Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

9 out of 10

Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

By Echo Reviews

As you can see, the Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug packaging is simple and delicate in design, unfortunately it’s simple to the point that it’s lacking in any information whatsoever about the plug. Which for me was a nightmare, because I really wanted to know if it was made of real fur!

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The Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug is very pretty. It’s our third tail plug, and whilst not as stunning as our stainless steel fox tail plug, I still think it’s adorable. There is a solid seam inside the tail that’s a bit messy and lumpy, you can’t really see it but you can certainly feel it. The tail appears to be glued to the glass plug which is a beautiful dark blue (although officially sold as black) and not exactly beginner friendly in size.

Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

The tail isn’t luxuriously soft, but it’s certainly not bristly or coarse. The fur has been dyed really well with an interesting pattern and colours. It’s most likely not real fur, at £15 pounds they’d be hard pressed to make a profit on anything other than faux fur. Which to be honest ways in its favour as far as I’m concerned, as for some (Like me) the idea of real fur is very off-putting, especially as animal lovers and/or vegans. I imagine that for those with actual pet-play fetishes, animal fur may have been more desirable, as it could be considered more like ‘The real deal’.

Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

The glass plug is of medium size. I was hoping I could use it, but after holding it in my hand I knew it would be too big and unforgiving for my novice ass. Not a problem though, since I really enjoy making my other half wear tail plugs.  I love to see him wiggling his bum so his tail wags. It makes him look cute AND slutty. Plus using his tail to tickle his balls amuses me greatly.

The Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug sits well inside of him, is super comfortable even in prolonged use and the base sits between his bum cheeks with no discomfort, which surprised me due to the unforgiving nature of glass. We’ve had problems in the past with butt plugs lacking a gradual taper between the neck and the bulkiest part of the plug, making it quite uncomfortable to remove, but this plug curves so gently that it’s a dream to remove, although it’s hard to think of a good reason to take it out!

I like to gently tug the tail to move the plug in his ass and occasionally force him to hold onto it. I do it with all our tails, but I am slightly nervous that the glue-sheet holding the tail to this plug will pull away. I’ve had a look and scraped it a little with my finger and I can see that it won’t hold up for ever if I continue to tug it like I do.

Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

I love this Crystal Massager Foxy Fox Tail Butt Plug and I can only hope it lives long enough for me to be able to use it myself. Neither of us actually have a pet-play fetish yet we find tail plugs are still a great addition in the bedroom. I would recommend this to anybody with some anal experience, weather it adds an element of kink for you, or just as a bit of a gag for a fun night of sex and laughter.

I would have paid £15 just for the glass plug, so getting a cute-as-fuck tail attached is a bonus for me, and makes this item an unmissable bargain!

– Echo Reviews

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