Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap – Pleasure Panel Review

3 out of 10

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk

This is the second draft of my Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap review. The first time around, I accidentally thought I was reviewing the Bondara Doggie Style Enhancer Strap… and this ties nicely into one of my primary criticisms: this strap 100% needed directions! Some suggested uses or simple guidance might have prevented the whirlwind of questions and frustrations that lead to a very confusing review on my part.

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

Questions. There were a lot of questions. It was 5pm and my boyfriend and I were taking a very good look at my newest sexual accessory with both lights and clothes on.  While he tried reassembling the Bondara sex enhancer strap yet again, I was trying to find other reviews of the strap to see how it was meant to be, but alas, I seem to be the first.

The Bondara Enhancer Strap is a very long, adjustable strap with a padded front that can hook around your hips or waist, and two Velcro arm restraints that keep your hands at your hips; two very long straps with handles allow your partner to hang on in many sexual positions. The orientation of the strap (and photos of it in use on the Bondara website) leaned me towards doggy style sex, or some variation of him behind me.

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

It was a solid principle – he has control of your hips, meaning he can control the penetration and really go to town as he rides you like a stallion. A look at the Bondara sex enhancer strap conjured images of me bent over with my face in a pillow as he gripped on for dear life and pounded me with the vigor I’ve always wanted. I loved it. Doggy style is one of my favourite positions anyway, so allowing the opportunity to hand over even more control to my man was an exciting prospect that I eagerly awaited.

The first time we tried the Bondara sex enhancer strap, we did it sort of wrong; he put it around my waist and basically held both handles in one hand as he fucked me from behind. Felt more like a belt than delicious sexual control.

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

So the second time around we wanted to get it right – we sat down beforehand, researched how it was used, made sure it was set up right, and talked about the best way to come at it. I’ve never had such clinical foreplay. Don’t say I didn’t make the effort with this one because several erections were sacrificed in the making of this review.

Armed with knowledge, we tried doggy style a few more times, Bondara sex enhancer strap in hand. Sex ranged from “Are you sure you’re doing this right?” to “Okay. Sure.” The result just seemed like standard sex with a clumsy strap in the way; unable to move my arms, I had to rely on my partner to hold the straps tight to keep me from flopping forward, and the length of the straps just weren’t conducive to, well, holding.

In one last-ditch effort, I reached for it when he was on top and put it under my back so he could be on his knees fucking me while pulling my back up, thus changing the angle. It was decent, probably the most I enjoyed any use of the Bondara sex enhancer strap, but still not something I’ll feel compelled to try again in the future (and if I do, I’ll just use a pillow).

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

The Big Problem:

The straps are long. REALLY long – you could fit a couple decently sized people at a time in this Bondara sex enhancer strap for how long the handles go on.  I understand we’re all different sizes and it’s nice to account for that, but as a borderline plus sized woman, I don’t know how a properly skinny woman could get anything out of this. The main part covered all of my hips with the arm restraints pulled tightly in, while my boyfriend couldn’t even hold onto the handles – he had to hold the straps together, leaving the long handles to dangle uselessly.

On the Bondara website there are photos of the strap being used with the partner like 2 feet behind the woman (not even in frame), and that’s the problem. They seem to forget that in order to have sex, you need to be quite close to each other. Either that or your man has a broomstick for a cock.

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

And the gold medal prize in biggest area for improvement: of course goes to… instructions. The Bondara sex enhancer strap didn’t come with any. No outline of how it should be set up, no diagram of ways to use it (only two stock photos on the Bondara website) I’m sure it’s a straightforward enough concept, but every sex toy should have at least a nudge in the right direction. I think this would have been a great little toy to have some fun suggested positions that really made sure you got the most use from it.

Pros: It’s cheaper than a sex swing

Cons: Too long, no directions, doesn’t provide that much control

Rating: 3/10

– My Tickle Trunk

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk for this review of the Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap (usually priced at £14.99 from Bondara)

This sex strap was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara.

Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

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Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review

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