Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review

10 out of 10

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review

After being approached by Eternity Collars with regards to a product review, then taking a look at their website and products, it was difficult not to fall in love at first sight. The titanium, steel, silver and leather accessories specifically crafted for those living the BDSM lifestyle perfectly combined my love of well-made jewellery and the playful kink element to our relationship. Being given a choice of product to review, I opted for the signature piece: the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar.


Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review 

My Eternity Collars Titanium Collar arrived in discreet outer packaging, inside which I discovered the deep blue box bearing the Eternity Collars logo. It was embellished with a contrasting grey-silver ribbon, which slipped off easily to reveal the lidded box.

Inside, the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar was securely placed over the internal moulding designed for it, with a centre lift-out piece. Underneath that, I found a small velvet drawstring pouch, with three screws (used to lock the collar) and the hexagonal key device (mini hex key/allen key).

First Impressions

I was immediately impressed by the look, high quality finish and weight of my new Eternity Collars Titanium Collar. I’d had a feeling I was going to love it but I was prepared for just how much!

It seems like such a simple design, looking at the piece. Smooth, rounded titanium with a flawless finish, in a hinged design. Secured… no, locked around the neck by way of a mini screw and only unlocked using the included hex key.

Simple design & operation… such creatively kinky potential.


Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review

During the early email discussion with Dakota, the marketing coordinator of Eternity Collars, I agreed to the medium-large size collar. This has an internal circumference of 16″, and having provided my ‘choker’ neck measurement, was advised this was the best size if I wanted it to sit nicely on my collarbone during wear.

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review

Sure enough, the size fit me perfectly (thanks Dakota!) and the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar sits on my collar in the recognisable ‘metal slave collar’ manner.

Use, Wear & Play

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar ReviewThe Eternity Collars Titanium Collar takes a little practice with the hex key and tiny screw then after a while I was able to fasten it myself no problem. I prefer it fastened with the screw opening facing down, rather than face up where it would be more visible, although this does make it trickier to fasten. But not impossible.

As soon as I was comfortable with how it worked, and felt assured of the collar’s quality and my comfort in it, I was ready to invite my partner to join in with the fun.

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar ReviewAfter locking me in the collar he teased that the key is so small it could be easily lost – which was a worry, until a quick Google revealed other mini hex keys readily available. Phew!

The smoothly rounded titanium material feels cool as soon as it goes on my beck, but once closed and worn for a few moments it warms to my body temperature. It’s not too heavy either, and I don’t feel any strain from wearing it even for hours. I’m aware of it there, just like any necklace or choker I’d wear – the difference being, of course, that without the hex key in my possession I’m not at liberty to remove it at any time.

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar ReviewIf you’re kink-minded this is quite a turn-on; the dependence on and trust you must have in your play partner, and being unable to independently remove such a visible symbol of willing ownership by another.

Eternity Collars are designed to be not only extremely kinky in concept and intended use, but also beautifully crafted and discreet enough to wear out and about. I certainly found that this was the case with the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar, although it looks more discreet teamed with certain outfits than with others. One I’d perhaps leave it off for the school run, but would be happy enough to wear on a date night into town with him, or with a group of friends (even if they’re not kinky/kink-aware themselves).

Although the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar could be slept in, because it’s made of rigid metal which won’t pose any restrictive issues to your neck/breathing, I choose not to. I sleep on my front and can feel the metal pressing against my throat, so it’s not my preference when it comes to wearing this collar.

For me, and for us, this is a gorgeous item of jewellery which is a discreet statement of our kinky relationship when out and about, or a teasing addition to D/s play in the home/bedroom.

If your relationship is more of a 24/7 Dom/me and sub/slave one however, then I don’t see any reason why the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar couldn’t be worn on a more permanent basis. There’s enough room to clean underneath (as long as you select the right size for you) and as it’s titanium it’s waterproof, resilient and long lasting.

Buy Yours

The Eternity Collars Titanium Collar currently costs US$165 from This equates to approximately £120 at today’s exchange rates. Standard shipping within the USA is free, with faster options for additional fees. Postage and packaging to the UK costs a minimum of $8 – $25.

Also, the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar comes with a lifetime guarantee for even more peace of mind after your purchase. Click through to buy yours today, and please take a few minutes to check out the rest of the exquisite range of Eternity Collars kinky adornments.

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review 

Thanks so much to for sending me the Eternity Collars Titanium Collar in exchange for this fair and honest review at

Eternity Collars Titanium Collar Review 

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