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7 out of 10

MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Cheshire Kink

When I got the message that we had been chosen to review the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug I wanted to “squeal” with excitement 🙂

The MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug arrived in a clear plastic bag with just company sticker attached, this was totally fine with me as I think some products are really over packaged.  The plug is made from PVC and has a shiny appearance and looks very smooth but it does drag against the skin.  I was a little disappointed with the finish as I could see the moulding marks on the end of the plug and for 45 Euros I would have expected a better finish.  The overall length is about 23cm and that is made up of a 10cm insertable plug and a 13cm tail.  The neck of the plug is 12cm in circumference at it widest and this drops down to 8.5cm.

This toy looks absolutely fantastic once it is inserted and the PVC is very flexible so the tail does wobble, which for me was very naughty and something I loved.  Inserting the plug was easy as it’s not to big however we did need to use lots of water based lube so the PVC didn’t drag against the skin on the way in.  I would like to have seen this with a slightly larger diameter plug or a narrower neck so that it sat more securely once inserted as it could easily slip out, especially with the amount of lube required to insert it smoothly.

I rate the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug 6.5/10

Mrs Kink’s review of the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug

Being a huge fan of butt plugs (I have a rather large collection) I was delighted when we had been chosen to give the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug a review.

The MEO pig tail plug came in a very simple clear plastic packaging with a sticker label with the brand name, item name and barcode. Nothing too fancy but I really wasn’t interested in the packaging as I just couldn’t wait to rip it open.

Once we finally got chance to get it open we had a lot of fun. Although the butt plug has a very smooth look it did require plenty of lube (water based lubricant only) as the PVC is quite tacky and would just rub and be painful otherwise. The girth of the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug is great especially if you haven’t had much practice but would be good if there was options of different sizes as it could be a struggle to keep in place as the neck of the plug is not much narrower than the part inserted.

That aside I thoroughly enjoyed using this plug and it was certainly good for a few naughty photos for our twitter account.

My rating for this product is a 7/10

MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

Overall we both love this plug, however we feel that at €49 it is a little over priced and that the finish of the MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug could be improved, we rate it 7/10


– Cheshire Kink

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Cheshire Kink for this review of the PVC MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug (€49 from, which at today’s rates converts to approx £44)

The MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂

MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

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MEO Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

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