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8 out of 10

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer StrapOn_Banana

This month we had the pleasure of reviewing the Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager from Nexus Range. With a price tag at £150 were expecting good & exciting things. Its going up Mr Strapon_banana’s bum so he will take the lead from now 🙂

Packaging & Contents

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

Like the majority of high end toys the Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager packaging is simple & attractive showing the contents. Inside we find a grey tray holding the prostate massager and remote control, under the tray we have a magnetic charge lead and a handy bag to store everything in.


I love the design of the charging lead included. It works on magnetism so you just hold the small round tab near the area marked DC 5V and it clips its self into place with the prostate massager illuminating red to indicate charging. Note that a USB power supply is not included however for most people this isn’t to much of a problem.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

The Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager arrives charged and ready for action though on our first test I decided to leave it on charge anyway in anticipation of that evenings bedtime bum fun.

Material, Features & Design

The Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager is made from lovely Black soft velvety silicone which feels and looks great. The design is Slim and curvy and in our opinion no way intimidating to anal beginners. The shaft measures in at 3.5” long and has a maximum insertion circumference of 3.75”

The massager has many different modes and combinations possible but primarily you have two main one’s to choose from the first being the rotating shaft with varying direction and speed and the second being the vibrations with varying intensity and varying patterns.

The included remote is simple and effective featuring just 3 buttons including Power on/off and Rotation / vibration selection buttons. The remote works on a range of up to 15m, not that this was required in our bedroom.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

This Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager is waterproof and fully submersible, I didn’t test this feature but I imagine it could be great for a very relaxing bath with the Nexus gently caressing your prostate.

Time To Test…

The Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager might be relatively small but I personally still like to abide my usual anal etiquette which involves a good clean-out a few hours before with an anal douche. I wouldn’t normally comment on this routine but the included instructions actually mention and recommend a visit to the toilet before use. I don’t like taking any chances especially as my anal play normally involves Mrs Strapon_banana so it was a good enema for me.

The fantastic ergonomic design of the massager resulted in this toy sliding in with great ease and gave a nice gentle pleasurable sensation, its worth noting I’m by no way an anal beginner but I do support the companies claim of a prostate massager for beginners as I think anal newbies will be absolutely fine, just don’t forget your water based lube… and lots of it.

Once inserted I lay on my back and let Mrs Strapon_Banana have run of the controls. We started with just rotation on a gentle speed. The sensation was very relaxing it was a delicious massage of my prostate, it wasn’t in anyway Oh my god my cocks going to blow kind of stimulation but just a nice calming relaxing but also pleasurable sensation.

I felt like I could lay for hours enjoying the gentle rotation off this Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager, however this wasn’t to be with my wife Mrs Banana at the controls… like with the TV it didn’t take her long before she started flicking and pressing buttons. Before I knew it the wonderful anal toy had really kicked into life with speed increases on the rotation and then the delightful intense vibrations which hit my perineum perfectly.

I was no longer enjoying a steady relaxing massage, I was now enjoying fantastic anal prostate pleasure and this time it was “Oh my god, my cock’s going to explode!”

The Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager didn’t quite get me to the ejaculation but it really didn’t take much extra attention from my wife before I was cumming and what a feeling it was to cum with this toy in my arse.

Clean Up

Its waterproof so don’t be shy! Hot soapy water does the trick with no problems to report.


Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

Great anal stimulation for beginners and the pros alike. Enjoy a nice gentle massage or turn the heat up with high intensity orgasm inducing vibrations.

I’ve marked the Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager down a couple of points because I think the control end of the massager is a little big. This is not a toy you could wear out and about on date night. The second reason I’ve marked it down is the price tag; although it’s a great toy, I feel £150 is a little steep. Other than that I’d highly recommend.


– StrapOn_Banana

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer StrapOn_Banana for this review of the Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

The Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Range. Thank you! 🙂

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager Review

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