Review: TENGA Flip Hole Black Male Masturbator & TENGA Hole Lotion Lubricants (Real, Mild & Wild)


Tenga Flip Hole Black Male Masturbator Review


So to a product I have often written about, by way of product descriptions and company blogs, but never personally experienced. Nor will I ever experience it, not in the full and intended way. The Tenga Flip Hole Black. It’s the Japanese made, abstract (non-realistic) male masturbator which is the envy of many a pocket money, pocket pussy owning man. Most often found in the high end, luxury and designer categories on sex toy sites, it sits well on the shelves along with the likes of Fleshlight and the Fun Factory Cobra Libre.

I was sent the Tenga Flip Hole Black by a company sadly no longer trading, free of charge, for the purposes of a fair, honest and unbiased review. I have a ready and willing man here who doesn’t mind me sharing his feedback of the sex toys I stack up in a queue for him on his bedside table.

The Tenga Flip Holes, both black and white, have seen many different incarnations over the years. Each one is new and improved, of course – most often referring to a more durable outer case or a slightly different inner lining. I have tried to show what the inner lining of the newest Tenga Flip Hole Black is in the photographs and mini video below.

After I opened the discreet outer package,  revealed the Tenga Flip Hole in it’s cylindrical case, got inside that, oohed and ahhed over the trio of lubes that came with it, I was pretty tired. Luckily, the man still had enough energy to give it a go.

He has really enjoyed using the Tenga Flip Hole (Black). He says he likes the fact it’s an abstract entrance and internal lining, and that it feels really tight and slightly more vaginal than throaty, although what goes through him mind at the time is that it’s an extraordinary and addictive combination of both.


By putting pressure on one of the three areas marked with a white circle on the outside of the device, you can experience different sensations. Each area corresponds to a raised up or noduled area inside the sleeve.


To use the Tenga Flip Hole you just slip it out of the U shaped holder that keeps it together during storage, and you have a sleeve that literally can be flipped open to reveal the inner lining. Place the two sides together again and the man’s penis is inserted into the entrance hole. It’s a good idea to coat the inner lining and yourself with some of the included lubricant before you start, so it stays pleasurable instead of uncomfortably chafing.

Yes, you get some free Tenga lubes with this masturbation sleeve too. Three Tenga Hole Lotions; water based lubricants in Real, Mild and Wild.


My man says the hole lotions are very different to each other. He loves the test tubes design to them and commented that he would have a liked a collapsible test tube holder in the pack to put them in. Damn man’s never happy!

The wild lube runs out very quickly and is quite viscous. It’s VERY very slippery. It leaves a tingly feeling on the skin after application and is great for adding a spicy excitement to your masturbation. Of course they’re water based lubricants not male masturbators so I stole them away to have a play too. Anything I can get my hands on, basically.

The ‘real’ is as it states, feels like natural lubrication.  ‘Mild’ has a slight tingle, barely noticeable above the ‘real’ for me; whereas the ‘wild’ packs a punch! Definitely more tingly. That’s my favourite. He’ll be lucky to get it back, in fact.

There is glycerin in the lubes, just in case you’re particularly sensitive to this ingredient. Some women find that they have discomfort vaginally after using lubricants that include glycerin; I don’t suffer any unwanted side effects personally. These lubes are meant to be used by men in any case, so the vaginal  issue will be down to your own uses…

After he uses the Tenga Flip Hole it’s easy to flip it open and properly rinse out the inside of the lining. We liked that you don’t have to manhandle it too much like with other masturbators; no inside out/risking tears and damage to ensure you’ve cleaned it all the way through. You can also leave it open to dry thoroughly after your initial pat down with a clean cloth.

A very light dusting of cornflour, once the sleeve is completely dry, will restore the sleeve to its as new, silky soft feeling.


Then to store, simply place it within the U shaped holder and you can put it back in the outer cylindrical Tenga packaging if you wish. As the Tenga Flip Hole doesn’t look like a sex toy or masturbator, with no inkling of anything sexual even on the packaging, you can store it on the bedside table without any worries about visitors knowing what it is. If you have curious visitors who often frequent your bedroom, of course. We don’t personally store our Tenga Flip Hole on the mantelpiece  but I guess if you wanted to, you could. Talking point.

In summary, this is not only a luxury male masturbator that really works; it’s easy to use, easy to clean and has an intelligent, functional operation. Being able to flip a masturbation sleeve open to 180 degrees seems like the obvious best way for a masturbator to be designed now, after using and experiencing the Tenga Flip Hole.

It’s money well spent if you want to invest in male pleasure. Fancy giving it a go? You can buy the TENGA Flip Hole plus other bestselling TENGA male masturbator sex toys here with regular discounts & special offers.


– Cara Sutra

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