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Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer sum sub

MEO are fast becoming one of my favourite online retailers for all my kinky needs, having reviewed a couple of items for my own blog, I was overjoyed to be chosen to review the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag (you can buy it here) for the Pleasure Panel.

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First impressions are what I have come to expect from MEO; top quality products simply packaged – the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag comes in a clear plastic bag with a postcard sized insert. There’s absolutely no wasted resource in the packaging; it’s all about functionality.

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The gag itself is around 25 inches long, with a maximum fit of 23½ inches, and a minimum fit of 17 inches.  I have a notoriously large head, but this does fit, just! What is so awesome about the fit is that, unlike leather, the silicone has stretch to it.  This means that you can actually do it up really tight, and without fear of squishing your head; the silicone just stretches.  I should say that it’s not a piece of elastic, and it only stretches so far, but this stretch gives the real snug feel that I yearn for in bondage items.  It’s almost as if, by making it in silicone, instead of the fit being every half inch of the holes in the strap, it’s completely bespoke to the size of your head.  On this count, I absolutely adore the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag.

Wet and Naughty seems like an unusual moniker to attach to a gag, but it’s reflective of the fact that as it is silicone, is it perfectly suitable for all types of play, including those involving bodily fluids, which might otherwise permanently damage leather and other porous materials.

One of things I love about MEOs design is their buckles, and the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag is no exception. You get a very solid feeling light but strong buckle.  The best thing about the buckle is the ability to lock it shut.  Yes – that’s right, total control over the gag for the key holder.  The blurb on the MEO website says you get a MEO padlock with purchase, but my review item did not include one.  I know however from my other products that the MEO locks are everything you’d expect – a proper padlock, no gimmicks here.

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So, once it’s been stretched round your head, buckled and locked, what’s the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag like?  In a word, bloody awesome.  Ok, that’s 2 words, but I love it!  The biteable part of the gag itself is approximately 3 inches long, which is plenty big enough for my mouth.  There is a large ring at either end of the bit, and I was a smidgeon concerned that they might dig in a bit, especially when the gag is pulled tight.  But I needn’t have worried – they are large and thick enough to be no pain at all.  I wouldn’t quite say comfortable, since that isn’t the point of the gag, but they really are no bother.

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The gag is a little under an inch in thickness, and fits just perfectly in your mouth.  It doesn’t restrict your speech as much as a ball gag, but it prevents you from being able to form your words properly, and from closing your mouth, so the usual humiliation side of a gag is present.  Where this stands up from the crowd is both its yield and resilience under biting.  You can give this a serious chomp and it neither breaks your mouth nor falls apart.  It truly is a thing of kinky genius.  Being silicone it is also a doddle to clean.

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In case you hadn’t guessed, I love every single thing about the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag, from the simplicity of the packaging to the simplicity of cleaning, and I’m sure you’ll love it too, whether you are new to gags or an aficionado, it is all to everyone.

– sum sub

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer sum sub for this review of the Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag (€29 which equates to approx £24.50 at today’s rates)

The Wet & Naughty Silicone Bit Gag was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by MEO.de. Thank you! 🙂

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