Review: Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lubricant 100ml


Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lubricant Review

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Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lubricant Review

This is a very sweet lubricant in quite a few ways! Part of the new flavoured sex lubricants range at Lovehoney, the Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Lube comes in a clear bottle with a lid you simply depress one side of to dispense the slippery, clear fluid.

The bottle contains 100ml of lubricant and the clearly marked label has the Lovehoney logo, product name, information and ingredients on it. Each bottle in the flavoured lube range from Lovehoney has a colour that is relevant to the flavour to give it the correct connotation and theme, so this label is red and white.

A 100ml bottle of Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Lube costs £5.99 which is pretty damn cheap. There’s free UK delivery from Lovehoney too, so that’s an added bonus.

For those wary of lubricant ingredients, this lubricant will be a pleasant surprise. Even though it’s low in price and flavoured, it’s free from glycerine and parabens and it’s even vegan friendly. It’s safe for use with condoms and for any type of sexual activity.

How does it taste? Well you wouldn’t want to drink it straight from the bottle but if you are even tempted to do that you may want to rethink your beverage choices. The strawberry flavour is… not the sweetie style and not the real deal either. It’s more of a strawberry daiquiri taste than anything!

I find the taste surprisingly pleasant as well as refreshing, in a summertime way. This lube definitely livens up oral sex. It’s a great emergency lube if you run out of water based to use with silicone sex toys or to have within arm’s reach for vaginal or anal sex too. I would say the main purpose is oral sex though, as it’s flavoured. Stands to reason.

I have to use it very sparingly otherwise the flavour is quite overwhelming. As for slipperiness… yep, it is slippery and stays so for quite a while during physical contact and sexual friction.

It’s a water based lube so it would evaporate eventually, but you can just reapply as desired. It doesn’t stain and is easily washed off after use. It’s a fun bottle of lube, great to add on to your sex toy order or purchase with other flavours to add to your lube hoard.

Get your 100ml bottle of Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lubricant here for £5.99.

Quick Review:

Full product name?

Lovehoney Strawberry Flavoured Sex Lubricant

How much in a tube or bottle? 

100ml bottle

How does it dispense?

Depress cap, squeeze bottle

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Does it contain parabens?


Is it vegan friendly?


Is it organic?


Does it stain?


Is it washable?


What are the ingredients?

Aqua (water), Monopropylene Glycol, Hydroxethyl Cellulose, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Flavourings

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