System JO Sex Toy Cleaner Review

9 out of 10

System JO Sex Toy Cleaner Review

by Lorah13

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to test out and review the System JO Sex Toy Cleaner. It comes as a 50.3ml pump dispenser bottle which would make it perfect for taking on travels but I have discovered that it tends to leak unfortunately. The blue and white packaging of the bottle is very unassuming, other than for the red writing ‘toy cleaner’ on the bottle you wouldn’t really know what this was.


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On the front of the System JO Sex Toy Cleaner are some claims and facts about this cleaner, and as far as I can tell they have all turned out to be true. Obviously though without scientific testing I can only assume that it is in fact antibacterial but I currently have no reason to doubt this. As for the others; ‘gentle’, ‘non-greasy’, ‘alcohol free’, ‘non-irritating’, etc they all seem to be the case. On the side of the bottle is the ingredients list, on the back is the directions and on the bottom is the expiry date (I know I never knew toy cleaner had an expiry date either but apparently it does!).

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The directions are simple enough to follow but I chose not to follow them exactly. The instructions say to pump the cleaner onto a cloth and wipe the toy but for me this is an extra unnecessary step and I prefer to just pump the cleaner directly onto the toy and give it a wipe round with my hands before rinsing under warm water. Inside the bottle the cleaner is a clear liquid but comes out as a white foam. I’ve found one pump spreads well enough to cover any regular sized toys eg the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge but of course you can use as much as you feel necessary and the white foam that this comes out as spreads out into a clear liquid again rather than lathering up.

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I have no doubt that the toys are clean after using this System JO Sex Toy Cleaner. I feel like the foam pump style of this uses less product and requires less to clean a toy than regular spray cleaners. There is no offensive smell from this, it does claim to be unscented but I don’t have the best sense of smell so as such I always get my husband to do any sniff tests and he agrees that there is no scent.

All in all the System JO Sex Toy Cleaner is a great product at a great price. It does exactly what it says on the tin (or should that be bottle!) and I can’t fault that, my only gripe is that it does leak but this is easily remedied by keeping the bottle upright.

– Lorah13

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lorah13 for this review of the System JO Sex Toy Cleaner.


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