TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

10 out of 10

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

By K

The TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup looks pretty snazzy compared to the average penis-toy. The vibrant silver and blood orange branding makes it look bright, cheerful, and exciting while also maintaining a neat and sophisticated feel.


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As a company, TENGA has such a sense of fun and playfulness in their aesthetic, which I have come to really appreciate. I love a classy, discreet toy that’s pretty in a minimalist sort of way, but let’s not forget that toys are meant to be played with and bring joy. TENGA really embodies both class and exuberance in their products and packaging, and I think that’s fabulous.

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

It seemed my partner did too. Having tried a few items from the disposable range, he was excited to test out a multi-use TENGA product. The TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup is comprised of a squishy TPE sleeve housed inside an hourglass-shaped plastic case, along with a small sachet of TENGA’s own lube to start you off.

The masturbator features the newfangled “Air-Tech” vacuum function, by which air is permitted to escape via a vent in the top to create a feeling of suction. This, combined with the sci-fi inner texture, promises to deliver an amazing experience for the user. The instructions are pretty simple – remove the protective outer wrapper (ooh, cool red casing!), lube it up and enjoy.

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

First impressions? Well, it’s amazing. We had previously tried the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup; a single-use product with a pretty similar design and had a great time together, but despite its quality, it was clearly a disposable product. The material of the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup felt more durable, yet softer, and it is tight without being uncomfortable.

Slightly girthier users might find it easier to actually enter this Cup, and when you do, you’ll probably love it.

My partner was really excited by the sensations that the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup provides. He found the inner textures so stimulating, in fact, that he had to pace himself a bit to fully enjoy what the toy had to offer. Even so, he didn’t even get around to trying the suction function on the first go. We’ve had equally great experiences every time we’ve used this product – it’s just something about the tightness and texture that really seem to work well together. Chances are, you might find your experience to be similarly powerful. Here’s to hope, right?

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

What about the fabled suction function though? Well, when he eventually got around to it, he said it was a bit less intense than in the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup. Our single OVC use had such powerful suction that it was actually a bit difficult to pull the Cup away from his body.

With the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup, the suction is definitely there but less intense. There is some resistance during pullback, but not to the extent that the Cup fights you post-thrust. My partner said the feeling was slightly more subtle but enjoyable, so if you’re only just starting to get into suction toys, or if you already know that you don’t like intense suction/have grip issues, you’d probably enjoy the light vacuum sensations provided by this toy.

The only downsides we found with the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup was the sound. Wow, that thing is noisy. The rushing sound of air escaping around the lube creates a distinct slurping that is not discreet by any means; so you’ll need to get used to putting on some loud-ish music to cover it up if you share a home with others. Or just use it in the shower, as we did (hey, we are nothing if not efficient). That’s if you mind other people hearing, that is.

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

It can take a little bit of adjustment before you can settle into the sensation and not be too startled by the resulting sound effects, but you’ll probably find it worth it. The sensations provided by the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup really are great, and I feel that slurping is sort of standard with these sorts of masturbation sleeves. It’s the lube that does it, and you can’t use the toy dry, because … ow.

Speaking of lube, the only other complaint we had with the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup was not with the product itself, but with the lubricant provided. The sample sachet of the TENGA Hole Lotion (as it is somewhat off-puttingly known) was thick and gloopy, almost jelly-like. It also kind of went everywhere during application – I feel a better pouring strategy might be needed.

If you get weirded out by textures, you might take issue with the gelatinous nature of this lubricant by itself, but any unpleasantness vanishes when actually in use with the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup. Then everything becomes amazing. If you don’t have any lube on hand, this is a perfect solution for your first play but toy aficionados will likely prefer to use their own brand of choice – water-based, of course.

Cleanup is pretty simple. You can remove the sleeve from the housing and just flush it with lukewarm (not hot!) water. No soap is necessary but you do need to ensure that the toy dries properly, in order to prevent an overgrowth of bacteria. This is tricky, because water gets trapped in the textures and the casing with remarkable tenacity, so just be certain that it is completely dry before you put it away for storage.

Always be sure to check your sleeve for any damage from wear and tear or mould with every cleaning – TPE is a wonderful material but it is porous and therefore will degrade with time. It also should not be shared, as it can’t be sterilized. However, TENGA estimates that the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup will give you approximately 50 uses, and each one will probably be wonderful.

TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup Review

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed using this toy. My partner was very happy with the sensations provided, and I trust you will be too! We give the TENGA Air Tech Regular Masturbator Cup a resounding 10/10 despite the noise issues and drying time, which come pretty standard with these sorts of toys.

– K

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