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LELO Luna Beads Original Review

By K from Oh Glow

LELO Luna Beads Original review: Why kegel balls? Why kegel exercises at all? Okay, we know they’re good for those who have given birth vaginally, or people that struggle with a little bit of pee escaping when they laugh or sneeze. But if you’re the regular lass you’ll still be interested in doing a little tightening up in that pelvic floor. Stronger muscles there means that you might enjoy more intense orgasms, and who doesn’t love that?


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You can strengthen your pelvic floor by performing kegel exercises on a regular basis, but many of us forget to do so. Don’t you wish you could just work out without taking any extra time out of your day? Enter pelvic floor exercisers. Also known as Ben-Wa balls, these are essentially little weights that you insert vaginally. When you stand and move around, your muscles are required to contract and hold to keep them in. This is a passive action which requires no conscious participation on the behalf of the user – which means that as long as you’re on your feet, you’re getting stronger. Fantastic.

LELO Luna Beads Original Review

So, the luxury intimate company LELO has two versions of these kegel balls. Actually, they technically have three: the LELO Luna Beads Original, Luna Beads Mini, and the Luna Beads Noir [read a review here]. The Noir is a black version of the Mini, so they’re basically the same. Each product is made from the body-safe materials silicone, ABS plastic, and nylon, so they’re easily-sterilised and utterly hygienic. We’re looking at the original (and still popular) model today.

The logistics

The LELO Luna Beads Original are a set of kegel trainers that allow the user to progressively increase their strength by moving up in the intensity of the weights. As a luxury manufacturer, LELO packages their products beautifully, and this is no exception. The beads fall under LELO’s “health” range, so are packaged in a white box with the company’s logo embossed in silver on the top. They come with an anti-microbial storage pouch and some of LELO’s “personal moisturiser” – or water-based lubricant, for the plebs.

The actual LELO Luna Beads Original kit consists of two pale pink beads and two powder-blue ones, each weighing 28 and 37 grams respectively and made from ABS plastic. They have seams that correlate perfectly to a smooth, firm, silicone harness that will hold two beads at a time. You can pop any combination of beads into the harness to give you the option of wearing a maximum weight of 74 grams. The handy customisable weight range gives you some variety in your pelvic floor training, from complete beginner to a very well-trained pelvic fitness. One ball of each colour has a nylon removal cord, so if you are a beginner, you can start out with a single pink bead and work your way up from there.

The really fun part is that the beads contain a separate rubber-coated ball inside the plastic shell, which has some wiggle-room to roll around and knock against the outer wall of the bead. The rattling sensation is meant to provoke micro-contractions and further promote toning, but this has the additional side-effect of being quite pleasurable to the user. You’ll want to wear these beads when you have errands to run, stuff to do around the house, or even during a workout. The more you move, the more you’ll feel! Beware, though. The slight knocking sound produced can be heard in a room that’s quiet enough despite the rubber coating. Fortunately a modicum of background noise will conceal this entirely – you will “feel” more than hear the noise, so don’t be too paranoid. You’ll only be outed if you’re gyrating enthusiastically in a roomful of silent people, and hey, more power to you.

Using the beads

The most comfortable way to insert the beads is while lying down on your back with your knees bent. Because the harness is silicone, you should use a little water-based lubricant to help with insertion though. Be careful; too much and it might feel as if the beads want to slip out. Insert the beads probably about as far as you would a tampon, with the little removal card hanging from your body. And you’re set to go about your day! You’ll feel the internal balls rattling and moving around, but it’s not distracting. With time you even get used to it, only feeling the more prominent knocks and movements. It feels pretty good, but not like crazy orgasmic or anything. No need to worry about having a When Harry Met Sally moment whenever you go for a run … which may be disappointing, depending on what your goals are.

The interesting bit comes to bathroom moments. The first time I used these beads, I happened to get busy with something and sort of put off needing to pee. When the situation got dire, I went to the bathroom, and …. nothing. My bladder cramped up with the intensity of needing to urinate so badly but being unable to. It turned out that my pelvic floor was so tight from holding in the weight of the LELO Luna Beads Original and stopping me from accidentally wetting myself that it was incapable of letting go. Removing the beads led to sudden and glorious relief. I have never enjoyed urinating so much.

Since then, I haven’t had any issues quite like that, probably because my muscles got used to the sensation of bladder-weight in conjunction with the beads. They feel like they’re in danger of slipping out with the release, but it’s normally fine. Although you’ll probs have to remove them before trying anything other than peeing. Let’s just … leave it at that and say no more.

Cleaning up

Thanks to the quality materials, the Luna beads are simple to clean. Remove them from the harness and wash all parts with a mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water and allow them to air-dry before storing them in the little bag included, keeping the balls separate from the harness. Pay a little extra attention to the removal cord; although nylon isn’t porous, the fibres do run the risk of collecting fluids. Every few uses you should think about sterilising the beads by leaving them to soak for a couple of minutes in a 10% bleach solution, or boiling them in a pot of water. LELO encourages a boiling period of no longer than five minutes, and you should prevent the beads from touching the bottom of the pot by using a double-boiler or placing the beads inside a colander within the pot. Obviously, contact with the heated metal on the stoveplate will deform the plastic, which leads to your fitness investment being ruined. And nobody likes that.

The results

The LELO Luna Beads Original is an excellent kit for anyone looking to get into progressive kegel training. They’re pretty and functional and everything you’d want from your first set. But why choose the originals over the Mini or Noir versions? These are smaller, and marketed to women who haven’t had a vaginal birth. There’s so much stigma about women needing to be “tight,” people are more likely to opt for the smaller option; the one that would “stretch” them the least. Pish-posh; babies come out of there and as long as you have a buff pelvic floor you’ll be able to grip anything you like with power and intensity. Unfortunately, the inner, weighted metal balls in the Mini/Noirs are the same size as those in the originals, but the exterior plastic casing is smaller. This means that there is less room to rattle and move about, decreasing the pleasurable sensation of knocking you feel during movement.

Which would be a shame, because you’d miss out on the feeling of gentle G-spot action from the knocking in just the right place during gentle grinding. The LELO Luna Beads Original might not be helpful as an orgasm-inducing masturbatory aid, but they definitely help promote a little sensuality in your life.

As for increasing your orgasm potential, the results are evident in how you feel. The information booklet suggests using whatever weight you decide on for at least half an hour before removal each time, but I tend to just use them for the duration of the day. After the first few usages, I did feel a little soreness in my pelvic floor; the slight stiffness you’d feel after training any muscle. It’s exciting to know that the beads are working.

LELO Luna Beads Original Review

I would recommend the LELO Luna Beads Original to anyone looking to get super buff in surprising places.

– K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer K from the Oh Glow Blog for this contributed review of the LELO Luna Beads Original.

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