Doxy Massager Review | Original Doxy Wand Vibrator Review

10 out of 10

Doxy Massager Review: The Original Doxy Wand Vibrator Review

Time to tell you all about my absolute top favourite sex toy – yes, it’s my Doxy Massager review. I’m going to explain exactly what makes the original Doxy Wand Vibrator just so fan-fucking-tastic. You might as well just go buy yourself one already so it’s already en route while you read.


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Doxy Massager Review | Original Doxy Wand Vibrator Review

Prepare yourself – there’s a new wand vibrator in town and it’s the dominant kind!

I first heard about the Doxy Massager on Twitter a few weeks before the ETO Show in Birmingham. Upon arrival, it wasn’t long before I happened upon the immaculate and well presented Doxy massager stand where we met the lovely owner William and glam model assistant, Charlie Z.

I learned that there are three colours of Doxy massager: Black, White and Pink.   There was also an original Hitachi Wand (by Vibratex) on the table to compare vibration strength, size and other specs with.

Owning quite a few wand vibrators already, I was understandably rather cynical about this product. To be fair, I’m cynical about any product. I’m just plain cynical.


I own the Hitachi wand, the Palm Power wand and both LELO Smart Wands (Medium and Large). The Hitachi Wand was my first wand vibrator and how I began my love affair with these monstrous, orgasm giving beauties.

We were encouraged to try out the Doxy Massager right then and there: on our palms, of course. Filthy, you lot. Comparing it to the Hitachi… well, there was no comparison. The Doxy Massager was definitely more powerful, there was no doubt about it.

Very impressed we chatted on,  then in time, moved along to other stands. During the week after the show, I received my own Doxy Massager to try out properly at home. In black, of course. Not a huge fan of white sex toys and definitely not a fan of the mass produced, yet still strangely best selling, pink vibrators either.

The Doxy massager is mains powered, by which I mean it has a wire and you have to keep it plugged in to use it. This means no, it’s not cordless, rechargeable or waterproof. It does mean however that you don’t need any batteries and this thing doesn’t run out of power half way through. Unless you have a very unfortunately timed power cut.

The Doxy Massager Wand lead measures 2.8 metres, giving you plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Unlike the Hitachi wand, the Doxy Massager has a lot more than 2 settings – 10, in fact. Well I say settings, they’re in fact increments of increasing vibration strength and speed. No faffing around with dashes and waves and the like, just vibrating power from the Doxy and lots of it.

I must confess I did use the Doxy Massager within 10 minutes of receiving it in the post – that’s from getting the packet to orgasm. Yes. THAT powerful.

Another confession for you: although the Doxy Massager is insanely powerful, one thing the ETO show didn’t prepare me for is the sound of it. With the ruckus from the trade show, the whirring of the motor didn’t sound all that much. In the privacy of my bedroom with other people in the house? Sounded like a baby jet.

On the lower few levels it’s not so noisy… when you get to level 10 it’s rather loud indeed. /understatement. There is also a pulse setting which you get to by pressing the wand off, then press and hold the power button and the pulse setting will begin. It’s more soothing than the jackhammer power of the constant modes, and rather pleasurable!

Doxy Massager Review Summary

If you want a powerful wand vibrator that will have even veteran old me get my rocks off on level 3 of 10 power levels (yes, really), then the Doxy is for you. If you live in shared accommodation  where discretion is of utmost importance, you should be aware you will only be able to use this once everyone’s out. It is worth it though, even for those occasions.

This product is sold as a ‘sports massager’ so I guess if you can convince everyone you have very tired, aching muscles that require the therapeutic relief that only this wand can provide, you’re on to a winner regardless of the noise. I just have a dirty mind.

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Quick Review:

Name: Doxy Massager
Size: Overall length 13 inches, head length 2.8 inches, max head circumference 7.5 inches
Material: Phthalates and latex free medical grade PVC head, metal (aluminium) underneath the PVC head, ABS plastic handle
Power type: Mains powered
Compatible lubes: Water based, silicone. Do not use oil based lubricants.
No of modes: 10 speed increments




  1. Finally a high quality wand with heaps of pure ‘Grunt’ but variable speed and that will also work on Australian voltage without a transformer. Can’t wait for it to arrive next week from LoveHoney!

  2. I can’t seem to find any technical specifications on the Doxy anywhere. I believe it’s 230V/50Hz mains powered and the head operates from 3000rpm up to 9000rpm – but what is the motor Wattage and Amps drawn of this wonderful thing?

    • Hello, thanks for your comment. I am just confirming the correct answer to this with the lovely Doxy people, and I will let you know as soon as I hear!

      Talk soon

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