Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

10 out of 10

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review (Medium, Black)

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately you’ll have noticed that I’m branching out in my selfie styles. My lingerie collection has grown quite impressively of late and I’ve really enjoyed wearing various seductive styles and sharing some pictures with the world. With this in mind I was especially pleased to be offered the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress to review, as the length, shape and overall style seemed like it would really suit me.

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

I have the Medium size of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress, which is noted as to fit a UK size 10-12. I’m a UK size 12 at the moment, with 32E/34DD boobs, so I was hoping it would fit me ok.

Delivery & Packaging

Delivery of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress was, as ever, fast and discreet from Lovehoney HQ. I received a couple more items of lingerie around the same time, and you’ll be able to enjoy those reviews in coming weeks. They’re the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Bra, also in Black, and the Lovehoney Seduce Me Chemise which I opted for in bright Red.

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Inside the discreet outer box, I found the cellophane pack containing the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress. No fancy packaging, but 1) I’m not wearing the packet, 2) the thin wrap keeps costs/retail price down as much as possible, and 3) it’s easy to dispose of plus keeps your lingerie purchases a secret from the bin men.

Removing the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress from the packet, I was impressed. First impressions were of a well-made ‘dress’ (I say ‘dress’ because it’s not one I could wear out to town or to a restaurant) which would be figure-hugging and support my breasts nicely.

Fabric & Care

The Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress is mostly made of a delicate lace material which is slightly stretchy, and as such it’s not suitable for machine washing. It’s hand-wash only, in cold water, then hang to dry. The microfibre areas are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, while the lace areas are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. And that spandex inclusion makes all the difference; it ensures the dress clings to your every curve.


Although I’m not usually a pink loving lady (unless you’re talking about the singer, in which case yes please), when contrasted with the black on the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress it lends an air of delicate femininity. The ribbon and bow detailing is just so pretty it was impossible for me to resist its allure – and I was the one about to wear it! A good sign.

The front of the shoulder straps are covered with microfibre material and thick enough to be comfortable without being so thick they resemble a granny bra. Where the shoulder straps are on my back, they revert to a more traditional bra style strap, which is adjustable. There are two more adjustable straps at the back which hook in place, and a third below those which has two hook and eye options so you can find your perfect fit.

The Split

I was surprised how high up the split came at the back of the dress. I’m quite arsey (yeah, in that way, but also in the bum way too) so it exposes quite a lot of my bum when I’m walking around in the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress. And when I bend over, not much is left to the imagination. A lady who isn’t quite as curvaceous and who has a smaller butt may find the split doesn’t reveal as much, I’m not sure. The split is definitely much higher than on a typical pencil or wriggle dress, but this isn’t your typical evening attire. It’s very much bedroom/sexy fun times only.

Cup Size

A minor gripe I have with the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress – which continues through with the rest of my Seduce Me lingerie pieces – is that the size options are in Small, Medium, Large and so on. I really dislike this way of sizing lingerie items which are underwired; women don’t have small, medium or large boobs, they have specific sizes. Band and cup size. I understand that it’s much easier to manufacture and stock a small selection of sizes, but selling underwired lingerie in this way is bound to disappoint many women who don’t fit the S, M or L factory label.

I can get my boobs into the Medium sizes of Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie, and it’s fairly comfortable, but it’s not as good a fit as my specifically 32E or 34DD bras and other lingerie. I can tell that the underwired cups aren’t made specifically for my size, they’ve been made to attempt to cater for what a UK size 10-12 person’s breasts are ‘probably’ like.


All that said, I’m extremely pleased with my Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress. I think it looks fantastic and it’s a real confidence boost wearing it. I love that the stretchy lace areas hug my plentiful curves so well, and flatter them while doing so. The dress helps to form and highlight my hourglass silhouette, and I feel every bit the sensual siren, the femme fatale.

If you’re looking for a figure-hugging, silhouette-enhancing lingerie style dress to boost your confidence and help you love yourself that little bit more, the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress is the piece to choose. And heaven help anyone who tries to resist your allure while you wear it!

Buy Yours

You can buy the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress from Lovehoney where it’s usually priced at £39.99. Keep an eye on Lovehoney’s regular lingerie deals and special offers too.

ALT TEXT Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

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