Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge Review

9 out of 10

Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge Review

My Liberator sex furniture collection grows from one item, the Liberator Bon Bon for use with sex toys, to two with the addition of this Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge. After visiting a sex toy warehouse a few months ago, having talked about which products really appeal to me, I was offered the chance to review this flagship item from the Liberator range.

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As I said in my Liberator Bon Bon review, I had previously been very cynical about Liberator products. Cut pieces of what is essentially furniture foam, covered with a luxurious feeling material – isn’t this just one big money-spinner? Well obviously Liberator are a business, a successful one at that, but more to the point their products are beautiful and (from my experiences so far) work for me and are worth every penny of their respective price tags.


When the sex toy company let me know that my Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge was en route (free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review etc etc) I was expecting just the wedge. Just a firm black material covered ‘sex wedge’ in some kind of bag or box. Pretty realistic expectation, I thought?

What I wasn’t expecting was all the extras.

Ok, the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge isn’t a cheap item. It’s not even a medium price (for sex accessories) item. It’s fairly costly for anyone’s budget, at £124.99. So perhaps expecting ‘just the sex wedge’ was a little mean of me. Liberator are much more generous than that.

What do you get?

The Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge comes eco-friendly packaged, vacuum packed in a zip up bag inside a very thick, durable and glossy outer Liberator branded box. Sleek and classy. The outer box also has a carry handle, handily. As well as the zip up internal bag containing the vacuum-squished wedge, which needs removing from the bag all at once as it starts to then spring into its shape, you get a few other bits.

Instructions for removal from the bag, details about their eco-friendly packaging and a book giving your imagination the most massive of helping hands when it comes to various sex positions to try out. With tons of gorgeous photographs and helpful diagrams. The velvety cover for the Liberator Black Label Wedge was separate but by following the instructions it was easy enough to insert the lining covered wedge into its proper outer cover and zip up to secure in place.

Bondage Cuffs


One of the most welcome surprises was the bondage accessories that the wedge comes with. With my Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge I got black velvet wrist (or ankle if you bend your legs and assume the position) cuffs which can be snap connected directly to the corresponding fixtures on the side of the wedge or you can use the (also included) long adjustable straps which gives you more freedom of movement and versatility during use. There’s also a plush black velvet blindfold with an elasticated Velcro-fasten head strap, Liberator branding and a cushioned nose-bridge so the wearer doesn’t get any light or visuals sneaking in while wearing it.

The cuffs attach with Velcro as well, making them easy to fix and undo but secure around the wrists during use. They’re pretty impossible to tear yourself out of once you have your wrists comfortably enclosed in them (I can’t manage it, in any case) but as the fastening is Velcro they’re non-intimidating even for bondage newbies. If the cuffs were leather or faux leather with either snap fit or metal locks it firstly wouldn’t have been consistent with the rest of the wedge kit and secondly I think it would make the bondage element a little too scary for those who just want some sensual, sexy, upgraded kinky bedroom play.

During Use

Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Cushion Reviews

My favourite way to use the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge is with it under the base of my back, me facing upwards, and with the highest point of it just by my bottom. This raises me up so my partner has access to have sex with me, more deeply than usual, and I don’t have to take any of the strain of holding myself up – the wedge does all that for me. As UberKinky say on their description, the wedge doesn’t ‘smoosh’ flat like household pillows and other cushions. The foam inside remains firm but comfortable and supports the body during whatever gentle or rigorous sex play you desire.

The wedge also comes in handy for doggy style sex. It needs to be positioned around my hips any way I use it for sex, so it alters the height of my vaginal or anal entrances for my partner (and I) to enjoy. During doggy-style I put the wedge under me with the highest point at the crease at the top of my thighs, with it sloping down towards my head. My knees down on the bed but my hips held high courtesy of the wedge for some very enjoyable (and deep) sex.

The cover of the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge is removable and washable, and the lining style cover under this outer velvet cover helps prevent any liquids or wetness that occurs during use from getting into the inner foam core.


There’s a fair amount of experimentation to find the best uses and positions for the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge, and especially with the cuffs attached (had a particularly hilarious moment where I forgot I was cuffed to a sex wedge, which led to me almost knocking myself out AND falling off the bed) but it’s all fun while you try it all out. The wedge makes for a useful spanking accessory too as well as just sex (if you’re a little kinkier, like my partner and I). On an amusing but mundane note, the wedge also makes a fantastic back support for reading or watching TV in bed when it’s not being actively used for sex or kink!

Thanks to the inclusion of a separate connector the cuffs can be used separately from the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge which is a thoughtful addition. If you have an under-bed restraint system which uses these snap-lock type fixtures then you can use the cuffs (and longer leads included) with that as well. Bonus.

Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge Review | Liberator Sex Cushion Reviews


I love the Liberator Black Label Sex Wedge and it’s worth every penny of it’s (at first, seemingly high) price tag. We’re really enjoyed putting it through its paces and it’s now got a permanent place next to the bed (although room there is seriously running out fast, I can barely see any carpet now). Whether I’m reading my latest sexy read and chilling out, having some incredibly deep penetration sex or a hot spanking session, the Liberator Black Label Wedge is there to give us a silent but sensual helping hand.

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