LELO BOA Pleasure Ties Review

10 out of 10

LELO BOA Pleasure Ties Review

I received the LELO BOA Pleasure Ties free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review. These elegant ties are usually priced at £59.


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LELO BOA Pleasure Ties Review by Cara Sutra

The LELO BOA Pleasure Ties were different from what I expected. I expected some thin light ribbon type ties when these are actually pretty substantial! I guess for £56 they really should be. They’re also amazingly luxurious. Anyway, let me start at the beginning.

These ties are available in black, red or purple and I have the purple variant. They come well packaged in the usual glossy outer card box, beautifully designed by LELO. The silk ties themselves are wrapped in branded tissue paper inside the by now, standard and expected subtly embellished with the LELO logo black lidded box. You could store the LELO BOA Pleasure Ties in this box but I find this a little bit ‘jobsworth’ to be honest; my LELO light bondage accessories are all dumped en masse together in a box by or under the bed.

There’s a LELO logo card pinned to the ties when you remove them from the box; this is easily unpinned leaving you ready to play and enjoy. The LELO BOA Pleasure Ties represent maximum decadence and versatility in your bedroom bondage sessions. Each tie looks actually like, well… a tie. Which is what inspired some of my photos. Please do not use these as bondage ties around your neck, I was just fooling around for the photo opp. The ties, when used for bondage, are meant for your wrists, or ankles. They’re quite easy to figure out. If you’ve ever had a belt which fastens with a dual metal loop method, you’ll catch on straight away.

There’s a quick start step by step fastening guide for the LELO BOA Pleasure Ties in the photo gallery below in case you’re unsure.

The ends of each of the ties has a sewn off pocket which is filled with freshwater pearls (I want to get them out and have a look!) to weigh them down. This means you can close a door on the length of tie left over and the weighted end helps keep them in place. The other end has two nickel free metal rings. You can tie the ties on the wrists (or ankles) with whichever side facing out you like, either the plain silk or the patterned side. They’re  incredibly strong during use, due to the way silk is woven, no doubt. I still wouldn’t recommend putting up a ‘Hulk’ style battle against them, not that you’ll break them, but that you might damage or stretch the material irrevocably. Which would be a crime! And you’d need punishment. Possibly with the LELO Sensua Suede Whip.

The fastening method for the LELO BOA Pleasure Ties means that they will fit you no matter what your wrist size – and the length left over can be used to attach each wrist to a bedpost or simply tied to the other tie, keeping hands together in front of or behind the consenting partner. They’re truly very versatile and also look beautiful while you’re at it.

As well as using the LELO BOA Pleasure Ties as light, playful bondage restraints, I’d be tempted to wear one or both as a belt as a fab addition to a cheeky outfit on a day or night out. With the metal rings at the side of my waist, the weighted tip of the fabric left over keeps it in place at my side. Perfect!

These bondage ties are a welcome addition to our toy box and for those seeking an alternative to the standard buckle or velcro fasten cuffs and ties, these provide a deluxe, gift style option. They’re discreet enough to hang on the back of the bedroom or bathroom door without arousing suspicion if anyone wanders in, and fold up small enough to store easily in a drawer or under the bed. They’re also convenient to travel with.

I love them!

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