Ooh by Je Joue Sex Toys Review

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Ooh by Je Joue Sex Toys Review

When I heard Je Joue were bringing out some new sex toys I was so happy. When I found out what the new sex toys were, I was even happier. The Pick n Mix style Ooh by Je Joue sex toys. Who doesn’t love pick ‘n’ mix? The excitement of choosing your own mixed bag of treats just got adulted. Yes, that is a word now.


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Pick n Mix Sex Toys Review by Cara Sutra

The Ooh by Je Joue sex toys have a brilliant, simple tagline: please enjoy spontaneously.

I was invited to test and review  the Ooh by Je Joue sex toys by Je Joue, who sent me the range free of charge in exchange for said fair and honest review. They didn’t just send the products though.

For an extra shot of Ooh these four items – motor, pebble shape, classic vibe shape and cock ring shape – were sent with press release, a branded notepad (stationery! Extra orgasm points), decorative lips on a stick, full details of the range on a branded USB AND a bag of lips sweeties. All wrapped up in a lip stickered blue stripey bag. It’s reminiscent of the sweetie bags from Proper Sweet Shops, you know the ones, shelves of transparent jars filled with sugar creations from which you choose your favourites and mix in a bag. Appropriate, right? Clever, tasty, fun.

So – the Ooh by Je Joue sex toys premise is simple and alluring, the style is fresh, colourful and funky, the only thing these sex toys can be let down on is choice of material, ease of use and cleaning and the big one: power.

How did they measure up?

Large Motor


2 x 1.8 inches

How to charge up

There’s a small silicone flap at the bottom of the durable plastic housed large motor which you lift to insert the charging lead. It’s micro USB which is brilliant as even if you lose the included lead you can use any micro USB lead to charge it up (I’ve tried with my others). As I say it’s USB so you can charge up the motor in any USB port or a USB to mains adaptor (not included but everyone should have one somewhere).

There’s a red LED which blinks as the motor is charging up.

The functions

The large motor offers 5 different vibration modes:

  • Low constant vibration
  • Medium constant vibration
  • High constant vibration
  • Ascending vibrating pulse
  • Long dash style pulse

As per usual (I know, I’m boring) the high constant vibration is my favourite. And the big reveal: yes, it can bring me to orgasm. Win!

The motor is placed inside the ‘shape’ of your choice to create a vibrating sex toy with those 5 modes. The shapes are made from body safe, non porous silicone – and the motor and shapes are fully waterproof too.

Vibrating Pebble


2.3 x 1.8 inches

How It Feels 

This is my favourite of the shapes, unsurprisingly. I’m more of a clitoral stimulation fan than internal, vaginal penetrative, and I don’t think I’m alone. More women orgasm through clitoral stimulation than vaginal penetration.

The Ooh by Je Joue Vibrating Pebble is beautifully rounded at the tip, while the silicone material warms quickly to body temperature in your hand and provides a lovely surface to place against your sensitive zones. The Vibrating Pebble shape transmits the vibrations from the Large Motor really well, and on the top constant vibrating setting I can reach orgasm with little to no effort. Perfect.

This Vibrating Pebble + Large Motor is also an easy to hold in your palm sex toy which can complement and heighten pleasure in couples’ foreplay and sex, too. The vibrations can be enjoyed anywhere you or your partner like – regardless of gender, just find those erogenous zones and enjoy – and the shape is small enough to be held between bodies during sex. Especially doggy style. I’ve even experimented with this Vibrating Pebble inside some pantie style strap on briefs and although it wasn’t held in place perfectly, the vibrations to my vulva – and through the protruding dildo – were enjoyed by both of us while it did stay in place.

The Vibrating Pebble and Large Motor used together forms a rechargeable, waterproof and powerful vibrator which can give you as much pleasure as your own imagination allows. I love it.

Classic Vibrator


6.3 length x 4 inches max circumference

How It Feels 

I found that the Classic Vibrator shape didn’t transmit the vibrations from the Large Motor quite as well as the Vibrating Pebble. This is probably because of the length of silicone the vibrations have to travel through, to the tip, as well as the fact that this shape is used internally and so the vaginal walls clenching could muffle the vibrations somewhat. The vibrations tend to stay at the bottom of the vibrator which isn’t too much of a surprise as this is where the Large Motor is placed.

That said, if you love internal vibrations and don’t need top level jackhammer speed to get you off you may adore this shape + motor. Not my favourite but it’s ok. I need a clit stim at the same time in order to reach orgasm. It would be interesting to try the rabbit vibrator shape when it’s available and compare sensations.

Cock Ring


2.9 x 1.8 inches

How It Feels

Although the Large Motor inserted into this shape makes for quite a bulky piece, it’s really quite fun to use. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of cock rings for my pleasure but I know he really enjoys the constriction at the base of his cock, the rush of blood making for a harder, longer lasting erection and the greater sensitivity that cock rings provide. Vibrating cock rings for penis-in-vagina sex haven’t really enhanced sex that much for me because I want to either bounce up and down on his cock if I’m on top, or want him to thrust in and out of me in missionary, meaning there’s an important lack of that direct contact from the vibrating area on the cock ring which I need in order to achieve clitoral orgasm.

The Cock Ring + Large Motor has a nice chunky area which benefits from the powerful vibrations already described earlier once together in one piece. We found that the best way of using it, for us, was with the vibrating portion above his cock and me sat on top of him, facing him. I could enjoy his cock inside me, and move more sensually while enjoying the vibrations directly on my clitoris and clitoral area (it can be a bit too sensitive to have directly on the exposed erect clit 100% of the time, I like my clit stim to be varied from clit to clit hood to down by the sides etc). The ring itself was just around the base of his cock rather than around cock and testicles as well, which felt a bit overly tight for him.

I think that just as a vibrating cock ring it’s definitely one of the better ones. As we’ve already covered, it’s silicone, rechargeable and waterproof – and as you can see in my video it’s stretchy enough to fit most penis sizes but tight enough to achieve that delicious constriction for him.

My second favourite piece from the Ooh by Je Joue sex toys range – and if you really love using vibrating cock rings with your partner (or as a guy who realises the benefits well made sex toys can bring to his penis, you may enjoy using it during masturbation – vibrations to the testicles?) then you should consider adding this shape to your candy bag of treats.

*** *** ***

In all of the above the motor is supremely easy to insert and remove. Push in to place the motor and press on the side arrows of the shapes in order to ‘squeeze’ the motor back out again. Sounds like it might be difficult but as you can see from my video, where it shot out of one of the toys, it’s actually really, really easy to remove. Not so easy that it ever falls out during use, I hasten to add, but easy when you press on the removal arrows.



Pick n Mix Sex Toys Review by Cara Sutra

Pick n Mix Sex Toys Review by Cara Sutra

Pick n Mix Sex Toys Review by Cara Sutra

Thank you, Je Joue. The world has been waiting for something new and brilliant from you for what feels like a long time – since the days of the G Kii, Fifi, Mimi and Sasi – and it’s definitely been worth the wait.

The vibrant colours, luxurious finish, body safe material and extremely powerful rechargeable power of the Ooh by Je Joue Pick n Mix sex toys range is sure to appeal to those with an eye for pleasing aesthetics in their bedroom toy box as well as tech lovers who adore multi functional and practical gadgetry. Je Joue have splashed into the 21st century with the youthful feeling Ooh by Je Joue sex toys collection – and they haven’t let us down on the power levels either. The Large Motor has a power output that can even satisfy this mains powered wand vibrator addict.

I love the way the Ooh by Je Joue sex toys pieces interconnect, they’re so easy to motor-up and to remove the motor after use. The motor charges with a micro USB lead which is easily bought again if you lose the included one. As the pieces and motor are all fully waterproof I can even use them in the bath or shower without worry.

What’s not to love about these sweet treats, the Ooh by Je Joue sex toys?

Buy Links

Shop the Je Joue sex toys collection through the links below:


The Pleasure Kits

London Love-in (Large Motor, Vibrating Pebble & Cock Ring) £55

What Happens In Vegas (Large Motor, Classic Vibrator, Cock Ring) £65

Her Name Is Rio (Large Motor, Classic Vibrator, Vibrating Pebble) £65

The Shapes – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Large Motor £30

Vibrating Pebble (Hello Yellow or Hot Pink) £15

Classic Vibrator (Catwalk Coral or Pout Pink) £25

Cock Ring (Electric Blue or Cool Aqua) £15

Coming Soon

Small motor

Mini styles of the shapes, as well as a mini butt plug, g spot vibrator and rabbit vibrator shape.

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