Tantus Rumble Attachments Review (Convertible, Spoon and Dorado)

8 out of 10

Tantus Rumble Attachments Review (Convertible, Spoon and Dorado)

By Cara Sutra

I wanted to write about the Tantus Rumble Attachments as a separate review to my recent Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator write-up, because 1) they deserve their own discussion space and 2) my Tantus Rumble Wand review could also be made available in paperback if I’d talked about everything in one place. As it was, I wrote 1,000+ words just about the main sex toy. Let me take you through my experiences of the Tantus Rumble Attachments, each available separately from tantusinc.com.


The Tantus Rumble Attachments were sent to me free of charge, in exchange for fair and honest reviews, from Tantus. Thank you! I also received a few other Tantus sex toys and I hope you enjoy all the reviews.

Which Tantus Rumble Attachments Are Available?

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To detail, the Tantus Rumble attachments are as follows:

  • The Tantus Rumble Convertible Head (buy here)
  • A Tantus Rumble Spoon Head (buy here)
  • Also, the Tantus Rumble Dorado Head (buy here)

First, the standard round silicone ‘hat’ needs removing from the Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator, then you can fit whichever of the Tantus Rumble attachments you’ve selected and purchased.

Tantus Rumble Convertible Head

The Convertible attachment does what it says on the tin: it converts the Tantus Rumble Vibrator into an internal vibrator.

Whether you choose to use the Tantus Rumble with Convertible attachment vaginally or anally is up to you (and your anatomy, of course!).

You need to own a dildo with a hollow area in the base, into which the ‘peg’ part of the Convertible attachment is placed. There are a couple of ridges to help it stay in place, so the dildo shouldn’t come off inside you.

The Tantus Duchess in Candy I received in the same box as the Rumble & Attachments fits on to this Convertible attachment (photos once I find the Tantus Duchess – just moved, sorry!), so I would assume the other hollowed dildos in the Tantus range also fit on to this attachment. Look out for the Tantus dildos which come with a removable bullet vibrator.

It is my opinion that any dildo which takes the RO-80 bullet vibrator (or similar) inside a hollowed area would also be compatible with the Convertible attachment. I can slip my GODEMICHE Adam dildo on to it. The Adam is made with pretty thick silicone so the vibrations from the Tantus Rumble (which aren’t that strong to me personally to start with) don’t travel all that well through it. The vibrations have to travel first through the attachment, then through whichever dildo you use on it, then be felt by you.

Once the dildo is attached to this attachment it does become a bit bottom-heavy and can be difficult to wield as one piece. I found it best to put the dildo on the attachment first, then put the attachment on the Rumble Wand, then switch it on. The attachment ‘peg’ was pushed into and pulled out of the dildo base without much struggle.

Tantus Rumble Spoon Head

Firstly, the name ‘spoon head’ makes me laugh so much. Like the other attachments, the Spoon head attachment is easily fixed on to the main Tantus Rumble toy, and the protruding, curved, insertable dildo part is smooth and seamless.

I had some difficulty working out how to hold the Tantus Rumble wand while using this insertable attachment. The handle of the Rumble seems too high up for comfortable use if I use it with the controls facing me, and it’s kinda awkward if I use it with the handle facing the other way. Facing up does seem to suit me better, although pulling the handle down for comfortable use leads to the worry I’m going to snap the neck of the wand vibrator. It’s well made but then so am I.

It feels like Tantus have made the Spoon head attachment with the G-spot in mind. It’s only 3 inches in length. That said, it doesn’t quite curve enough for me, and due to the flexibility in the Tantus Rumble neck I can’t just move the handle to press the internal tip harder against my G-spot – even if that Rumble power was orgasmic enough for me.

Although the length has been developed with the G-spot in mind, in my opinion, I’d prefer to be properly filled. It’s just too titchy for me. When I use insertable sex toys I like to feel like I’m being filled and fucked by something sizeable. Just personal preference.

Tantus Rumble Dorado Head

The Dorado head is nicknamed Mr Flappy in this house. It’s like a little silicone sail which has a curved edge. I am guessing the thin silicone is meant to transmit the vibrations from the Tantus Rumble more precisely to whichever external part of the body you’d like to feel them.

As an erogenous zone stimulator, or an erotic massage accessory, this seems like a nice idea. It’s not an attachment I’d use again after I tried it a few times, both alone and with my partner. Again, personal preference. I just tend to use other things to ‘get in the mood’, and our erotic massage sessions are more likely to include bondage rope than a gentle vibration tool.

To be quite honest, the vibrations felt from the edge of the Dorado head didn’t feel any more powerful to me than using the standard round silicone ‘hat’ which comes with the Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator.



Overall, I love the styles of these attachments, and if they were available to fit my Doxy I’d rip someone’s arm off for them. Well, the penetrating one (Spoon) and the dildo attaching one (Convertible), in any case. Definitely unconvinced about the flappy-ness of the Dorado, but I can see how others might love it for the gentle erotic massage options.

I’ve given the attachments a summary score of 8/10. Despite me not getting on with (and not getting an orgasm from) the Tantus Rumble Wand, this is really down to the power output of that vibrator and I don’t feel it’s fair to give these attachments a low score on their own merit. If the sex toy they attached to was more powerful and therefore able to give me an orgasm, they’d be great. The same attachments which would fit my current favourite and reliable orgasm-giver would be brilliant. On the Tantus Rumble, though, they just serve as a reminder of how disappointing I find the power of the Rumble Wand.

Buy The Tantus Rumble Attachments

Please note: All GBP/£ prices have been converted from the USD/$ prices at today’s rates. Exchange rates may have fluctuated by the time of your purchase.

Tantus Rumble Spoon Head $29.99 / £23.10

Tantus Rumble Dorado Head $24 / £18.49

Tantus Rumble Convertible Head $21 / £16.18

Once again, many thanks to tantusinc.com for sending the Rumble Wand, the attachments and a few other sex toys for me to test & review here at CaraSutra.




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