LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set Review

9 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone, Silk, Suede

LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set Review

I received the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set Review by Cara Sutra

The LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set comes in a svelte looking black box. There’s an outer card sleeve which tells you what’s inside and sliding this off you see that the items are contained in a black lidded box. You could keep this to store the items in between use, if you wish.

Open up this lidded box and you reveal the contents of the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set:

  • Black Sensua Suede Whip
  • Luna Beads Noir (Ben Wa Balls)
  • Etherea Silk Cuffs
  • Gift Card
  • Satin Storage Pouch (for the Luna Beads Noir)

I’ll be reviewing each of these items separately and in more depth. This set is presented perfectly to be given or receive as a gift. The overall feel is deluxe and the finish of the items is exquisitely stylish, as to be expected from LELO.

What You Get In The Set

Here’s a brief overview of the items contained in the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set:

LELO Sensua Suede Whip

The LELO Sensua Suede Whip in the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set is black, as are all the items in the box. You can buy the Sensua whip separately from LELO for £29 and it’s also available in purple and red.

This whip has a semi-transparent, branded metal/acrylic handle with a ball to finish the end. The many tails are made from suede and the length is what I’ve taken to calling ‘handbag flogger’ length. Probably because I do tend to keep a handy flogger of this length in my handbags.

I love the versatility of the Sensua Suede Whip; it can be used to tease the body in intimate and romantic foreplay sessions without more than a trace of kink, or you can deliver a stern and stinging punishment to a naughty submissive’s backside.

LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs

The Etherea SIlk Cuffs are also available separately from LELO, priced at £34 and available in black, red or purple. Of course the black set came in the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set. This pair of cuffs is easy to use and has a simple fastening method. There’s a wide piece of fabric to each, threaded on a long silk tie, almost like a ribbon but in fact double layer silk. The fabric area which is placed around the wrist or ankle is suede on one side and has a patterned silk to the other. A small fabric branded tag lets you know you’re using and wearing a LELO item.

LELO Luna Beads Noir

The Luna Beads Noir are a pair of Ben Wa Balls or Love Balls which have the added luxury of a silicone harness with retrieval loop making them perfect even for a beginner. As they’re ‘Noir’ they’re only available in Black, although you can buy the regular LELO Luna Beads separately for £32.99 in a choice of two sizes. Each of the Luna Beads Noir love balls weighs just under 36g by my weight scale. The Dare Me Pleasure Set page states they weigh 28g each and the Luna Beads page states 37g each. So I decided to weigh them myself!

You can find more details and photos on my Luna Beads Noir review here.

I’m not a big fan of Ben Wa Balls but these are the most luxurious I’ve seen and felt so far.

The storage pouch you receive in the Dare Me Pleasure Set is to keep your Luna Beads Noir inside between uses.


All in all, the LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set represents not only a beautiful gift to that special someone or a treat for yourself, but also a saving of £8 against buying each item separately.

The LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set is usually priced at £79. Buy this and plenty of other LELO vibrators and sex toys through the following links:



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