Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

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Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

By FesureMaybe

Ah the dreaded pelvic floor, the thing that ever women are nagged to do. Keep that pelvic floor tight and keep doing the exercises. Well me personally I forget to do them. It’s hard to remember when I’m expected to remember on my own to physically pull the muscles up and the not knowing whether I’ve done it tight enough or not. So, this is where this lovely and quite pretty little set comes in. The Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set is designed to help you be able to tighten that pelvis floor with little balls that are made with different weights. The tighter you get the heavier the weight you move on too.


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First impressions of the packaging are so impressive, I absolutely love the style and the colour of the box. The Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set comes with a slip cover and a pull off lid which exposes the products that re displayed nicely as if on a shelf. I feel the look of the box reflects the price as it looks very fancy and expensive which to me, I would expect it to contain a lot of information for the price. The box shows us pictures of the products inside and also states it is waterproof and body safe by using 100% silicone and phthalate free. The whole packaging and the style would attract me straight away if on a shelf in a shop and definitely be something I would pick up.

So, opening up the box we have the three different Kegel balls on display in their slots with their Ami 1, 2 or 3 on top of them, interesting Ami translates to friend in French. Also inside the box there is an instruction manual and a leaflet containing advertising for other toys they do.

Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

The three balls come in different colours according to the packaging (mine are a fuchsia colour) and are a lovely soft silicone. Ami 1 is round in shape like a ball and the other two are number eight shapes so slightly different but all three of them have long cords that come off the toy to ensure that you can always pull it out if required and kind of gives you that slight reassurance that it can’t just disappear up and get lost.

The instruction manual is very detailed and very impressive with what kind of information it includes. From how much each toy weights too the length of them including cord and also diameter. It also talks about the different benefits it has including pleasure, health, before or after pregnancy and also menopause. They constantly try to reassure that this is a more fun and pleasurable way of doing Kegels which is exactly what I needed. It also talks about the pelvic control muscle and what it is linked too and good for such as intensifying your orgasms but also helping with bladder control so this was all big ticks from me as every base needs to be covered.

The instruction book advises on how to clean appropriately and to ensure a long life for the toy which is good because this isn’t something a lot of toys provide. The how to use page is very detailed and very handy, it even starts with locating your pelvic control muscle and then going through different exercises that you can do with them, which are all very simple and can be worn while wondering around the house doing housework which for me personally is amazing because I don’t always have time to just sit down.

Moving on to using and I’ve been testing using Ami 1 as my pelvic floor is ridiculous. So, first use and I definitely recommend plenty of lubricant to ensure ease when inserting.

It weighs in at 54.5g and its length including cord is 4.37 inches and 1.41 inches excluding cord. This one is different in shape to the other two and has a diameter of 1.41 inches as its more of a round ball. Even so it still went in nice and easy and I put it up as high as it needs to go for it to stay in with my pelvic floor and wow what a feeling. Every time you walk around and start squeezing your pelvic floor it slightly vibrates through the toy and makes you jump slightly as if someone has probed your G-spot while walking.

Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

I’ve been using this now for just over 3 weeks and have noticed a massive difference in my tightness and my orgasms have definitely intensified slightly. I’ve tried using the next ball but I’m not quite near ready enough for that one yet as I can’t seem to hold it long enough in the right position but no doubt if I carry on following the exercises I will be.

The second ball weight is 72.6g and measures at 6.14 inches with cord and 3.14 inches without cord and lastly 1.25 inches in diameter as it’s a slightly different shape to the first one.

The third one has a double weight in it and weighs in total 99.2g with a 5.66 inches length with cord and 2.75 inches without and 1.10 inches in diameter. There is quite a variance in size and weight to really train your pelvic floor.

Overall the Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set has impressed me in so many different ways. Starting off with the amazing packaging and the product itself comes with so much information and instruction on ensuring you use it to its full potential. Also, I’ve noticed such a difference with the product since using it and will definitely continue to use it to see how much difference it makes. I’ve noticed my pelvic floor has improved and also my orgasms seem more intense and even my partner has started commenting on how much tighter I feel so I’m really excited to see how far this will take me.

This is something I will definitely be recommending to anyone and everyone and think it’s a great value for money!


– FesureMaybe

Je Joue Ami Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set Review

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