Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

7 out of 10

Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

By KurosakiKun

The description of this butt plug is slightly misleading I think, the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug seems to me to be anything but ‘medium’! When it arrived I ripped open the packaging and gasped at the girth on display, I knew I would need to serious warming up before getting this fella inside!

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Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

The Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug arrives in an easy to open blister pack which has the butt plug on display in all its glory. Behind the butt plug sits a cardboard insert which has the usual blurb on ‘Bulbous Butt Plug’ and ‘Firm But Flexible’ are on the front while a quick summary of what you have to look forward to is on the rear (no pun intended). The only mention of ‘medium’ is on the barcode on the rear which is ticked to show it is the cream coloured variant.

Material & Measurements

The rear of the packaging for Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug claims the plug to be made of ‘Jelly Rubber’, which boils down to it could be made of a plethora of different materials and chemicals. There are a few articles online which point to there being little regulations on the composition of jelly rubber and that the material is often porous, which can make the material impossible to clean! So, the usage of this butt plug is entirely at your discretion. The material feels nice, it’s squishy on the surface but you can feel the strength in its core so you know it’s a solid piece.

I could only find a very general measurement for the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug on the shop website which has it written down as being 4 x 2 inches. I wasn’t sure exactly which parts were 4 inch and 2 inch, so out came the trusty tape measure to see exactly what size it is. The overall length of the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug comes in at 4 inches with a maximum of 4.75 inches of insertable length.

After wrapping a length of string around the biggest part of the tapered shaft and measuring it flat, the circumference at that point is a jaw dropping 7 inches. The diameter of the largest part is about 2.25 inches across. The last measurement is that of the thankfully large flared base is 2.75 inches x 1.6 inches (you don’t want this disappearing inside you).


I’m not going to lie, for my anatomy; this was a difficult plug to get inserted. I genuinely haven’t got an anal toy that is anywhere near as ‘bulbous’ as this one is. I’ve got a lot of anal toys to warm up with, and warm up I needed. I failed to get it inserted the first two nights of trying, I even bled on the first night and decided to take it slowly from then on in case I made it any worse by forcing it, which is the worst thing you could do!

Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

It is advised to use silicone or water based lubricants with this plug, but please use it generously, I had to reapply A LOT while teasing it in. I managed about half way down the shaft the first attempt and probably the same the second. On the third try, I used my smallest anal toy and worked myself up bigger sizes until I finally find myself relaxed enough and calm enough to slowly lower myself onto the entirety of the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug.

Finally inserted correctly, I really have never felt so ‘full’ down there with a toy. I’m not afraid to admit that normally with any prostate play or anal play; I generally lose my erection even though the pleasure is present. With this giant plug inserted I was rock solid, be it the heightened feelings from the increased prostate pressure or the psychological arousal from achieving getting the plug in, I don’t know for sure. The buzz from wearing the plug had me in such a state that reaching orgasm became the only thing in the world at that moment and while it certainly didn’t take long, it was powerful. As I mentioned earlier, the pressure on my prostate was full on and I could feel the pulsations and contractions as the orgasm flowed. Definitely one of the top ten toy orgasms!

Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

Retrieving the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug after use wasn’t as difficult as insertion but certainly shouldn’t be rushed; it’s the same size hole it is coming out of as it went in! I noticed some blood again, but I think it was just the same little tear from the first attempt, always wise to keep an eye on it though, if I bleed every time I use it, I would stop using it for sure.

After taking out, make sure you clean thoroughly and carefully. The packaging can be used to keep it safe and not in contact with other toys.


Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug Review

All in all a mighty butt plug, the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug is certainly not a plug to be underestimated, I personally will probably only use this sparingly, or when I’m feeling adventurous. If you can get it in, you will love it. 7 out of ten, I would have preferred a slightly smaller circumference and I would hate to see the large version! For £8.95, it’s a very affordable plug, at the time of writing it is £3.95! Now that’s a bargain (on sextoys.co.uk).

– KurosakiKun

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Thanks to our reviewer KurosakiKun for this review of the Loving Joy Medium Cream Butt Plug.

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