The Blisse Kiss Snog Post: Lip Locked and Loving It

Kissing brings the intimacy back. That’s what they say, isn’t it? She’d read a book on Kissing (something about Blue Fields? I don’t know) and it had given her ideas, she said. Lips are for locking together in lust. Hot, wet, raw.

lips for kissing

Her hands held my thighs apart, pressing them down so firmly it was like being in a yoga position. Pillows propped me on our big bed, and my hands moved from under my butt cheeks to behind my head to digging my fingernails into the flesh of her shoulders. This was a kiss.

Her lips locked to mine. First, her pursed lips daintily teasing the edges of my furls, pinching gently between lip covered teeth. She wet my soft, creased lips using only the mere tip of her probing tongue, then drew each labia in turn into her mouth, running her tongue over it and sucking on it. Giving each outer lip a passionate blow job.

The sensation of her tongue running over my lips, combined with the vacuum from her sucking on each piece of intimate flesh was enough to make me lift my hips off the bed. I wanted her tongue in me. French my pussy. Delve inside, fuck your seduction. Kiss me properly.

Damn her, she always was a tease. Her tongue darted over every fold and crease of my pussy, until she lapped away the escaping beads of liquid arousal from between my inner lips. As much as I leaked, she lapped it up and continued her maddening circles, avoiding both entering and lingering over my clitoris. It ached for her locked lips around it; for her tongue to swirl over my sexual tension alert button which throbbed its heartbeat rhythm.

original erotica by Cara SutraBut she was here for a kiss. She was kissing me. This was her kiss, the way she wanted to kiss me. She had my lips to tease, and my wetness to explore in her own time, in her own way.

Finally, she was satisfied with her external kissing and her tongue lapped the last of the wetness which had snaked its way from deep within my pussy. She went to meet the source.

Thrusting herself deep inside me, her nails held my thighs in a painfully strong grip, contrasting with the sudden and intense rush of pleasure from being impaled upon her tongue. Thrusting it deep inside, then out again. A lap around my edges, then back inside. Moving inside me, so infinitesimally, but each fractional move felt like I sat atop a Sybian. With her withdrawal she would lift her tongue up to lash it across my clitoris. With her penetration she would explore my inner area with her tongue as expertly as Casanova no doubt kissed his lovers.

The pleasure her kiss gave me was causing my movements off the bed to become more and more violent. I was fucking her tongue now, as she did her best to hold me down. My hands found her hair and twined my fingers through it, holding her head as if I could control this maelstrom between my thighs.

Then there were the sounds I made. Reality couldn’t possibly match the white hot screech that tore through my brain but I am sure my mouth came close.

As the orgasm threatened to open up a sinkhole beneath the bed and drag me down, eating up every existing layer of pleasure until none existed for anyone else, I felt her breathe a smile against my sucked and fucked raw opening. She knew. She knew that her illicit kissing had brought me to that point. A bonding experience, indeed.

She extracted her fingernails from where they were, by now, embedded in the softness of my inner thighs, and lifted up my ass with her palms slipping underneath. Supporting my struggling to behave hips like this, she went full tilt at her next bout of kissing.

I didn’t know I was screaming my orgasm until it faded against the enveloping want of her mouth against mine. The tremors in my pussy faded at a slower pace, my heartbeat matching clit seeming to dance on the spot in the aftermath. Reality slowly returned and she kissed me, my mid-orgasm pussy juices and her never waning saliva intermingling with mine. Our tongues said the things our mind couldn’t yet comprehend.

She knows how to kiss. How to kiss me. How I need to be kissed. This is kissing. You don’t know kissing until you have been kissed like this.

Kissing increases the intimacy in your relationship, don’t you know? As for me, I’m definitely lip locked and loving it.


– Cara Sutra



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