Pjur Woman Silicone Lube Review

10 out of 10

Pjur Woman Silicone Lube Review

This silicone lubricant by Pjur is a lasting, skin and body kind formulation which has been especially created for use by women. Presented in a white bottle, to contrast the flagship, standard Pjur Body Glide in a black bottle, the Pjur Woman Silicone Lube feels reliable and somehow clean from the very first moment.


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Pjur Woman Silicone Lube Review

There are only three ingredients within this lube: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone and dimethiconol. This lubricant contains no glycerine, preservatives, fat, oil, water, fragrance – or in fact, anything else. It’s one of the purest silicone lubricants you could hope to enjoy.

This makes the Pjur Woman Silicone Lube entirely friendly for the pH of a woman’s vagina, as well as rendering it irritation-free for her choice of sexual pleasure. It’s great to use with non-porous, non-silicone sex toys, such as those made from glass, stone, ceramic or other hard materials. It’s also a great go-to lube for anal sex – although of course, a specialised anal lube is always preferable there.

To dispense you twist off the cap and squeeze the bottle – simple. I have the 30ml bottle of Pjur Woman Silicone Lubricant, of which I still have a great deal even after plenty of use. A little goes a very long way!

This lubricant is definitely worth every penny and I can’t help but recommend it to all looking for a high quality, body safe silicone lubricant.

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