a wireless remote control, we liked the simplicity of Bruno with just the button on the base. It’s easy to use, feels fantastic and is a reliable prostate massager that he returns to time and time again.

Although the LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager isn’t the cheapest sex toy out there, we feel it offers everything that you could want from a high end, designer sex toy, and then some. The bonus features above summarise the brilliance of this sex toy, and combined with power and simplicity of use this is one prostate massager which is definitely worth every penny – in our opinion.

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The LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager is available in purple as shown, or black:



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