Je Joue Sasi Review (& LELO ORA Oral Sex Simulator Comparison)

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Je Joue

Je Joue Sasi Review (& LELO ORA Oral Sex Simulator Comparison)

I was sent the Je Joue Sasi free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. I was interested in comparing it to the LELO ORA oral sex simulator that I also reviewed recently.


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The Sasi is the first Je Joue product I’ve personally owned, although I have handled samples of the range in the office before. I hope this won’t be the last. It’s getting hard to find the Sasi on sale anywhere now, I am wondering if it’s actually been discontinued. I hope that Je Joue have plans in  place to replace the original Sasi with a mark 2 which is better.

In The Box

The Je Joue Sasi comes in a black, quite tall box. The top, or lid, lifts off to reveal the Sasi sex toy sitting in pride of place, while underneath in the lower area you find the instruction booklet, warranty card and charging lead. The Sasi has a peel off label, reminiscent of other techy gadgets. There’s a rubber-feel ring which the Sasi sits on, not really much point to that other than decoration – and protecting the silicone from tears and fluff whilst not in use/charging, I guess.

Charging Up

The jackpin of the charging lead is inserted into the hole made for it on the front of the Je Joue Sasi, actually underneath where it says Sasi on the toy. There’s a silicone flap to lift up. I couldn’t pick this out to lift it up myself, I was worried about breaking a nail (such a girl!). My partner managed to do it for me. Once we’d sorted out lifting the flap up, I could  insert the lead and plug the other end into the mains. No USB choice here; mains only.

Once I’d lifted the flap to reveal the charging point, it wouldn’t quite go back to sitting flush on the toy either. I’m actually concerned that if I do manage to make it sit flat back against the toy I won’t be able to ‘dig it out’ again, so it’s sticking up slightly even now.

The red LED behind the control fascia lights up while charging, turning to green when ready, and the Sasi took about 2 hours to fully charge (states 1hr 45 in the booklet). However, the charge has completely gone after three (not overly long) uses. Compared to my more recently manufactured rechargeable sex toys, this is quite surprising. Perhaps this is an issue which will find resolution in a future version, Je Joue?


The control functions of the Je Joue Sasi are quite complex and studying them up isn’t a sexy process.

To turn on, hold down the central button for a couple of seconds. The Sasi shudders into life and there’s a green flash to let you know it’s awake. You can turn off Sasi by pressing and holding the central button again for a couple of seconds.

You discover different modes by pressing the left or right buttons. Sasi comes with 5 modes of movement pre-programmed. You can use the up and down buttons on the keypad to increase or decrease the accompanying vibration to the movement.

You can ALSO use the up and down buttons, if you press and hold them, to change the vibration pattern through pre-programmed vibration functions. This gets a bit confusing during use, if you forget to only press the up button once to increase the vibration intensity and instead press and hold and find yourself on some vibrating pulse mission. It’s too much for my brain to handle during masturbation to figure out how to get back to the constant vibration, that I can then quickly press the up button from, but not holding it, to increase the vibration speed. ~sighs~


There’s 6 different vibration settings on the Je Joue Sasi.

Not satisfied with offering you this perplexing array, Je Joue have also made Sasi so that you can set in some of your own personalisation. There’s a favourites mode and a customise mode, as well as just ‘select from our stuff’ mode.

I must admit that the favouriting and customising on the Sasi has been beyond my comprehension for the  most part and it’s given me a headache trying to work it out. So I didn’t.

Oh, you can also lock and unlock the Sasi for travel and storage purposes. And you can take the fascia off to replace it. And you can take off the silicone cover to replace that too. Only use water based lube not silicone – and the Sasi is NOT waterproof. Clean with a well wrung out cloth and a spritz of sex toy cleaner.

During Use

Scrolling side to side for the movements and quick-tapping up and down for the vibrations, I have tested the Sasi by Je Joue. The motions of the ball under the flexible silicone is actually a lot more arousing and stimulating than the bead in the LELO ORA oral sex simulator. It sticks out from the sex toy more, and the Je Joue Sasi is far more (ahem) ergonomic for clitoral stimulation. Sorry, LELO.

Really, all that Je Joue’s Sasi needs is a 2014 makeover in the development area and it would, in my opinion, be a far greater version of the Ora than the Ora is itself. Of course, it will need to be made waterproof, it could do with having a USB lead and then a mains adaptor, include a storage pouch and get rid of the confusing programmable modes. Also locate the charging port somewhere discreet and easily accessible. Oh, and make the rechargeable battery last longer.

So yes – sort all that out and I will agree, the Sasi would be worth the price tag of £90.


When I do hit on that high, constant vibe and a decent, figure of eight or other swirling motion, the bead of the Je Joue Sasi feels delectably arousing. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to make me orgasm from the bead swirling alone, nor even with the addition of the vibrations. It’s like being probed and licked over by an eager tongue, though. Very pleasurable and nice to get into the mood with, or to tease yourself (or another!) while they’re sat at a desk or somewhere other than laying in bed and primed to orgasm within the next 5 minutes. I just don’t think I am ready to part with £90 for a sex toy which merely arouses me ready for the main event, which would be either sex with my partner, and/or a more guaranteed climactic sex toy.


It’s frustrating, in both ways. Frustrating not actually orgasming while using the Sasi, no matter how hard I tried – as well as frustrating that there are just a few alterations necessary on the Je Joue Sasi to make it, in my opinion, a truly outstanding sex toy that would really work.

Again, like I said with the LELO ORA oral sex simulator, I look at the bead movement and I want to orgasm. I want to pick this thing up, press myself against it, and let it overwhelm me with sensations. But it doesn’t do as it visually promises. Not for me, anyway; perhaps for another it will be their ticket to a new world of bliss. For me, it’s alluring, it’s sexy, it’s intriguing, it’s different.

This Je Joue Sasi is just not an orgasm-maker for me, and it’s not in my box of go-to climax inducing sex toys.

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