Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

9 out of 10

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

By Cara Sutra & Guest Reviewers

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant is a famous sex lube and for very good reason. With sleek promotional images and a classy feel, this lube has a lifestyle feel as well as promising great benefits during use in sex and masturbation. I was intrigued as to whether the lube actually lived up to the hype, so I approached the team with regards a full review here on the blog. Thanks so much Überlube for sending a bottle and some sample sachets for the team and I to review.

First Impressions

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

Inside the outer postal box, the 50ml bottle of Überlube luxury silicone lubricant was very well wrapped in bubble wrap – which was a good job as the bottle is made from glass. No need to fear that it’s overly delicate though; the bottle is made from borosilicate glass, the same type used for glass dildos, so extra durable and shatter-resistant. The top of the bottle was shrink-wrapped in plastic for hygiene reassurance from manufacture to my doorstep.

Überlube is available in 100ml, 50ml or travel size bottles. The bottle is transparent glass and the lubricant inside is crystal clear too. It dispenses via a pump dispenser top and you can see the pump tube within the bottle. You just press the top down to dispense which retrieves an amount spreading from a 5p to about a 10p piece size on your palm.

Because the Überlube luxury silicone lubricant is so perfectly clear, it looks almost like water, or water-based lube. However, it’s immediately apparent that this is silicone lube as soon as you dispense some and start using it. This isn’t an extra thick silicone lubricant, and has fantastic versatility for both sexual and lifestyle purposes.

What Can You Use Überlube For?

Contrary to widespread previous beliefs on the subject, silicone lubricant is compatible with 100% silicone sex toys. It’s also compatible with latex condoms, as there are no contra-indications between silicone and latex.  Find out more about materials & compatibility in my Sex Toy Materials Guide.

Überlube luxury silicone lubricant is fantastic whether used for masturbation (penis, vulval or other) or during sex. If using this lube to lessen chafing and discomfort during anal sex, be aware that this isn’t an anal-specific lubricant; it’s transparent so will be more difficult to see where you’ve applied it, and it isn’t as thick and viscous as anal lubes.

Using Überlube

During use in masturbation and penis-in-vagina sex (PiV) though, the Überlube luxury silicone lubricant remains slippery and is a fantastic way to provide and retain glide throughout your pleasure sessions. Unlike water-based lubes, there’s no loss of glide through evaporation in the heat of the moment, or skin-to-skin friction. As the lubricant is silicone, you can even use it in the bath or shower for aquatic erotic adventures, alone or with a partner, as it doesn’t dissipate with water alone (note: be careful you don’t slip over, and be aware that the addition of soap will cause Überlube to wash off).

With Überlube luxury silicone lubricant you stay slippery until you don’t want/need to be slippery any more. Perfect.

Classy Bottle Design

As well as providing a luxurious lubricant to use for sex or masturbation, the Überlube bottle itself adds a little extra appeal in the bedroom. The design is minimal, sleek and stylish, and I loved having the sophisticated glass bottle on my bedside table – I usually pop my lube tubes and bottles in the drawer as other brands don’t look as classy. At first glance, this bottle looks like a perfume or other cosmetic spritzer bottle.

So what about those non-sexual uses for silicone lube? You can use pure silicone lubricant such as Überlube as anti-frizz serum through unruly hair, to quickly shine up latex clothing, freeing a stuck zip, lip gloss… or just to add lubrication wherever you need it, really.

Portable Silicone Lube Options

If you end up loving Überlube luxury silicone lubricant so much that you can’t bear to travel without it, never fear. The team have come up with a pretty nifty solution: Überlube Good To Go Travellers. This portable option provides you with all the benefits of Überlube wherever you may be, as it’s the exact same lube, just a little less of it, encased in a durable glass vial with a metered pump top. The small bottle is also protected from knocks and damage during travel via an aluminium over-shell.

The Überlube luxury silicone lubricant has no discernible scent. It is pure, wonderful, effective, classy silicone lubricant. During use it feels supremely silky and offers long-lasting glide – no matter how hot and passionate your intimate encounters may get.


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Review by DynamiteMinx

First of all, thanks to Cara Sutra for giving me this opportunity to try out some Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant.

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

Überlube is a quality silicone lube. Being silicone it is long lasting – a little goes very a long way. This is a clear sex lube, it’s unscented and tasteless. I like to use silicone lube with my glass toys, it just makes them all the more slicker. It is also great for anal sex as it is long lasting. It is quite a runny lube, as I have found other silicone lubes to be, but this isn’t a problem as it lasts for ages!

The Überlube luxury silicone lubricant really is quite a versatile lube. You can use it for solo fun, couple’s play, anal sex or with your sex toys. It is also great as a de-frizzer for your hair – just a couple of drops does the trick! Being waterproof, this lube can be used in the shower for some wet play time, just careful not to slip over! It can only be washed off using warm water and soap.

Überlube feels very luxurious, it really feels like a quality lubricant. Plus, it’s a great skin conditioner – I felt very soft after using it. Using Überlube on my hair gave it a great shine too!

I would give this lube a generous but well-deserved 10/10.

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Review by Sexuality Sanctuary

I find silicone lube a tough product to review as in my experience it doesn’t vary all that much from brand to brand. Basically they all contain one to three types of silicone, and generally that’s it. Überlube luxury silicone lubricant has one difference in the ingredients list: Vitamin E. This is listed in the formulation ingredients as tocopheryl acetate, and it’s a skin conditioner.

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

Despite this one difference in the ingredients, I didn’t really notice it as the silicone is synthetic and super slippery, but almost always has the same consistency and behaves like all other good quality silicone lubes.

Whether you’re having sex with your partner or using Überlube luxury silicone lubricant during masturbation and/or with your sex toys, this lube will last way longer than water-based lubricants and guarantees no friction issues. Take care however, as silicone lube can stain sheets and clothing -but Überlube offers so many other uses that this one issue is totally forgivable.

Use it in your hair as a de-frizzer, on your feet to soother callouses and cracks – you can even fix that squeaky door hinge! The Vitamin E element of the formulation ensures that this lubricant doesn’t have a drying effect on your skin, no matter where you choose to use it.

In my opinion, silicone lube is a much better choice for a jack-off lube than other options – and Überlube luxury silicone lubricant is a deluxe choice.

The packaging matches up to the name- simple yet elegant, all white with silver letters. You are sure to impress that one night stand or let your gal know you aren’t a cheap KY guy! The bottles are clear thick glass and probably some of the nicest lube bottles I’ve ever seen – reminiscent of old school pharmaceuticals.

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant Reviews

Another note that if you want to use Überlube luxury silicone lubricant with your sex toys, make sure they’re a compatible material such as glass or genuine, 100% silicone. If you’re not sure, always do a patch test first (just on a small, discreet area, like the base) to make sure that it isn’t going to damage the surface of your toy.

I usually choose to use water-based lube with my sex toys, but if I do use a silicone lube then Überlube luxury silicone lubricant is one of the best choices.


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Thanks to Überlube for providing their luxury silicone lubricant free of charge, in exchange for our fair & honest reviews here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. This feature contains affiliate links. 

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