Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Review

9 out of 10

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Review

By crimescene

Cara kindly selected me to review the Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner in exchange for an accurate, honest review. I jumped at the chance as my old toy cleaning spray had just come to an end and I needed some more.


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In general, toy cleaning sprays are important as they are anti-bacterial which means you are ridding your toy of any potential germs and taking good care of your toy at the same time. They are usually very quick and easy to use and are not usually expensive. I cannot express how useful they are to own. Why take the risk of dirty, deteriorating sex toys when for a few quid you can keep them in tip-top condition?

Back to the item in question: Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner. Pjur are a German company that pride themselves on quality products. I have used various products of theirs in the past, mostly lubricants and I have always rated them. So I was curious as to whether their toy cleaning spray would live up to my expectations.

My 100ml/3.4 fl.oz bottle arrived sealed and in discreet packaging. Cara always packages items in neutral jiffy bags which I appreciate.

The Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner bottle itself has a pump spray for easy application and it is attractive to look at due to the sky blue label. The label states its name and claims to be ‘intense alcohol-free cleaning spray’. It also mentions that it is made in Germany and clearly displays the bottle size/weight. On the back of the bottle, the label contains lots of small print in various languages. This makes sense as Pjur are a European company whose market is not restricted to just one country.

The English language paragraph tells you once again that the product is ‘alcohol-free, skin-friendly spray for intensive, mild and gentle cleaning of erotic toys’. It also states that it is suitable for use on alcohol-sensitive material such as latex, rubber and silicone. As many sex toys are made of silicone, this is reassuring to read.

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Review

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner is also dermatologically tested and perfume-free. Beneath this information is a list of what I presume to be ingredients with percentages next to them which is somewhat confusing as there is also a separate list of ingredients. I gather this particular list focuses on the percentage of chemicals in the spray.

Last of all, directions for use are written. The directions themselves are very short and simple: spray onto the item and wipe clean. Personally, I like to spray the item I am cleaning, leave for a few seconds, wipe clean and then rinse with warm water. This is a combination of trying to be thorough, and also past experience of using sex toy cleaners.

I found the Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner spray cleaned my items well. It left no residue or smell and the bottle contained all the information I would need to know and possibly more. I would definitely use it again.


– crimescene

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer crimescene for this review of the Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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