Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner Review

10 out of 10

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner Review

Lovehoney contacted me just prior to Christmas, to see whether I’d like to test and review their brand new range of Lovehoney Lubricants, as well as a sex toy cleaner. Of course I said yes, I’d love to! Lube is one of those bedtime essentials that you benefit from having a plentiful stock of – and boy they sent a plentiful supply.

Buy yours from Lovehoney USA or Lovehoney UK

Setting the Lovehoney lubricants aside for just the moment, the packaging merits a mention all of its own. The outer packing box was discreet as usual, the comforting and smile raising familiarity of the brown cardboard that I’ve come to feel a fondness for over the many years I’ve received parcels from Lovehoney.

Within this box I found a Lovehoney gift box. You can choose to have your items gift wrapped at checkout for £3.50, or just buy one of the boxes and add to your order. Cleverly, Lovehoney have had their gift boxes made to measure, so they fit perfectly inside the outer packing box. There are different designs to choose from too.

Lifting out the deep purple box, I could see that mine features the Lovehoney logo hearts across the top. The name Lovehoney is only revealed under the opening flap. Within the box, my items had been carefully placed into two Lovehoney satin sex toy storage bags, the drawstring kind that are sold on the site.

These drawstring storage bags are perfect for keeping your vibrators and dildos in, particularly ones made of silicone that cannot be stored next to other silicone items, or glass & metal dildos that will otherwise clang together in storage. The bags are the deep purple that is now the signature shade of Lovehoney, as well as having the Lovehoney logo heart on the front. I have one large bag and one small one. You can buy them for £2.99 each. A little overpriced in my opinion, if you need many, as I would. A nice addition for the lad or lady that prizes their one or two special toys though.

Right! On to the Lovehoney lubricants!

Enjoy (standard)

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner ReviewI have a 100ml bottle and a 5ml sachet of this versatile, multi purpose lubricant. It’s £4.99 a bottle and the cheapest of the Lovehoney lubricants range.

I have found that this lubricant is great for me to use with toys. You do need two hands to initially open the bottle, as it’s one where you depress the lid to pop it at an angle. You can then squeeze the bottle to dispense some lube into your palm. The lube is clear and flows, yet not too watery either.

Enjoy stays slippery a good long time, however as it is waterbased it will evaporate over time. This is why I found it best to use it with toys, as your own body heat is enough – adding another person into the equation will cause the slipperiness to dissipate even faster. Unless of course you are providing plentiful natural lubricant, in which case, great!

On the plus side, it does stand upright by itself easily. However during sex I would advise to leave the lid open as if you need to grab some more you don’t want to interrupt proceedings by using your two hands to dispense. Also, take care not to knock it over as the contents will spill out.

In light of the above I do find this to be best for sex toys, like I say. I also like how Lovehoney have provided a 5ml sachet for you to sample before investing in the 100ml bottle.

Basically, it’s lubricant. It does what it says on the bottle and you can rely on it for an enjoyable, frictionless sexy glide.


Discover (anal)

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner ReviewDiscover lubricant has been specially formulated for anal sex and for use in and around the anal area during masturbation, using butt plugs and the like. I have a 100ml bottle of Discover, which is priced at a budget friendly £6.99.

The bottle design I have is the same as the bottle of Enjoy from the Lovehoney lubricants range, so the same comments apply here. You need two hands to open, so I would advise using it for solo sexy time, with butt plugs and anal vibrators. It’s waterbased too, so you have no worries about damaging your toys.

I was expecting Discover to be a lot thicker in consistency than it is. It still flows fairly fast, for what is meant to be an anal lubricant.

The only difference between Discover and Enjoy, is that there is no panax or ginseng in the ingredients of this one.

Discover is quite a long lasting lubricant. However once again, as it’s waterbased, you can only use it for so long until your body heat will cause it to evaporate. The anal area does not make its own lubricant so make sure you apply lots to start with! You don’t want to have to reopen the bottle midway through your pleasure session.

I’m pretty strange and preferred this lube for vaginal intercourse than anal sex if I’m honest. It’s better for it than the Enjoy, which I use with sex toys instead.


Release (for men)

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner ReviewRelease… for men. No, it’s not a new designer fragrance, it’s Lovehoney’s new sex lubricant for men. For men?! Surely they can use any lubricant! you might be thinking. Ok, you got me – I was thinking.

Here’s where the Lovehoney lubricants range takes a particularly clever turn. Release is not a clear fluid like Enjoy or even Discover. It is actually a cream you squeeze from a flip top tube (100ml). White in colour, you can see how much you are dispensing into your palm and it stays put, rather than dripping. This means you can use it as and when you are ready, keeping you in control during your playtime. It is obviously designed for flesh to flesh friction rather than to use with sex toys.

You need to unscrew the cap and remove the little silver tab, before replacing the cap and then flipping up to squeeze out the contents. The Release lubrication cream starts off like… well Nivea or a good face cream is the only way I can think to describe it. It doesn’t run or flow, so it’s fantastic to take your time with. It has a neutral odour, slightly like Aqueous cream which is certainly not unpleasant.

This lubricant does not evaporate quickly at all. In fact you can enjoy a great deal of sexual pleasure, skin to skin friction with this lube before the slippery time ends. In fact although it’s non greasy you still feel lubricated all the way to the shower. It washes off easily with soap and water.

Yet again, I have been my strange self and I love this Release lubricant for masturbation with just fingers, on myself or him. He can obviously use it by himself (as that was its intention), but the non-greasy, cream aspect makes it perfect for genital massage without spillages, staining, scent or residue.

It’s different to the norm and I just love it. My favourite of the range. Perfect for couples and no drips on the sheets!

At £6.99 this is a fun and useful addition to your bedroom bundle.


Delight (silk)

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner ReviewDelight from the Lovehoney lubricants range is also a cream style lube, squeezed from a generously sized, flip top tube (100ml). It is £6.99 a tube. Remove the silver tab from beneath the cap before use. The consistency is not as thick as Release, it’s more like the Simple face lotions out there. (Yes, comparing lubes to face creams is now a thing. Carry on).

Delight has been designed for unisex use. It does feel superbly smooth and as it’s a cream like Release, stays put every time. If you aren’t planning vigorous, rampant sex and instead fancy a little afternoon fingering action, Delight is perfect.

Just like Release, it doesn’t evaporate quickly and washes off easily with soap. If you’re a girl who would have hang ups about having a masturbation lubricant with ‘for men’ emblazoned on the blue colour tube, get Delight. It’s the next best thing.

These cream style masturbation & sex lubricants, being drip-risk free, are also the best to use in low lighting, when you can feel how much you have on your fingertips or in your palm. It stays where you put it in your hand until you use it either on your own intimate parts or those of your partner.


Fresh (Sex Toy Cleaner)

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner ReviewWhere there is sex, mess abounds. Or at least it does if you’re doing it right. It’s ok for you, you can jump into the shower or have a bath whenever you wish. What about your poor sex toys? Freshen them up with new Fresh from Lovehoney.

It does what it says on the bottle, basically.

To use Fresh you just have to remove the cap at the top, and it’s a spray dispenser. It has a fast spray action for a wide, even coverage, so you get a lot on the toy even in one squirt.

It doesn’t have that alcohol scent and almost toxic smell that some other sex toy cleaners have. It smells… well. Fresh, unsurprisingly. Feeling gentle, you can tell it gives your toys a thorough clean.

I have this by the sink in my en-suite bathroom (yeah, I’m a spoilt bitch, what of it), so I can quickly and easily spray my sex toys after use. Leaving them in one of the sinks, after about 30-60 seconds I just rinse off with water and dry, then they’re ready to be used as soon as I am.

I’m a rebel so I do tend to ditch the snap on caps to these spray bottles, there really isn’t much point to them if you’re leaving the bottle in one place and not transporting it around in a bag or keeping it in storage.

As a little aside Top Tip: Sex toy cleaner is a great anti-static cleaner for electronics and screens. Just spray a little on to a soft cloth or duster and wipe over. Dust free for longer. Also, it’s brilliant to use if you have to remove sticker residue from furniture or mirrors. Spray on sex toy cleaner and leave for a while. The sticker residue wipes away easily with a damp cloth!

Can you tell I’m old yet? I’ll get my coat.


Buy your Lovehoney lubricants from Lovehoney USA or Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney Lubricants Review & Lovehoney Sex Toy Cleaner Review


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