10 Kissing Tips To Make You The World’s Best Kisser (Probably)

10 Kissing Tips To Make You The World’s Best Kisser (Probably)

By Cara Sutra

Kissing tips: Kissing is often a forgotten or at least neglected area of our love lives. Whether you’re in a relationship or a sassy single with a satisfying sex life, kissing adds a uniquely passionate element to sex and lovemaking. It’s not just a stepping stone to sex or something you do when other parts of your body are intertwined, however. Kissing is a wonderfully bonding, intimate experience that lovers can enjoy at any time of the day. You can even do it in public…

10 Kissing Tips To Make You The World’s Best Kisser Probably

To help you on the path towards being the “world’s best kisser”, or at least the best kisser for your lucky partner, I have put together ten top kissing tips. These handy morsels of amorous advice will ensure that you and your kiss recipient reach lip-locked heaven.

Top 10 Kissing Tips

1. Sweet Kisses

The first port of call for the would-be world’s best kisser has to be oral hygiene. Bad breath, uncared for teeth and other nasties of the mouth kind are a major turn off for your kissing queue. Clean your teeth regularly, floss, scrub your tongue and get any serious dental issues seen to as soon as possible so that they can be rectified. In the case of severe halitosis, you may need to visit your doctor to see if there are any underlying issues which you’re not aware of.

2. Delicately Scented

While we’re on the subject of personal hygiene, don’t forget the rest of your body either. It would be pretty difficult to enjoy a long, languid, passionate kiss with someone without the rest of your body being nearby. See to it that you’re as clean as possible at all times (post-sex messiness is allowed) and use anti-perspirants and deodorants. Keep your hair clean, they may wish to run their fingers through it… and have pristinely clean hands to cup around their face as you’re kissing.

3. Quench the Thirst

The benefits of using lubricant during foreplay and sex have long been clamoured about in the column inches of many a ‘sexpert’ or sexual advisor. Lubricant keeps uncomfortable friction at bay and lets you enjoy the flesh to flesh glide that sexual pleasures are made of. It makes sense that this same tip would also apply to kissing. Make sure that your kisses are smooth and gliding – not sandpaper dry- by topping up your hydration levels regularly. We’re all meant to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but how many of us actually do?

4. Luscious Lips

Look after your lips, and the kisses will look after themselves. Well almost. Chapped, chewed and dried out lips aren’t exactly a snog inspiring look, so pay closer attention to them in future. Chewing your lips is a bad habit that many of us share. Try chewing some gum instead, or reaching for a glass of water when you feel the urge. Use lip balm or a chapstick on your lips – especially when venturing out into lip blistering cold winds- and use a special lip scrub or at least a flannel to exfoliate them in the bath or shower.

5. Whet Your Appetite

Although chewing gum is fantastic for combating the urge to chew your lips, it’s not so great as a kissing accessory. Eating or chewing food while you’re kissing someone isn’t sexy, it just shows your mind isn’t fully on them, the kiss and the moment. Show some respect! Of course, this doesn’t apply to passing food to one another using your mouths alone as part of sexy foreplay…

6. All About the Kiss

Respecting the person you kiss should be a given; after all, you’re sharing such an intimate moment and part of your body with this person. During the kiss, then, it would follow that you pay the kiss and your lover complete and mindful attention – instead of using a kiss as a short-cut to getting in their pants. We’ve all been there. The awkward and too-hasty fumbles of an uninitiated kisser who just doesn’t want to look in your eyes as they attempt to remove your clothing at the speed of light. Don’t be that guy or gal. Kiss like you mean it.

7. Hands Free

Ok, so if you’re not hooking your fingers in their pants ready to yank them free, what on earth are you meant to do with your hands? There’s a few options for thoughtful and caring hand placement during kissing:

-Put your hands around their waist and entwine your fingers at the base of their spine, holding them securely in the cradle of your arms while you pay full attention to the kiss

-With one arm round their waist or over their shoulder, use your other hand to run your fingers through their hair – or if things get extra steamy, to hold on to their hair as you pull their head back for that extra deep kiss

-Cup your hands around their face and show that you’re interested in exploring their mouth, completely, and that you’re totally immersed in the moment

-Lock your hands together at the base of their neck, idly stroking the delicate skin there from time to time

-If you’re feeling kinky, try grabbing their wrists and holding their hands together firmly behind their back. This can be an incredibly erotic and arousing experience for both.

It needs to be noted at this point that kissing with your hands deeply rooted in your pockets is never ok. You’re kissing, not waiting for a bus.

8. Breathless

Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn how to hold your breath for 10 minutes straight while kissing. You have a nose, remember. This seems like an obvious point to make now, but believe me after kissing someone passionately for a few moments the dizzying high of arousal hits and you tend to forget about the most basic things in life. Breathe. In through your nose, out through your nose. Breathe some more. It’s good for you.

9. Surface for Air

Although remembering how to stay conscious during a long, passionate kiss is important, it’s equally as important to come back to the surface for air from time to time. Actually it’s more about allowing a comfort break, reaffirming ‘kiss-consent’ by looking into their eyes and perhaps taking the time to just enjoy a close embrace without lip contact for a while. I would venture that it’s impossible to teach someone how to recognise when to break from a kiss; sorry, you’re on your own with this one. At a certain point it just feels natural to break away.

10. Tango or Twist?

The question on many a would-be kissing Casanova’s lips is, “how do you kiss someone?” The truth of it is that there’s no one definitive right way to kiss. There’s not even one way to kiss someone, be it good or bad. You can use your tongue to explore their mouth, gently, probing and even teasing, or embrace their tongue with yours in a  tantalising tango.

Avoid lunging for the tonsils, having them tickled with a tongue-tip isn’t at the top of anyone’s kiss-list as far as I’m aware. You don’t have to limit yourself to probing with your tongue inside their mouth either – use your lips on theirs to give soft, loving kisses, gentle sucks and even a passionate but careful nip with your teeth here and there. Most of all, be playful, caring, genuine and amorous and respond to their body language and any other signals telling you what they do and don’t like.

These kissing tips will help you to avoid neglecting kissing. Furthermore, kissing is an important and intimacy building part of your love life. Next time you or they initiate sexy happenings, why not wait a while before leaping into the ‘main event’. You could discover each other anew through the world of kissing. As Rhett Butler (of Gone with the Wind fame) says:

You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

If you keep the above kissing tips in mind before and during kissing, your partner will certainly appreciate the joy and romance that kissing you can bring. You will enjoy it more. Therefore, your confidence will grow. Finally, you will affirm your position as a caring and thoughtful partner – and lover.

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