Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body Review

8 out of 10

Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body Review

The final product in my trilogy of Pride Month 2019 reviews for Lovehoney isn’t a sex toy at all, but rather an item of sexy lingerie. You may recall my first two raunchy rainbow-coloured reviews, which were for the NS Novelties Silicone Colours Pride Edition 5 Inch Dildo and the NS Novelties Silicone Unicorn Tails Butt Plug. I’d been on the lookout for some new eye-catching lingerie for some time, so it was a pleasure to test out and review the Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body available from Lovehoney.

Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body Review

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I’ve seen a fair amount of Leg Avenue lingerie in packaging thanks to arranging third party reviews here at the Cara Sutra sex blog by the Pleasure Panel team. This rainbow body was no different, packaged in transparent plastic within a sleek Leg Avenue branded cardboard outer, very similar to a completely sealed pack of tights. The box gives you a picture of the item worn by a model, sizing and fabric care details, as well as a transparent heart window in the bottom right so you can see the rainbow fabric within.

First Impressions

Upon taking the rainbow body out of the packaging, I had that momentary worry that it wouldn’t fit – like I usually do with lingerie. The fabric is really stretchy so just out of the box it looks absolutely tiny! The colours are so vivid however –I was really hoping it would look ok (& even nice) once worn.

The material felt quite thin, but just so it would provide a semi-opaque effect when worn, rather than being cheap and flimsy. The choker collar was finished a bit roughly around the top, but this was the only criticism at this stage. I was pleased to see a popper-fasten to the crotch area, rather than open-crotch (not my preference) or a completely sealed crotch which would mean the whole thing would need removing if I wanted to wear it out under clothing anywhere, then needed the loo. The poppers are a thoughtful and handy addition.

Size & Care Details

The Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body is stated as being ‘one size’, which on the packet is marked as between 90-160lbs. I find a weight range a bit odd to provide as a sizing range, but there we go. On the Lovehoney site the product page suggests this item would fit UK sizes 8-14. I feel this is true based on my personal experience of being all those sizes at some point or another! I’m currently size 10-with-a-big-butt 😉

The item made from 95% nylon and 5% spandex/elastane, and needs to be handwashed in cold water then allowed to drip dry.


On the plus side, I love that it has a popper crotch. It means that not only is it easy to remove, it’s easy to go to the loo while wearing it without doing a full strip! On the not so good side, it was quite difficult to figure out how exactly it fits, once I had the item out of the packet.

At first I simply stuck my head through the neck hole, and poked my arms about for a bit trying to find some obvious arms holes. There aren’t any. I was getting a bit flustered so removed it to have a proper look, instead of giving myself neckache. Once removed, I could see some shoulder seams which led to an area between two of the ‘strings’ (fronds?) on either side, which must be where arms go, also going by the picture on the packaging. ‘Armed’ (sorry) with this knowledge, I popped it back over my head again and searched for the shoulder seams. Put an arm between the strings on one side, then the other, and it all made sense –finally.

The crotch area buttoned up with the two secure popper fastenings, and I could finally stand back and check out how it looked in the mirror.

How It Feels/Looks

I’d been worried the body would look cheap or tacky due to how flimsy it felt straight out of the packet, but was pleasantly surprised! I put nipple pasties on for the photos, but obviously in private nipples show through and it’s teasingly hot. Same with the crotch area. Perhaps most surprisingly (especially for lingerie), it didn’t look all that different from the product page photo. At the front, anyway…

The back is a slightly different story. I don’t think the back of this Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body suits me in style quite as much as the front, and I’m not sure if the product model had glue dots on her butt cheeks but my outfit kept trying to become a G-string style. It’s a bit of an odd shape over the bum if I’m honest; it’s not a thong back but it’s not full arse coverage either. I think with prolonged movement, if wearing this for foreplay frolics, it would end up being more thong style. Which is completely fine with me, but if it ends up like that anyway then why pretend it’s going to stay covering half each buttock?

Just a small point I’m sure.

Aside from the small issue of my butt trying to eat it, the Leg Avenue Rainbow Body is comfortable to wear, looks sassy and pretty and playful, and is better made than first impressions led me to believe. I think the high leg design suits my small waist to large bum ratio rather well, and the straps from the sweetheart neckline to a broad width of the shoulders really helps to balance out my wide hips.

Wearing it made me wish I could add some tail feathers and dance at the front of a Pride parade! Then carry on the celebrations in intimate style with my partner through the night.


This is a fun, colourful, playful item of lingerie which is surprisingly well-made considering the hosiery style packaging it arrives in, and available at the low price of just under £20 (at the time of writing). Once you figure out where your arms go, it’s easy to fit and wear, while the popper-fasten crotch makes the body versatile unlike full gusset bodysuits. It could be worn under a semi-opaque top with shorts, jeans or mini skirt on a night out for instance, or simply save it for your own enjoyment (& your partner, if you’re feeling generous) in the bedroom.

An unusual piece which boosts my confidence and sparks my libido while I’m wearing it.

Where To Buy Your Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body

If this colourful piece has tickled your fancy, you can currently buy your very own Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body from Lovehoney UK or Lovehoney USA for the low price of just £19.99. Or click through the big green button below!


Thanks so much to Lovehoney for providing this Leg Avenue Rainbow Shredded Cut-Out High Leg Body to me free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review.



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