Womanizer W100 Sex Toy Review

8 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

Womanizer W100 Sex Toy Review

The Womanizer W100 Sex Toy is completely new style of adult product. I haven’t seen anything else like it, and I have seen a LOT of sex toys. It’s a vibrator that doesn’t vibrate against you, it’s a clitoral stimulator that doesn’t touch your clit. It promises that it can give an orgasm to every woman who uses it. With a challenge like that I was desperate to give it a try. I’m famously choosy about my sex toys and my clitoris only orgasms for certain types of stimulation – usually the high power types from bedside jack-hammers like the Doxy Massager.

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I don’t like the name of the toy – the word womanizer has too many negative connotations in English. The thought of my clitoris submitting on orgasm to a traditional ‘womanizer’ doesn’t hold any appeal for me – but as a unique style of sex toy I didn’t mind giving it a go.


Packaging of the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy was discreet, professional and fast, and the product was packaged up safely. While it was en route to me I was also interested to see ETO Magazine covering this brand new sex toy release. The online price is about £135 in GBP so it’s not the cheapest sex toy – definitely on the high end, designer side of things.

First Impressions

I have the black version of the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy but it is also available in Pink, Purple and Blue, as well as Swarovski encrusted Purple & Black. I absolutely love the fact that it comes with a zip up fabric feel hard case, making it extremely easy to take on travels with you or simply to keep it safe between uses.

Slip the Womanizer W100 and charger into the case, zip up and flip the case over on your bedside table or under the bed and no one would even think you had a sex toy nearby. The case is pink, which is a shame if you have an aversion to pink, but it’s practical and functional nonetheless. I would have preferred the case to be black but there we go.

Charging Up

The Womanizer W100 is a rechargeable sex toy; no need to worry about or fiddle about with batteries. Just plug the included charging lead into the port for it on the base of the sex toy and the other end into a USB port and leave to charge. A green LED flashes while it’s charging. The LED is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look, I had to check in the included instruction leaflet to see if there was a charging light and where it was. Hopefully you can see what I mean in the photographs.


The main plastic body of the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy is held during use and the silicone ‘nub’ is placed over your exposed clitoris making sure that there is no gap between the silicone and your body. Once you switch the power on, there is a gentle suction sensation felt on the clitoris and this feels like it’s happening in an undulating pulse of suction, the vacuum inside the ‘nub’ being used to contactlessly stimulate the nerve endings of the clitoris until orgasm is achieved.

During Use

Although I am guaranteed an orgasm every time I use the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy, I don’t personally find it a highly pleasurable way to reach climax. For me, the act of stroking myself or moving a stimulating toy over and around my clitoris is an important part of masturbation. It makes me feel in control of my own pleasure and like I’m carving my own path to climax. Even with the Doxy wand, the stimulation from which I have previously described as ripping an orgasm out of me, I can move it away from my clit, push it harder against my body and move it to different places to the sides of my main centre of sexual nerve endings.

With the Womanizer W100, I am forced to keep the suction nub in one specific place, sealed to my clitoris. The undulating gentle suction inside the silicone nub creates a vibrating vacuum, stimulating the nerve endings of my clitoris without actually touching them with anything but moving air. It’s a very effective way to stimulate my clitoris – so much so that it’s incredibly difficult to keep the Womanizer W100’s nub correctly positioned from start of masturbation to finish.

When I’m orgasming the nub invariably moves and the seal of the silicone against my body is broken, interrupting my orgasm and leaving me struggling to put it back into position mid-orgasm, or at least trying to gain some extra stimulation from the sides of the nub if nothing else. It’s not ideal. I do have an orgasm but I don’t feel in control of it at any time, whether during the relative calm of the vacuum vibration or the hip-bucking worry that the eventual orgasm provides.

Lubrication Required

My clit and the area around it (underneath the hood) feels excessively dry after using The Womanizer W100 too. I have to apply some genital-safe moisturiser. if I use water based lube on my clit before using the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy it loses its effectiveness for me – and it slips out of position far easier too.


If you struggle to orgasm then the Womanizer W100 could be what you’re looking for to put matters right. The Womanizer guarantee of being able to give every woman an orgasm with this unique marvel certainly hasn’t been disproven by me, although that’s not to say I can guarantee every other woman out there will find success. With the amount of sex toys I have tried and regularly use it’s no mean feat to bring me to climax, which is a testament to the stimulation the Womanizer W100 Sex Toy provides.

By the way, the Womanizer W100 does make me orgasm – but only once until I’m recovered. I haven’t experienced the multiple orgasms that this toy is rumoured to bring!

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  1. I have both the W100 and the W500 and frankly nobody should be buying the W100 anymore. Great when it came out but the new model is quieter, more powerful with a lower bottom end too, has a much better control system that allows you to go down the speeds as well as up, looks better and has a large attachment as well as the standard – not just for larger clits but for different contactless feelings. The W500 is awesome and unless the W600 is another improvement it could be the last sex toy I buy until the next one!

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