Je Joue Mimi Review

8 out of 10
Je Joue

Je Joue Mimi Review

By Joanne’s Reviews

Je Joue Mimi – A surprising pebble. I was delighted to review the Je Joue Mimi as I have not had much experience with external vibrators and this one looked rather nice in its pink silicone.


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Je Joue Mimi Review

The Je Joue Mimi vibrator looks just like a very smooth pebble, the sort that I used to look for on the beach in order to throw it and try to get it to skip across the water. However, I will definitely not be throwing the Mimi anywhere.

It is a very smooth and sleek design with beautiful curves and it’s coated in a very soft matt silicone. The silicone doesn’t appear to be a dust magnet, but that might be helped by the colour, as it is more difficult to spot any on the bright pink colour. The silicone surface, and the design means that it glides over skin easily.  I didn’t need any lube to glide it over my arms, breasts etc, although I did add a tiny amount to use it on my clit.  I highly recommend only adding a tiny amount of water-based lube at the tip you will use on your clit, as it becomes difficult to hold if covered completely in lube due to the smooth design.

Je Joue reviews

Silicone is a great sex toy material being non-porous and phthalate free meaning that this vibe is very much body safe.

It is relatively flat and sort of triangular in shape, the pointed end is where you will get the most vibrations but it also feels good if you use the side between your labia.

It has 5 vibration levels, and 6 different pulse pattern so you have a nice range to choose from.  It features two magnetic buttons that not only are used for turning it on and off, but also for ramping up the power. These buttons are also used to connect it to the charger. There is a 3rd button in the centre of the others which you use to change the pulse patterns.

Je Joue reviews

I really like the magnetic charger head that simply snaps onto the two power buttons via magnets, it means that there are no fiddly sockets or covers to worry about and it makes cleaning the Mimi very easy. Why can’t all rechargeable sex toys have this feature? A red light blinks to indicate charging and it lights steady to indicate a full charge. A two hour charge will allow you to play for up to two hours so that is great.

The beauty of rechargeable sex toys is you never need to scramble to find batteries (as long as you remember to charge it).

When in use it isn’t totally quiet but if used under a duvet it is muffled very well. You can’t hear it through a door or wall so it is easy to use discreetly if you have others in the house.

Je Joue reviews

It is completely waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bathroom too.

So how does it perform? Well for a toy this small I was pleasantly surprised, it isn’t the most powerful of vibrators but I would give it an eight out of ten, there is certainly enough power to get me off. The sensations are centred at the tip of the toy as you would expect and in use it delivers deep and rumbly vibrations. I love these sort of sensations so found it really good to use.

I like to start off by just pushing it down the front of my underwear to give broad stimulation before stripping and using the tip to focus my attentions on my clit.

Cleaning is easy just wash it in warm soapy water before drying thoroughly, you can also use a mild 10% bleach solution to clean it but make sure to rinse properly afterwards

Je Joue reviews

I think this is a very nice little vibrator and it is one that I would use again, with Valentine’s Day approaching it would make an ideal gift.

Rating: 8/10

– Joanne’s Reviews

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