Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

8 out of 10
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Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

By KurosakiKun

Satisfyer is a popular name in our household in regards to sex toys, mostly used by my partner in crime which are designed for genitalia I do not possess.  I must admit to being jealous as the particular clitoral stimulator yields amazing results for her, but jealous I am not anymore!  I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a vibrator geared towards my own genitals, the Satisfyer Men Vibration is its name, and hopefully it performs as well as it looks!  With the tag line of “Like a blowjob – just better!” I am very hopeful!


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As I have noticed with most Satisfyer products I have seen or own, the packaging is sleek and classy.  The Satisfyer Men Vibration comes in a dark black box which has a stylish finish, showcasing the product in strong images, one of the vibrator face on and a picture of the vibrating opening where all the magic happens.

The other noticeable points on the box are the accompanying signature from Rocco Siffredi, recommending the product (Italian Male Porn Star if you are wondering) and the usual quick blurb about the product on the side in many languages.

Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

Inside the box, we are greeted with the Satisfyer Men Vibration itself, a picture by picture instruction guide, safety instructions and a magnetic USB charger cable.  This is all packaged in a smart plastic insert.  The box comes with a hygienic seal which should be unbroken when you receive it.

Material & Measurements

The Satisfyer Men Vibration is made up of two main materials; silicone and ABS plastic.  The soft and skin friendly silicone is wonderfully supple and quickly adjusts to your body temperature, which is why it is used for the opening of the vibrator which houses the vibrating motors.

Behind the silicone is the completely unyielding ABS plastic, which I am assuming is meant to imitate a tongue or lower part of the jaw.

The entire product is waterproof (IPX7) so can be cleaned easily and you’ll have no worries getting it covered in lube or any bodily fluids!  The insertion length of the Satisfyer Men Vibration is 7cm and the overall length is 15cm.  The toy is quite weighty and feels like a quality product in your hands, nothing flimsy about it at all, it’s made so you can cradle the weight comfortably and still operate the speed buttons with the thumb of one hand (left or right as the toy is symmetrical).


Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

The Satisfyer Men Vibration is powered by two super strong motors (described as power motors on the website) which are located in the tip and the bulge in the middle of the insertion point.  Inside the opening are two distinct bulges which are described as creating a ‘staircase effect’, which is meant to offer you the choice of gliding over the bulges vibrating waves or simply staying still and letting the motors do all the work for you when you have it in place.

To operate the Satisfyer Men Vibration couldn’t be any simpler; there are two buttons which are marked with a plus or a minus.  To start, hold the plus button for 2 seconds and you start on the third strongest intensity, minus will take you down to the lowest vibration strength whereas plus will take you through the 5 intensities and 9 rhythms.

I’m confused by the different pieces of info about the Satisfyer Men Vibration I have read; on the official Satisfyer website it says there are 3 intensities and 8 rhythms making up 14 programmes (not very good maths there), the box it comes in says on its side there are 11 vibration programmes yet the instruction booklet says 14.  Just by testing myself I can confirm there are definitely 14 vibration programmes!

Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

Alongside the two buttons on the front of the Satisfyer Men Vibration there is a white LED which relays some info to you about the status of the rechargeable battery (yay for rechargeable internal batteries!).  To charge the battery, you will need to take the magnetic USB cable from the box, plug it into a USB socket and simply ‘click’ the two metal points to the corresponding points on the vibrator.  When correctly attached the LED will flash to show it is charging, or will stay solid white to let you know the battery is fully charged.  The LED will also illuminate while in use.  Charging from a flat battery should take around 2 and a half hours and you will get around an hour’s playtime, which is awesome!

On to use!  It is recommended to use a splash of water based lubricant with the toy and your penis, as lube always makes things slide better and overall just feel much better!  You can use the toy to thrust into to a degree, I found it a bit uncomfortable as the ABS is really unforgiving and it felt unnatural.  I was much more impressed by finding a sweet spot where the motors were working hard on a specific area and making my toes curl!  This way I could just hold the toy motionless and let it do all the work, literally just lie back and lose myself in fantasy.

The ‘power motors’ really do smash out some deep vibrations, the 3rd and 4th intensities are powerful enough but then it goes up to 5 which really makes everything a literal blur.  Every time I have used the Satisfyer Men Vibration I have wandered through the rhythms seeing if I can make one work for me but ended up going back down to the intensities until orgasm, which while I’m on the subject, have been very intense themselves.

The double motors vibrate two parts of the penis at the same time which really seems to build up a strong orgasm and as the tip of the penis is being hit full force, the sensations it delivers are eye popping.

I wouldn’t say it’s better than a blowjob, it’s a different sensation and orgasm for me, but it’s still a damn good experience.  The only problem being that it feels so intense that it’s difficult to last very long!

Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

Ejaculating while using the Satisfyer Men Vibration can be slightly messy as it is a closed ended opening, if you are not upright you will encounter a lot of splash back!  As the finish of the vibrator is waterproof, cleanup is really easy afterwards; a splash or warm soapy water and left to drip dry is the preference.  Don’t towel dry as I did, the silicone used will be a mass of cotton strands afterwards which don’t seem to want to come off the material (see accompanying photos!)


Satisfyer again deliver a quality product which now my partner can be jealous of instead of the other way around!  The only niggle I can think of is that the motors are so powerful that they are pretty loud, so someone who needs to be subtle about their masturbation should probably by warned of that!  I rate the Satisfyer Men Vibration an 8 out of 10, top quality orgasms and battery life but a bit on the loud side.

– KurosakiKun

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