Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube Review

10 out of 10
Silicone, Water

Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube Review

By DivaFoof

I received the Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube to test on behalf of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel in exchange for my open and honest review.


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Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube comes in a 150ml black pot.  It’s a pot that is sealed with a black pull which is a one time removal. The pot is then sealed for future uses by pushing it firmly on. You open it pushing the lip of the top upwards.  The first thing to say about this is that ‘personal lubricant’ is in small writing and it also doesn’t advertise anything sex related and as such, it looks very much like a hair gel product and is very discreet.

This creamy lubricant is odourless, is extremely thick and is a white colour (which makes it look even more like a hair product!). It gives off an image of a great quality lube just looking at it.  I’m so used to receiving lubes in bottles and complaining about the pouring mechanism and directional use, but the great thing about the pot is that you can choose as much or as little as you want from the pot. You can also directly dip clean toys into the pot and not get it all over your fingers.

People might say that having to scoop the Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube out with your fingers is messy, but in the grand scheme of things, you’re probably only getting as much on your hands as you would when using a bottle. Therefore you have the ability to directly apply it to toys as it’s got a wide enough hole (the pot is 8.5 inch circumference) which is great. It also means that you can get every last drop out.  How often do you find yourself wondering if you’ve got the last of every drop out of a bottle, or how much is wasted on the sides? With this, you can see right to the bottom.  It appears I am a big fan of the pot.

I must warn you though: do not, I repeat, do not send this product flying. It will look like a giant donkey has spunked everywhere in your bedroom. This is a lesson I sadly learnt myself, having accidentally caught the pot and sent lube flying up my bedroom walls, on my bed, up the dresser and on my bedding.   Thankfully the Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube is so thick it didn’t run anywhere and was easy to wipe up!  This is perhaps the only downfall to a pot, so just make sure it’s either away from an edge or closed firmly.

Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube Review

This hybrid lube is initially a water based lube with a small amount of silicone added. The Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube is suitable for latex and condoms and with the small amount of silicone in it, you should be okay to use it on some toys. However always check, and if necessary trial it on a cheaper toy first.  I used this lube on a silicone butt plug and had no adverse reactions with the toy I used. This made me rather happy as I was looking for a lube suitable for anal play and this was no let down.

Using this Cream Lubricant both for vaginal and anal use was very comfortable. It left no tacky stickiness, was easy to wash off and left with a very soothing effect. The lube contains carbomer which is regularly used for dry eye gels and so gives a softening effect.

As previously said the Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube is very very thick… whether on the finger or toy, it does not move. It’s not at all runny but equally it spreads nicely. A lube that goes where you want it to at the right time or otherwise stays where you need it. The Pjur Power Premium Cream Lubricant is extremely long lasting and you don’t need much to go far.  Despite my dropping it everywhere, you can hardly tell; the pot still has loads in it.

Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube Review

Other than my clumsiness of knocking the lube off the side, I cannot come up with anything bad about it. The Pjur Power Premium Cream Lubricant is quite possibly one of my most favourite lubes to date and for me gets a 10/10 -as it’s not the pot’s fault that I’m a clutz.

– DivaFoof

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer DivaFoof for this review of the Pjur Power Premium Cream Lube.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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